Chapter 409 – Blue Blood Family

“Let the race begin,” Wang Quan gave the signal to start the race in a loud voice.

The fifty young martial artists immediately flew out like an arrow. In a few seconds, they ran out of the giant entrance of the Divine Martial Palace’s square, into the streets and alleys of the city; everyone silhouette was nowhere to be seen.

“Let’s go, we will wait for them at the finish line!” proposed Wang Quan.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming also nodded in agreement. At the beginning, many tycoons from other continents had come, but after they got to know that it was a boring race, they left one by one. They were expecting to see a fighting competition, in particular, Chen Xiang’s match because they wanted to see what was so wonderful about the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise as compared to other exercises.

Just as Wang Quan and the others wanted to fly for the finish line, they suddenly sensed a faint bout of heat fluctuating far away in the front. They immediately went over to look before a fiery red mass of brilliance appeared in their sight. Upon looking closely, they noticed that it was a pair of huge firewings; apparently, Chen Xiang had released his Vermillion Bird Firewings right off the bat.

“As expected, this brat used them!” Gu Dongchen shook his head, smiling.

“Humph, he is just courting death,” Wang Quan snorted and then disappeared.

Once Chen Xiang was out of the city, he had released the Vermillion Bird Firewings. Currently, he could make the Vermillion Bird Firewings a lot bigger but he didn’t do so, for it would not be sufficiently flexible; not to mention the fact that his True Qi consumption would also increase. Although he would be a bit faster, he felt that smaller was more appropriate.

Even so, the current Vermillion Bird Firewings spanned twenty zhangs. Even looking from afar, they were still shocking. Furthermore, the scorching hot waves radiating from them also made everyone uncomfortable.

[TLN: 1 Zhang is about 3.2 meters]

Flapping the firewings, Chen Xiang immediately transformed into a fiery red beam of light and disappeared into the clouds. From the very beginning, he ran very fast; leaving many people behind. When those people saw Chen Xiang using that kind of terrifying speed to fly into the sky, they felt jealous incessantly.

“Giggle, I’ll leave first. Make sure you don’t lose to this outsider,” a cute, beautiful girl wearing a blue skirt said, smiling. Whereupon, a pair of small, light blue wings appeared on her back. The wings appeared to be like that of a butterfly but they were translucent, carrying a tint of faint color.

Flapping those small wings, the girl entered the forest inside; shuttling through the forest nimbly along with clear and melodious laughter and cries of excitement. This girl was none other than the one who was asking whether they could fly.

Listening to the fading sound of the girl, everyone knew they had been thrown far away. At present, they arrived outside the city; now, all they could do was cast their respective abilities and rush to the finish line with their fastest speed.

Some people were like a mad bull, rushing straight through the forest, hitting into many trees. Nevertheless, they were still very fast; in just blink of an eye, a lot of trees had been knocked down by them.

As Chen Xiang was flying in the sky, he was naturally oblivious to the fierce competition taking place on the ground. Currently, he was the fastest; with every flap of his wings, he would fly across a big distance. After gliding for a while, he would once again flap his wings; he was like a falcon in the sky, flying very carefreely and elegantly.

“It feels too good! I hope the Adamantyl Griffins would appear a bit sooner or else it would be very boring,” said Chen Xiang with a carefree laugh.

“Hey, are you an idiot?” a girl’s voice rang in his ear, catching him by surprise.

Chen Xiang turned to look and much to his surprise, a girl wearing a blue skirt was beside him. He immediately recognized this girl.

The blue skirt girl had a pair of transparent wings on her back which she was flapping rather quickly, unlike Chen Xiang, who was gliding. Whenever she fluttered her small wings, a faint blue light would radiate from them; it looked very beautiful.

“You’re an idiot,” said Chen Xiang, laughing. With a beautiful oval face; shiny, little cherry lips; a pair of big round eyes shining with curiosity when she looked at Chen Xiang, the girl looked very cute.

Chen Xiang discovered that there was a faint blue hue in the girl’s pupils, nonetheless, her pupils were still black in color.

“Why do you call me an idiot? You are an idiot for flying so high!” the girl stuck her tongue out. Looking at her cute little tongue, Chen Xiang had an urge to reach out and pinch it.

Chen Xiang burst into laughter, “Since you are talking with an idiot like me, doesn’t that mean that there is something wrong with your brain! Furthermore, you yourself are also flying so high, so you are also an idiot! You are an idiot among idiots, hahaha, you are a big idiot!”

Much to his surprise, the girl didn’t get angry. All she did was tenderly snort and said, “I only fly to remind you but you don’t even care to appreciate it!”

For a moment, Chen Xiang was startled. Afterward, he said, laughing, “Hei hei, I’m sorry! Thank you, young lady, however, who told to you call me an idiot as soon as you came up!”

The girl cracked into a charming smile, “You are the first one to address me as young lady. Kid, in this Elder Sister’s eyes, you are just a fledgling!”

Chen Xiang looked at the girl again and discovered that other than her unreasonably huge chest, she looked no older than a fourteen or fifteen years old girl.

“So aunt, how old are you? Aren’t you feeling very bored to mingle bit a bunch of kids like us?” Chen Xiang said, ridiculing her.

The girl played with her hair while flying, “This Elder Sister is over five hundred years old. Your teacher is experienced and knowledgeable, didn’t he tell you that there is an ancient family in the Kings’ Mainland?”

Chen Xiang immediately flipped through his memories, soon he recalled Huang Jintian had once told him that there was a family on the Kings’ Mainland whose members never grew up; furthermore, they needed to remain in the womb for five hundred years and just as they are born, they possessed the strength of True Martial Realm.

“Blue Blood Family?” If the girl had not raised this matter, he would have never associated her with that family.

“You teacher had once defeated the strongest member of our Blue Blood Family! Therefore, I definitely want to defeat you. Don’t underestimate me, I also possess the Kings’ Blood Vein and mine are very special!” the girl continued, laughing, “Don’t worry, at that time, I will go easy on you.”

Suddenly, Chen Xiang remembered the name of the third-ranked person on the score ranking, “Your name is Lanlan?”

“I am the Eternal Young Lanlan! It has been twenty-five years since I was born, and yet I looked like a snotty little brat. In the future too, I will never get any older!” said the girl, saddened.

Chen Xiang found the girl very interesting. He consoled with a smile, “Lanlan, the Herculean Family is also like this, you don’t need to worry!”

Lanlan stated, shaking her head, “No, my Blue Blood Family is different than those freaks of Herculean Family. We are like normal people, when it’s time for us to grow up, we grow up.”

“I am not going to talk any more nonsense with you and take my leave first!” Lanlan stuck her tongue out at Chen Xiang and made a funny face naughtily, before rushing down. In the blink of an eye, she accelerated and soon threw Chen Xiang far at her back.

Watching Lanlan’s speed, Chen Xiang was stupefied!

“This little girl is also a freak. Furthermore, she acts all cute,” said Chen Xiang to Long Xueyi. In fact, Long Xueyi who was following him was a super old granny, who pretended to be a little girl; she was even more deceptive that Lanlan.

The sky was very dangerous. Very soon, Chen Xiang came to realize this as he sensed a fair share of powerful aurae in front of him; all of which were in Extreme State.


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