Chapter 406 – Strongest Power

“Elder sisters, you finally answered! Quickly help me think of some way, I don’t want to lose!” Chen Xiang shouted from the bottom of his heart.

“We were cultivating, therefore, we could not answer you! We don’t have any good way to deal with the dark power of your opponent, let us think again. To be honest, it’s also the first time for us to see someone using dark power. We have just heard of them, that’s all.” Su Meiyao was also very anxious.

At this instance, Long Xueyi yawned and said with a laugh, “What’s the matter? Tell you what, these guys that cultivate dark power are all very arrogant, many powerhouses would run far away when they encounter them, even if the experts are stronger than the dark power users, they dared not provoke them! However, our Imperial Dragon Family aren’t afraid of them.”

Chen Xiang scolded, “Smelly Dragon, so you were sleeping, huh! Quickly tell me how to deal with him!”

“Just infuse your spiritual energy into your True Qi, and the dark power would be unable to disintegrate it! Therefore, when these guys encounter my Imperial Dragon Family, they could only beg for mercy. Just infuse your spiritual energy into the True Qi, and hit him.” Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately mobilized the spiritual energy residing in his consciousness and fused it with his True Qi before it erupted from his arms. Having done in accordance with Long Xueyi’s instructions, Chen Xiang let out a yell as billowing flames suddenly emerged from his arms, while his fists looked as though they were red-hot iron. Meanwhile, he punched, one above and one below, striking Qiu Sheng’s chest and abdomen, whereupon, Qiu Sheng immediately flew away.

Chen Xiang wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. At present, his entire face was spotted with bruises, evidently, Qiu Sheng attacks were no way light!

Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue were secretly worried, and they were planning on using their divine sense to persuade Chen Xiang to give up, or else, he would be grievously injured if not crippled. Other experts witnessed that Chen Xiang had suffered such crazy beating, and believed that it would certainly be hard for him to counterattack. However, contrary to their beliefs, Chen Xiang smacked Qiu Sheng away, furthermore, he had also used True Qi.

The entire field sunk into silence. Even Wang Quan was mouth agape as he gazed at Chen Xiang’s burning red fists with a look of disbelief.

“How…how is this possible? True Qi should not be able to hit Qiu Sheng!” Wang Quan muttered to himself.

Whereas, the victim of this whole attack, Qiu Sheng, was the most surprised. Since he had started cultivating dark power, apart from the Nirvana Realm level True Qi, any True Qi that once touched his body would be disintegrated by the dark power within his body and transform into the primeval state which would then be absorbed into his body.

But now, Chen Xiang punches that were laced with True Qi had ruthlessly struck him. For so many years, he hadn’t felt the scorching power from a True Qi strike. The two places where he was hit seemed as though they were red-hot iron, giving him a scorching pain.

Qiu Sheng climbed himself up as he frowned and said, “What in the bloody hell did you do?”

Chen Xiang just smiled and didn’t answer him at all: “If you can defeat me, I will tell you! Didn’t you say you want to look at my strongest attack? Now I will let you look.”

Having heard this, Qiu Sheng’s entire face turned solemn as he immediately mobilized the dark power within his body, whereupon, a Gray Qi encased his body.

“Come on, just a moment ago I was negligent. This time I will definitely disintegrate your strongest attack.” Qiu Sheng was 100% confident, for he had an absolute confidence in his dark power. This was not arrogance but rather the confidence that he had gathered after many tests during his fights over the years.

Chen Xiang suddenly hesitated, “I am worried that you will be killed, no offense here, I only want to defeat you, not want to injure you seriously.”

Qiu Sheng laughed as he said, “Don’t worry, just do it, if I am truly killed by your strongest attack, I will willingly die, I will not blame you! As for getting injured or crippled, it’s nothing, it is always better than death. If that truly went like this, I can only say that I am not good!”

Everyone could see that Chen Xiang and Qiu Sheng are people who enjoyed fighting. Even if they were defeated or crippled, they still would not resent their opponent. Qiu Sheng was unlike those opponents that Chen Xiang had previously encountered, who were incomparably arrogant and could not wait to trample Chen Xiang to death like an ant, and when they were eventually defeated by Chen Xiang, they hated Chen Xiang even more.

Chen Xiang’s strongest power, what could it be? Everyone was also extremely curious! Although Qiu Sheng was a King’s Vein martial artist, he didn’t cultivate True Qi, and thus, it was difficult to gauge his accurate strength. Furthermore, he also cultivated a special power, which could disintegrate his opponent’s True Qi, making others unable to determine Qiu Sheng’s strength.

As Chen Xiang brandished his fist, a faint white brilliance suddenly filled the stage, as the entire ground slightly started quaking. At this time, Qiu Sheng’s face was also laced with a panic-stricken look, the power emanating from Chen Xiang’s fist had made him retreat forcefully.

The spectating experts also had an astounded look on their face. Many of them were quite familiar with this kind of power; for many of them, it was hard to forget, for they had been defeated by Huang Jintian using this very same power in the past.

Dragon force! The power that could kill a dragon. Previously, all Chen Xiang could congeal was the size of a grain, however, after stepping into the Extreme State, he could cover his entire arm in dragon force.

The dragon force burst forth with a powerful storm that swept everywhere around, constantly blowing many spectating True Martial Realm martial artists nearby into retreat. Only the Nirvana Realm and Extreme State martial artists could hold their ground.

“Awesome! This brat could unleash this kind of power at this time!” Gu Dongchen marveled. He had experienced the formidability of this power first hand when his teacher used to beat him with this power.

Wang Quan’s complexion turned ashen: “Didn’t that old madman, Huang Jintian, said that one could only congeal this power in the last stage of the Extreme State?”

Qiu Sheng didn’t know what kind of power this was, but he was very excited because Chen Xiang didn’t lie to him. This power was indeed very strong. If he knew what power it was, perhaps he would no longer insist upon.

“Very strong, however, it is still congealed out of True Qi!” Qiu Sheng faintly smiled: “As long as it is True Qi, I can disintegrate it.”

Originally, Wang Quan was planning to stop Qiu Sheng, however, when he heard Qiu Sheng speak, he wanted to see whether the dark power of Qiu Sheng could disintegrate the dragon force. If it could, then Qiu Sheng would be able to restrain Chen Xiang, which was a good news.

Long Xueyi said with contempt, “Add your spiritual energy and ruthlessly smack this guy away. The dark power users are most annoying!”

Chen Xiang slightly pursed his lips as he rushed forward at astonishing speed. He was going to use the dragon force for the first time to beat someone, furthermore, the opponent was just standing there to let Chen Xiang beat him. Rarely one would encounter this kind of terrific situation.

As the dragon force was extremely powerful, the ground continued to shake. As Chen Xiang charged forward, the dragon force severely started shaking, as a result, the ground shook more intensely.

“Good bye!” While charging, Chen Xiang faintly smiled.

“What…” Qiu Shen could just utter one word before Chen Xiang’s punch that contained a fearsome dragon force like a white light struck dead right upon Qiu Sheng’s chest.

Whereupon, Qiu Sheng spewed an arrow of blood before Qiu Sheng whizzed away from the terrifying impact. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared amid the white clouds far high in the sky.

Wang Quan was surprised for a moment before he too disappeared from his position immediately and flew towards Qiu Sheng…

“Hey, you still have not announced that I am the winner!” Chen Xiang grinned.


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