Chapter 410 – Wings of Lightning and Fire

Chen Xiang flew so high just to avoid being blocked by others, but he didn’t expect that there would be someone waiting for him even at those heights.

“Are these guys waiting for me? How do they know I’ll be here!” Chen Xiang was a bit puzzled, nonetheless, he wasn’t worried.

“Just plough through them, perhaps they have been using spirit runes to communicate which allowed them to be ready. Who made your wings so conspicuous; if you were like that little girl, it would have been very difficult to discover you,” speculated Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang immediately made his wings grew bigger by a fold so that his wings became more powerful and his flying speed became faster.

As expected, there were six people waiting for him hovering in the air. From looking at the aura emanating from them, Chen Xiang reckoned that they were using a lot of their power to hover.

If they were to fight, they would not be Chen Xiang’s match for sure. Their purpose for being here was glaringly obvious; they just want to stall for time so that he would be a bit slower than the Kings’ Mainland disciples; making him end up last.

“Sure enough, that Wang Quan is cheating. Might as well, I will just let him know I, Chen Xiang is not so easy to bully,” Chen Xiang felt slightly furious. Following which, his wings flashed with a golden light before transforming, they looked as if they had been carved from gold; however, the golden brilliance was intermixed with red.

What Chen Xiang did was fuse his fire-attributed True Qi with the metal-attributed True Qi; at present, he could freely control the True Qi within his body already and use them flexibly. It was not at all difficult for him.

The six Extreme State martial artists had a not so good premonition as they noticed the huge golden wings behind Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang wings were huge and had a span of couple dozen Zhangs; they appeared very shocking and made anyone think that it was an ancient roc. The deadly pair of golden wings seemed to have a frightening power stored within them.

“He wants to charge!” a man stated in a solemn look on his face. At this moment, all he could think of was escaping, for he knew that when the wings would clash with them, the subsequent collision would set off a very powerful impact.

“We can’t block him; quickly escape!” a man shouted. Chen Xiang was still quite far away, but looking at Chen Xiang’s manner, it was quite clear that it would not be long before Chen Xiang would smash into them and it also seemed that Chen Xiang was quite keen on smashing into them.

Chen Xiang burst into a laughter as he said, “It’s too late!”

While speaking, round after round, soul-stirring electric arcs suddenly lingered around his golden wings; increasing his speed by a far lot.

“I will smash you to death!” shouted Chen Xiang fiercely as he spread the golden wings that had electric snakes which carried a terrifying power, wriggling around them. Meanwhile, golden aurae also spread out from Chen Xiang one after another, carrying a soaring Slaughter Qi; it seemed that they were the wings of a dragon who wanted to plough through them in anger.

In just blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had traversed over to the six and when he crashed into them, an ear-deafening thunderclap along with their blood-curdling screams resounded through the sky.

Chen Xiang could clearly feel his terrifying wings smashing into the six. His wings carried the frightening power of metal, fire, and lightning. And when the burst out at the same time, the subsequent impact contained an incomparably huge power, not to mention the fact that he was crashing into them with an extreme speed, increasing the power even more so.

How were the six after the impact, Chen Xiang didn’t know and he didn’t care. After having crashed through them, he was already quite far away. He didn’t care about their life and death. After all, he didn’t make an attack, he just did a very simple maneuver of charging through them!

Chen Xiang was atop the clouds; very high above the ground. Strictly speaking, even if an Extreme State martial artist fell from this height, the consequence would be dire; he would be grievously injured at worst but he won’t die.

His wings once again returned back to the original appearance of Vermillion Bird Fire Wings. Although the speed just a moment ago was rather fast, his consumption of True Qi was rather huge. He still didn’t know as to how long he would have to fly; not to mention the fact that there would be many people or beasts blocking his way. He had to save every bit of power.

“It’s that little girl!” stated Long Xueyi.

As Chen Xiang focused his gaze, he saw a girl weaving through the clouds in front; giving out waves of cheerful laughter as she played like a child. After she noticed the arrival of Chen Xiang, she flew over to the top of Chen Xiang and flew together with him.

“I am bored to death. If you had been a tad bit faster, we could have already flown to the finishing line!” said Lanlan, pursing her lips. Unexpectedly, she was waiting for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang bitterly smiled and said, “I was dealing with six guys who were blocking my way. They didn’t block you?”

Lanlan burst into a laughter as she said, “Of course not, why would they block me?”

Chen Xiang was depressed even more so, “I guess, that’s right. Your Kings’ Mainland is clearly bullying the outsiders; you guys are aiming at me intentionally!”

“Who asked you to be so formidable. Since you have made us lose face, why won’t we intentionally aim at you?” stated Lanlan, giggling.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips. Although he knew it was unfair, he didn’t mind. Moreover, he too could test his strength this way; as far as he was concerned, it was rather excellent.

“Why did you wait for me? You could have flown over to the finish line first?” Chen Xiang raised his head with difficulty and looked at Lanlan who was flying above him. The scene from this angle was rather fascinating as he could see Lanlan and her voluptuous chest which didn’t tally with her appearance; they still looked so big even over her blue dress.

This made him think of the legend about a teenage girl with a big chest.

“Little girl, although you look like a child, your chest is very big! Others would not think of you as a little girl for sure.”

Having heard this, Chen Xiang was petrified because it was none other than Long Xueyi who was imitating his voice. It had been quite a long while since the last time Long Xueyi played a prank like this, so he almost forgot that this naughty dragon had such a tricky move up her sleeve.

Lanlan’s cute little melon face was flushed red as she knit her charming eyebrows and a sliver of anger appeared on her face, “Chen Xiang, you…you are a scoundrel!”

Chen Xiang scolded Long Xueyi secretly; nonetheless, he said hurriedly, “Cough, cough, it’s…it’s true. You know when a man looks at a woman, many of them look at the chest first. Don’t you think so?”

“Of course I know that! You don’t need to tell me,” said Lanlan as she snorted tenderly.

“Can you let me rub them?” Long Xueyi imitated Chen Xiang’s voice once again, while Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou who were inside the ring burst into laughter.

“Rub your head, you pervert. I am not going to talk to you anymore, humph, humph!” Lanlan increased her speed as she flew away with a blushing face.

Long Xueyi said, laughing tenderly, “So boring, she can’t even handle a bit of teasing!”

Chen Xiang said angrily, “Smelly Dragon, you better pray that your chest won’t be so big in the future, or else, I would rub them every day! I finally got acquainted with a little sister in the Kings’ Mainland and you’ve screwed it all up.”

“Yeah! It wasn’t easy for you to get acquainted with a young girl who has a big chest, your head is full of perverted thoughts! You still can’t deal with the problems of Sister Menger and Xianxian! What’s more, Xianxian’s and Sister Menger’s chest are not smaller than this brat’s, also both Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou’s chest is very big, you should have seen them, giggle!” Long Xueyi stated, giggling.

Having thought of this, Chen Xiang pursed his lips into a smile as he said, “I guess, you’re right. However, this is troublesome, this little girl will hate me for sure, maybe when we are going to fight, she will not go easy on me.”

“Pervert, don’t smile, there are thousands of Adamantyl Griffins in front of you! Quickly fly lower!” Chen Xiang suddenly heard Lanlan’s voice ringing in his ears.


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