Chapter 408 – Adamantyl Griffin

No one could say for sure when the Great Battle of Three Realms was going to start. However, by looking at those Deans’ action, Chen Xiang reckoned that there was still some time, otherwise, they would not be training the disciples so calmly; such as Gu Dongchen who had bought a lot of Building Foundation Dans from Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang decided to train his very own company of about hundred or so True Martial Realm cultivators. At present, it was only at the planning stage; he was waiting for the Kings’ Martial Art Meet to end. After which, he would gather some other spirit herbs to refine more dans. He could not rely solely on the Building Foundation Dans. He would also need a fair share of other dans as well.

The resting period of ten days elapsed quickly. Meanwhile, Chen Xiang had arrived at the Kings’ Mainland with Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming a-day in advance. Currently, Chen Xiang was in a city of Kings’ Mainland. He didn’t visit other places in the Kings’ Mainland; in fact, he dared not go around anywhere, lest he stirred up some trouble.

Chen Xiang walked into a luxurious hall, inside which were the other forty-nine Kings’ Mainland martial artists. Chen Xiang recognized several of them; they often stood beside Wang Quan. Chen Xiang reckoned that their respective scores were very high.

Having realized Chen Xiang walking in, forty or so young disciples gazed at Chen Xiang which made Chen Xiang feel a bit weird. He felt like a rabbit which was suddenly stared at by a pack of wolves.

Much to Chen Xiang’s astonishment, among the forty-nine young disciples, there were about ten or so girls. Chen Xiang had never imagined the ladies of Kings’ Mainland to be so powerful that many of them could enter top fifty. (TLN: Sexism)

“Alright, now I am going to announce the details of the next round. It’s going to be a test for all of you! The next round is mainly a competition of speed. The quickest one to reach the designated location would be the winner,” stated Wang Quan.

After having heard this, Chen Xiang secretly chuckled in his heart. During the race held by the Extreme Martial Sect in the past, he became the champion by directly using the Vermillion Bird Firewings to fly back and forth. Now he could also do the same.

“Let me start with the rules first. You are not allowed to have any conflict on your way to the designated spot. You can not block the others from moving forward! Also, there are many hurdles en route; for instance, the spirit beasts raised by us will block you, attack you, or some Extreme State disciples of Divine Martial Palace will stop you on your way. Only after you have defeated them could you continue to move forward. Of course, if you have the power, you can also break away from them as well.”

As Wang Quan announced the rules, Chen Xiang secretly cursed after having in contact with the gaze of Wang Quan. He suspected that Wang Quang would definitely “take special care” of him; at that time, maybe many people or beasts would block his way.

“Can we fly?” A girl asked timidly.

“Yes, you can, however, the sky is relatively dangerous. You should know that our Divine Martial Palace has raised many Adamantyl Griffins. Although they are all ninth grade spirit beasts, if they are in a group, even an Extreme State martial artist would find it dangerous,” answered Wang Quan.

However, Chen Xiang was completely unafraid of these things. Furthermore, he also intended to see how the legendary Adamantyl Griffin looked like. Having read the books, he knew that it was a spirit beast with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. Its body was like that of a horse. Its plumes were as hard as diamond yet very light; its flying speed was extremely fast. When they were in groups, they were the tyrants of the sky.

Having heard that the Adamantyl Griffins were going to be intercepting them in the air, everyone was slightly surprised. They knew what would their end be like if they were up against thousands upon thousands of Adamantyl Griffins.

“Thousands and thousands of Adamantyl Griffins?” When Chen Xiang heard the discussions of Divine Martial Palace disciples, he could not help but be surprised.

“Adamantyl Griffins? Hei hei, those things had an incomplete evolution and as such could always remain at spirit beast level; they are unable to become profound beasts!” stated Long Xueyi, smiling in disdain.

At this time, Wang Quan shouted, “You have one hour to make preparations. Now we will provide you the map. All you have to do is reach there first and ring the bell. But  remember, only the first twenty can go to the next round, anyone who arrived after them would be eliminated.”

Chen Xiang took the map. The designated location was quite far away; they needed to cross many mountains, among which were several giant rivers as well. After Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming saw the map, they knit their brows tightly.

“It spans over half of the Kings’ Mainland. Even when riding on an ordinary horse, it would take at least a year to reach that place,” said Wu Kaiming.

Even riding on a horse would take a year! Chen Xiang shouted in surprise, “This Kings’ Mainland is indeed big. I wonder how long would it take for me to reach there at my current speed?”

Chen Xiang continued to look at the map; as he would definitely be flying in the sky, he didn’t need to know of geographic conditions on the ground.

“Young Martial Uncle, those golden griffins are extremely fast. If you are planning on using the firewings, they could catch up with you,” warned Wu Kaiming.

Chen Xiang said, smiling, “You seemed to be underestimating me. I am confident about by my speed.”

Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen could only shake their head. They didn’t know what was Chen Xiang’s current speed was and as such, what could they add.

Long Xueyi snorted softly as she said, “Don’t worry, I can say for sure that those incompletely evolved things could never match your speed! Little Rascal, didn’t you say you want to establish your own army of True Martial Realm martial artists? Won’t they need some mount?”

Chen Xiang said as his eyes turned bright, “Army? I think it would be too resource consuming, I cannot afford to squander so much! A company of hundred is just about enough.”

“Tch, just a hundred? Why not three thousand! It would be enough grand and imposing. I believe you can do it,” said Long Xueyi with a smile on her lips.

Three thousand True Martial Realm martial artists! It was indeed grand and imposing but he won’t just need three thousand Building Foundation Dans, he would also need many other dans for support. If it was just having first or second stage True Martial Realm martial artists, they would not be strong enough. Chen Xiang believed that they would at least need to be at the third stage of True Martial Realm.

“If you promise that I can have the brigade of three thousand True Martial Realm martial artists, I’ll take you to find Adamantyl Flying Tigers, those are but way more formidable than those hybrid Griffins. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Little White Tiger,” said Long Xueyi.

The delicate voice of Bai Zhenzhen followed up immediately, “Master, Elder Sister Long is right. The Adamantyl Flying Tigers could become profound beasts; furthermore, they are easier to tame than those griffins, it’s just that they are very rare!”

“With me here, you don’t need to worry about their numbers,” assured Long Xueyi, smiling.

Chen Xiang smiled bitterly as he said, “A brigade of three thousand! I’m afraid it would take a long time and training them would need a lot of Building Foundation Dans. And I still need to find a bunch of good seedlings.”

“Don’t worry about the time. The Great Battle of Three Realms would not start soon. Although it was just one breach, looking at the news disseminated by these sects, they definitely believe there is still sufficient time for them to be ready,” stated Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang said, sighing, “Alright! I will try my best to plant many herbs to refine Building Foundation Dans.”

After the break was over, Chen Xiang and the others were taken to a square, from where they were going to start and run their way to the far away specified location.


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  1. Thank you. The chapter still needs a bit more clean up, there are a few grammar and typo mistakes here and there.


  2. Thanks. Still a lot better.
    P.S. All these novels are sexiest against females. Females never match the males in strength.


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