Chapter 411 – Purgatory in the Sky

Chen Xiang still had a good impression of this little girl, he smiled and thanked hurriedly, “Thank you, but I am flying so high because I want to see how powerful those Adamantyl Griffins are.”

Humph, idiot! Suit yourself, I will be waiting for you at the finish line, you can’t drop out at this level, I want to fight with you in the final round.”

Lanlan quickly flew away; her speed could only be called terrifying. Chen Xiang could only fly faster when he made his wings bigger, which was the complete form of Vermillion Bird Firewings. When he cast them, he would release a burst of flame and transformed into a giant roc. At that time, he would look no different than a Vermillion Bird from the ground.

Chen Xiang was secretly excited when he knew there were Adamantyl Griffins in the front. From Wu Kaiming, he came to know that the Divine Martial Palace was rather proud of these Adamantyl Griffins. During the Great Battle of Three Realms a hundred thousand years ago, many mainlands came to borrow them but to no avail. Furthermore, even the disciples weren’t allowed to bring this Adamantly Griffins to participate in the battle.

Not only did Chen Xiang wanted to experience these Adamantyl Griffins, he also wanted to inflict heavy losses to them because he was very dissatisfied by the conduct of Wang Quan who had sent people to block him intentionally. He reckoned that martial artists of Kings’ Mainland would not encounter any obstacle on the road for sure; it was only him who had to face all these.

“Adamantyl Griffins? I’ll let them know the true power of the Divine Vermillion Bird!” said Chen Xiang as he burst into a laughter; his heart was filled with anticipation.

As vigilantly as Chen Xiang flew, he didn’t see any Adamantyl Griffin; however, he was still very patient.

“Be careful of those clouds in the front!” warned Long Xueyi.

A huge towering pillar of clouds came into Chen Xiang’s view. Upon looking carefully, Chen Xiang noticed that there were countless small dots inside those clouds. Apparently, those were Adamantyl Griffins flying in a circle, creating a whirlpool that drew all the clouds over and exposed Chen Xiang to the blue skies; leaving him nowhere to hide.

“So many!” Chen Xiang could not help but marvel at the sight of that incomparably huge pillar of clouds.

“These Adamantyl Griffins are being controlled by someone for sure; there should be a person riding the Adamantyl Griffin. Maybe it’s not just one but a few,” speculated Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang flew straight towards the pillar of cloud. And those dots in the huge pillar of clouds also grew bigger. Looking from afar, they looked like a flock of birds but Chen Xiang was crystal clear that it was a horde of Adamantyl Griffins which was a ninth-grade spirit beast that was as powerful as a ninth level True Martial Realm martial artist!

The plumes of Adamantyl Griffin were very hard; its wings could be used as sharp blade; furthermore, it could also blow fire from its mouth. Its speed in itself was extremely fast, coupled with its sharp talons and beak, it could give rise to no small amount of threat to humans.

Chen Xiang was in Extreme State. If it was fighting one-on-one with a ninth level True Martial Realm spirit beast, he would rather not do it; but he wasn’t up against just one but thousands. If the entire horde attacked him, he would be hard-pressed for sure.

As the Adamantyl Griffins got closer, Chen Xiang’s wings grew bigger and bigger. In the blink of an eye, they spanned over hundreds of Zhang. With the uninterrupted outpour of Vermillion Bird True Qi by Chen Xiang, the vigorous True Qi within a thousand true element grains gushed out from his body, expanding his wings and creating a vast sea of raging flames in the sky!

Lanlan’s jaw dropped in shock as she saw those huge wings from the forest before she marveled, “This pervert is truly terrifying. What does he want to do?”

“Almost there!” Chen Xiang heaved a slight sigh as he spread those enormous wings which already spanned over a thousand Zhang. If he flapped those fings, the subsequent wind set forth by them could only be imagined.

When those martial artists who were riding the Adamantyl Griffins saw this scene, they also slowed down. They knew Chen Xiang wanted to clash with them. Seeing those magnificent and huge firewings and feeling the scorching hot Qi waves, they wondered whether they should continue or not.

Altogether, there were eight Adamantyl Griffin riders and they were all in Extreme State. Each bringing a thousand Adamantyl Griffins, they flew towards Chen Xiang.

“There is no need to be afraid of him, we have 8,000 Adamantyl Griffins. No matter how strong he is, he would eventually be surrounded by the Adamantyl Griffins and they would just finish him off!” a man shouted.

Having heard this, a monstrous bout of anger suddenly burst forth in Chen Xiang’s heart. Chen Xiang burst into a roar, “Purgatory Tornado!”

Immediately after, Chen Xiang started revolving at his place, and those enormous firewings too started to whirl along with him. At first, an intense burst of scolding-hot gales spread around him, followed by a powerful suction, uprooting the trees and rocks and drawing them in. As Chen Xiang started to spin, a huge flaming tornado spanning over a thousand Zhang appeared. The scene was shocking and terrifying as if it was the end of the world.

Even the clouds far away were sucked in. As those thick layers of clouds clashed with each other, they burst forth with round after round of lightning. Meanwhile, these bolts of lightning too were sucked in by the fire tornado cast by Chen Xiang.

At the beginning, the horde of Adamantyl Griffin was flying over to Chen Xiang, but as of now, it was already too late for them to flee from that terrifying tornado of fire and lightning as the tornado was quite huge and creating an incomparably powerful suction. Those Adamantyl Griffins were like mosquitoes in front of this enormous tornado. In just a short span of time, the entire horde had been drawn in by that ginormous tornado of intense heat and crazy lightning.

“This scoundrel is too perverse, I was almost implicated by him!” As Lanlan gasped for breath, her plump chest heaved up and down continuously. She was still reeling in from the enormous fire and lightning tornado that was filled with nothing but destruction!

All the people who were nearby caught sight of this scene. A majority of them were the competing martial artists. They could all hear familiar howls intermixed in with the peals of thunder. Those were the wails of Adamantyl Griffins wailing at the same time.

On one side, Chen Xiang rotated; while on the other, he burst into a crazed laughter. Moreover, he also released wood-attributed lightning True Qi incessantly, making the lightning force even more violent.

The huge tornado had already turned into a purgatory. Anyone within this purgatory had no power to resist; all they could do was receive the punishment, and suffer pain and agony.

This was the Purgatory Tornado of Chen Xiang. The last time he had used it was to deal with the devil path martial artists. At that time, he was still very weak and the tornado was also very small. But now, the tornado was hundreds of times bigger than before.

All the lush forests and high mountains in the surrounding of the huge tornado had been sucked inside. Lanlan clearly saw a mountain that was as high as a thousand Zhang getting sucked in by the violent tornado bit by bit before it completely disappeared.

Inside the tornado was the tyrannical Heavenly Sun Fire and terrifying lightning. The fusion of the two together was an even more frightening power.

Hahaha…hahaha…hahaha…I thought a horde of Adamantyl Griffins would be very powerful, but it was so-so, hahaha…” Chen Xiang’s crazed laughter was like that of a devil which reverberated in all direction, making anyone who heard it feel jittery.

TLN: He dealt with devil path martial artists in chapter 258.


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