Chapter 407 – Overeating

A punch sent flying Qiu Sheng so far away that his silhouette was nowhere to be seen. This overbearing strength made the audience suck a cold lump of air.

As incomparably powerful the dragon force was, everyone knew that if they wanted to cultivate it, it was rather going to be extremely difficult as the basic requirement for one was to have five elements Universe True Qi; furthermore, the fleshly body needed to extremely strong as well, not to mention the congealed True Qi needed to be vigorous enough.

Even so, many people still wanted to acquire Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. However, at present, they could no longer seek Chen Xiang for it, or else, the very act would be immoral. Chen Xiang had allowed them to acquire the martial exercises left by their forefathers, for which they owe him a debt of gratitude. How could someone like them who stood at the peak of Mortal World be so ungrateful?

At the beginning, Chen Xiang had 3,300 points, coupled with 3,300 points of Qiu Sheng, he now had a total of 6,600 points; he was now ranked tenth! At this instance, there was still half a day left till the deadline, but during this half a day, he would absolutely not be pushed down.

In just a short span of two and half day, Chen Xiang had jumped to the tenth rank. One must bear in mind that for the top-ranking people, the previous rules were rudimentary, and only those who had gone through a lot of battles could have many points, but Chen Xiang had reached such a rank in less than three days. Which not only astounded many martial artists of the Kings’ Mainland, they were also hating Chen Xiang who was a foreigner out of jealousy.

Since Chen Xiang wasn’t someone from the Kings’ Mainland, having such a good rank certainly made many martial artists of Kings’ Mainland uncomfortable.

As the points ranking competition came to an end, anyone who was ranked below fifty was eliminated; they could no longer take part in the next rounds. And the guy who was feeling most depressed was the previously ranked fiftieth guy as it had not been long before he entered the top fifty, yet he was pushed down because of Chen Xiang.

After waiting for half an hour, Wang Quan finally returned.

“Old Wang, is he dead?” Chen Xiang asked, a bit worried.

“He is alive but seriously injured. He would at least lie in bed for one month.” Wang Quan sighed, shaking his head before leaving while carrying Qiu Sheng in his arms.

At this moment, Gu Dongchen patted Chen Xiang’s shoulder and said, smiling, “Young Martial Uncle, now it would not be difficult for you to grab the first position. I had never thought you could use the dragon force. In the past, teacher told me that he could only use it at the peak of Nirvana Realm.”

Chen Xiang smiled, “I wonder what would be the next round? If it’s going to be just martial arts competition, it would be a lot better. I think that the King Mainland would definitely do a lot of things, they would think some way to eliminate me.”

Wu Kaiming said, smiling, “that’s for sure. However, Young Martial Uncle should be able to deal with it!”

“But of course. Now that I have entered top fifty, what do you have to say to that?” Chen Xiang looked at Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming.

“Yeah! The dinner is on me,” it seemed as though a chunk of meat had been bitten out of Gu Dongchen’s body.

“I will call Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, and others. They didn’t get to see my fight and would definitely be complaining,” said Chen Xiang, smiling. Gu Dongchen became even sadder. Zhu Rong was already a foodie and had an astonishing appetite. Gu Dongchen was the chief of King Martial Courtyard and had invited Zhu Rong and the others to a meal once. At that time, Zhu Rong and the others mercilessly ate many of his crystal stones.

After having returned to Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang immediately sought Yun Xiaodao and the others, following which, he followed Gu Dongchen to a restaurant. Along the way, he bragged about how he won against the Kings’ Mainland martial artists.

Xiao Chou was a lot better now. Despite his small size, his appetite was really good. Gu Dongchen could never understand how he could stuff so many things in that small belly of his.

Through the dinner, Chen Xiang and the others didn’t speak anything. They were like the reincarnation of hungry ghosts. They desperately stuffed various expensive dishes down their throat; these dishes were cooked using some precious flowers and herbs, along with some demon beasts meat and spirit beasts meat. They were extremely delicious.

Wu Qianqian didn’t come because Chen Xiang could not find her. Although she was a girl, after mingling with Chen Xiang’s group for a long while, she too would devour food like wolves and tigers just like Chen Xiang’s group everytime they came to this restaurant; totally unlike a lady.

Where else, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming sat on one side. Where Wu Kaiming was just looking with a happy smile on his face, while Gu Dongchen was secretly calculating how much Chen Xiang’s group had eaten.

Lei Xionglin and Lei Zhong had a huge body; furthermore, having been around with a professional foodie like Zhu Rong for a long time, they too had become experienced in regards to food. Needless to mention Lian Mingdong, he was from Lotus Island which was already rich and prosperous. All kinds of delicacies from mountains and seas could be found there. Now that he got to eat, he naturally would not act all reserved.

After all, it was Extreme Martial Sect dean who was treating. Of course, they would not act all polite or else it would be tantamount to not giving him any face!

Only Hao Dongqing and Yao Haisheng were relatively low-key. After eating for a while, they stopped and watched from the sidelines.

“Everyone, feel free to eat as you like. We should eat till he faints and the seas dry up and the rocks decay, hahaha…” chewing the demon beast meat, Chen Xiang said, smiling. He was feeling abnormally excited by looking at the look on the stingy Gu Dongchen.

After three days and three nights, Chen Xiang’s group didn’t remember how many dishes they had eaten and how much wine they drunk. All in all, they ate so much that they had an urge to vomit whenever they thought of eating.

“It’s just about right. It’s time to pay the bill” Chen Xiang burst into a laughter as he said. They were all powerful martial artists, when they ate, all the food would quickly be converted into energy as soon as the food entered their stomach; therefore, they digested very quickly.

Chen Xiang and the others left, patting their asses. Gu Dongchen, on the hand, had to pay to the bill. Even though he was an honorable Dean, he could not credit the bill. Furthermore, he often ate here and was acquainted with the shopkeeper. At this moment, he could only take out the crystal stones in sorrow to pay the bill.

“Senior Brother, why are you so stingy. It’s just a little crystal stones, that’s all!” Wu Kaiming was rendered speechless by this matter.

“You know nothing. As the saying goes, many a little makes a mickle. Accumulating many times would lead to an astronomical figure. I want to quickly ascend to the Heavenly Realm, but Young Martial Uncle remembers my crystal stones every day. You can never understand how painful that is,” Gu Dongchen heaved a bitter sigh as he stated.

The next round was going to start after ten days. Over these ten days, Chen Xiang did not stay idle, he congealed a lot of Golden Dragon Saliva for planting White Jade Lotus Seeds because after having reached the Extreme State, the Five Elements True Elemental Dan’s efficacy was a lot lesser for him. This was also the part where he was distressed. With the increase in his cultivation, the grade of dans also had to be increased. Ergo, he had to refine middle-grade profound level dan as a substitute.

He had to stay in the early-stage of Spirit Martial Realm for sometimes. During this period, he was planning on gathering middle-grade profound level herbs. Therefore, he needed the White Jade Lotus Seeds, this precious spirit herb for exchange. Which would make things a lot simpler.

“The quality of your Golden Dragon Saliva has increased a lot. From now on, the spirit herbs would mature a lot faster!” Said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang was now considering how to use all the Building Foundation Dans on him. If they were properly used, a Building Foundation Dan could create a True Martial Realm martial artists. He now had two hundred or so, along with a lot of its herbs.

“It’s better for you to develop your own force! If you have this idea, I can help you devise a training programme to foster an army of True Martial Realm martial artists! This army would particularly be lethal against the small demons and devils during the Great Battle of Three Realms,” proposed Bai Youyou.


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