Chapter 412 – Continuous Obstacles

As Chen Xiang kept on spinning, the enormous tornado of fire and lightning didn’t seem to show any sign of stopping and pulled everything on the ground in frantically. Wherever it went, everything was razed to the ground.

After having been caught in the tornado, those Adamantyl Griffins either collided with the rocks or with each other inside. At the same time, they were burned by the raging flames as well as struck by the lightning. The same was true for the few riders as well, but they did not die, they were just wrecked.

All in all, the Adamantyl Griffins and those few Extreme State martial artists who were just in the early stage of Spirit Martial Realm could not escape the martial technique cast by Chen Xiang employing his mighty Vermillion Bird True Qi as their strength was far worse than Chen Xiang’s. Furthermore, they had also been grievously injured now.

When Chen Xiang noticed that only half of his Vermillion Bird True Qi and Azure Dragon True Qi remained, he hurriedly stopped the technique. Whereupon, those Adamantyl Griffins, and the few riders plummeted towards the ground. Thousands upon thousands of Adamantyl Griffins wailed as they slammed into the ground; injured heavily if not dead.

Chen Xiang heaved a light sigh as he made his wings much smaller. After having looked for the direction to the finish line, he flapped his wings and flew high into the air before continuing on with his journey to the finish line.

Wang Quan arrived not long after Chen Xiang left. He came here because he received an emergency message. After having come to know the precarious situation here, he rushed over immediately.

Looking at a large number of unconscious Adamantyl Griffins lying on the ground and hearing their feeble wails, Wang Quan clenched his fist so tightly that the blue veins at the back of hand bulged. He could wait to rush over to Chen Xiang immediately as he looked towards the direction Chen Xiang disappeared.

“Old Wang, didn’t I warn you to not look down on him! Since you intentionally ordered these Adamantyl Griffins to block him, it is quite normal for him to counterattack! All I could say is you brought this upon yourself. My advice for you is that you don’t play any tricks for him on the road; if you angered him, someone would have to pay with their lives!” advised Gu Dongchen.

Wang Quan took a deep breath as he restrained the anger in his heart before it slowly disappeared. Afterward, he coldly harrumphed and said, “These are the rules of the match, I am not blocking him specifically!”

When Gu Dongchen saw Wang Quan coming over here, he also followed; he was worried Wang Quan would take action against Chen Xiang himself.

“Sigh! Now, only some demon beasts had died, if you made someone blocked him again, some people will lose their lives then!” stated Gu Dongchen, sighing. Those few Adamantyl Griffin riders weren’t dead but just grievously injured.

From the very beginning, anyone who blocked Chen Xiang came to no good end; they all were seriously injured from plummeting to the ground.

It was not like Wang Quan wanted to block Chen Xiang, he just wanted to delay Chen Xiang. However, how could he have ever expected that Chen Xiang would employ this type of killing technique? Thousands upon thousands of Adamantyl Griffins were stopped by Chen Xiang even before they could launch an attack.

Flying high in the sky, Chen Xiang whistled. His mood was very good at this moment because he knew that the Divine Martial Palace would cough up blood when they would come to know about death and injuries of many Adamantyl Griffins. In any case, this was what they deserved.

“Motherf***ers, if those guys blocked me again, I will take action personally!” At present, Chen Xiang was suddenly anticipating Divine Martial Palace sending someone to block him.

“Hey, that move of yours was quite formidable but it consumed a lot of True Qi. It could only deal with those who were weaker than you, if it was me, it could not affect me even a bit.” Once again, Lanlan came over. She appeared above Chen Xiang, far away across from him.

“Little girl, why are you always following me? I am a big bad guy! Is it because I am too handsome?” said Chen Xiang, smiling mischievously.

“Pooh! How narcissistic. I am just bored. I don’t even know how long I have to fly, this race is just too boring. And there is no one to relieve me of my boredom by blocking me.” Lanlan sighed lightly.

“Then, why don’t you look for the martial artists of your Kings’ Mainland! Why are you looking for me?” Chen Xiang could also not understand why this little girl had been eyeing him.

“They are all just too slow. Moreover, only you can fly, all they can do is run. They simply cannot chat with me,” stated Lanlan.

“Forget it, I will just fly more quickly and reach the finish line early. I am bored to death here!” Chen Xiang got extremely jealous of Lanlan’s speed. Moreover, watching her fly over to him so relaxed, he could only lament. He still didn’t know how many people or beasts were waiting for him on the road. He reckoned that this race was held for him particularly, all because he had that powerful dragon force, and Wang Quan’s apprentices would not be able to hold on in a frontal battle against him.

As such Wang Quan could only use this kind of race to knock Chen Xiang out of the competition. Having thought of this, Chen Xiang was secretly angry. This was also the reason why Chen Xiang didn’t hide his trail. He wanted to let those ambushers find him so that he could injure them seriously and vent all his dissatisfaction.

In the middle of the night after two days, Chen Xiang suddenly saw a beam of light shooting from the ground to the sky before him. Just when he noticed the peculiarity, he sensed a powerful pressure, making him stop immediately.

Chen Xiang was having a hard time even flapping his wings, so, he let his body land on the ground. He now came to realize what that beam of light was, it was a formation that could create a pressure.

Had his response not been quick enough, he would have slammed into the ground.

“The Divine Martial Palace is spending a lot just to eliminate you!” said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang roared furiously as he smacked a palm on the ground while using the dragon force as well. Immediately after, the ground within a radius of couple kilometers ruptured and started shaking madly. In the blink of an eye, the mountain forest was ravaged to the ground.

“Be careful, someone’s here!” Long Xueyi shouted suddenly.

Chen Xiang had noticed the aurae of those people already. There were four people, and all of them in the Extreme State at that.

The array had already been destroyed along with the rupturing of the ground; the pressure had disappeared already. However, Chen Xiang wanted to face those four people approaching him rather than flying away.

In the darkness, four people dressed in black robes suddenly appeared all around Chen Xiang. And as they noticed the natural look on Chen Xiang’s face, as if he was waiting for them, they were extremely surprised.

After they appeared, they stretched their hands out without so much as a word before a bizarre power gushed out from their palms. In just a wink of an eye, complex spirit patterns of an array appeared underneath Chen Xiang.

Just as that array appeared, Chen Xiang’s countenance worsened immediately because he discovered that he could not use his True Qi. What was even worse was that he could not move even an inch.

A look full of ridicule and pride immediately appeared in four black-robed men’s eyes as they noticed Chen Xiang’s expression.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang calmed himself down as he sneered, “Don’t you want to attack me?”

“We are just responsible for pinning you down. As for those who are going to attack you, they too will come quickly!” said a man coldly.

Chen Xiang knit his brows, feeling hateful in his heart. Currently, both his feet seemed to be attracted by the ground closely; he was simply unable to move and nor could he use his True Qi. If someone appeared now, it would rather be dangerous for him.

“It seems that the previous array was arranged by you; however, it was easily broken by me!” Much to their surprise, Chen Xiang was still very calm which made the four black-robed man feel worried.

However, they held the array laid down by them jointly in good confidence. Furthermore, the people who were going to deal with Chen Xiang were soon going to arrive as well. At that time, Chen Xiang would be beaten till he was seriously injured.

Chen Xiang could neither utilize his True Qi nor could he move! But he could still move his mouth, he could still utilize his spiritual energy! As the matter stood, he could cast spiritual power and use the spiritual energy to gather the Spirit Qi between heaven and earth and launch an attack.


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