Chapter 413 – Grasping Soul Devil Curse

Chen Xiang noticed that the four people who had used the array to trap him could not move in any way. If they did, the array would also be affected, or else the four would have already launched an attack at him.

Having noticed this point, Chen Xiang was secretly gleeful. If they were disturbed, the array would no longer exist and at that time, he could use his True Qi.

“You underestimate the array we have arranged! Even if you have destroyed the entire ground, the array would still exist. All you did was destroyed a small array, that’s all,” a black-robed man stated.

Chen Xiang only smiled. Whereupon the four black-robed men raised their guard when they saw Chen Xiang still smiling in his current predicament. However, no matter how they racked their brains, they could not understand what method could Chen Xiang use to escape from this array. Furthermore, an expert was also on his way. As long as that expert arrived, Chen Xiang would be finished.

Chen Xiang had sensed the man running his way over already. This man was also in the early stage of Spirit Martial Realm. Apparently, the Divine Martial Palace didn’t dare to use someone with higher cultivation, that would be overdoing. Therefore, they went to such great lengths and used arrays, Adamantyl Griffins to block Chen Xiang.

There were many transforming techniques among the Seventy-Two Transformations. Not only could they allow him to transform, he could also use spiritual energy to transform into something out of thin air, just like the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace; it was also a kind of transforming technique. However, he was still not that proficient in it at that time.

Later on, after having consulted with Long Xueyi a bit, he had deeper insights into transforming techniques. He had grasped the essentials already and now, all he needed was to begin casting.

The spiritual energy he cultivated in Shinto was invisible. And as such only someone with powerful divine sense could perceive this kind of power. Even tycoons like Gu Dongchen and the others were unable to perceive it.

At this moment, Chen Xiang began releasing the spiritual energy while chanting the spell. Meanwhile, he controlled this released spiritual energy to move at the back of the four black-robed men. At this point, the four’s countenance became ugly, for they had noticed a glowing short sword at the back of their companions.

It was the creating something from nothing technique from the Seventy-Two Transformations! These short swords had been congealed by using the Spirit Qi between heaven and earth gather using the spiritual energy, and their might was also quite strong.

In fact, any ordinary martial artist could also use his True Qi to congeal this kind of energy sword, but he needed to use the True Qi within his dantian and his range of control was pretty small too. However, it was not the same for Chen Xiang. He could congeal this kind energy weapon anywhere within his sight.

“You all underestimated me!” Chen Xiang burst into a laughter as he controlled the four short swords with his divine sense to fly, piercing the four’s shoulders. And then, exploded them, causing a bloody wound on the four’s shoulders.

Following which, the array pinning Chen Xiang down disappeared; allowing Chen Xiang to control his rich True Qi again. Immediately after, Chen Xiang roared as the True Qi within his dantian surged out fiercely. Under his control, the True Qi became exceptionally tyrannical as it spread from his body, forming an incredibly powerful Qi Wave that was filled with nothing but destruction. Following which, the four black-robed were sent flying from the impact.

Having their shoulders pierced by the energy-short swords, along with the explosion of energy-short swords in their bodies, the four were injured seriously. And now, Chen Xiang had also released such a fearsome True Qi blast, that their entire meridians ruptured from shock and they lay on the ground, unconscious.

Looking at the black-robed man lying on the ground, Chen Xiang coldly harrumphed and jumped into the air. Just as he wanted to release the Vermillion Bird Firewings, his strength had been suppressed suddenly, making him crash into the ground fiercely.

“Damn it! Sure enough, the array is still there!” Chen Xiang sensed the approaching man got closer and closer. Although the man was a bit slow, Chen Xiang had a dangerous feeling as he got closer.

Therefore, he wanted to run quickly. If he was forced into fighting that man, he would be delayed a lot, making him fall behind and get eliminated here thereafter.

“He should be a King’s Vein martial artist as his True Qi is different. The King’s Vein martial artist’s True Qi and fleshly body is a lot stronger than ordinary martial artists. I think it is related to their blood veins but I have never heard of this family. Whereas the Herculean Family is different from them; the Herculean Family is a special ethnic group bred by heaven and earth in ancient times. And yet this Human King’s Family is stronger than the Herculean family; their blood veins are definitely marvelous,” stated Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang released water vines which twined around the four unconscious black-robed men and dragged them quickly before him. Thereafter, he cast the Grasping Soul Devil Curse taught by Bai Youyou and searched through their memories to find the way to break the array.

Soon, he found it. At this moment, he was more surprised by the skills of Divine Martial Palace. To his surprise, the array was completely engraved upon a stone disc which was buried beneath the ground.

“A portable array law is worth a lot. The materials required for this kind of array disc are very high-grade, furthermore, a large number of cornerstones to arrange the array are also inlaid inside the disc which are generally, top-grade crystal stones and some other material which contained a huge amount of energy. If this array disc is destroyed, the Divine Martial Palace will be crying for sure!” said Su Meiyao, laughing.

Generally, an array was laid out on the ground. However, the array which rendered Chen Xiang unable to fly was actually a portable array that was engraved on a huge stone disc. Furthermore, the array released by the disc could cover a wide area. Only some very wealthy sect could possess this kind of array.

Chen Xiang obtained a lot of memories from the four, some of which was related to how an array was arranged. However, these memories didn’t mean that he could arrange an array immediately. Nevertheless, they were all a very valuable experience. He suddenly discovered the good thing about the Grasping Soul Devil Curse. As the matter stood, he could quickly learn many things.

Having etched many methods of arranging the array in his mind, Chen Xiang decided that when he had the time, he would try them out. Next, he continued using the Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search for the memories related to laying out the array.

Such a huge amount of information flooded Chen Xiang’s brain and made him feel like his head was going to explode. Had it not for the fact that he had a very powerful spirit, he would be unable to store these memories.

Although his head hurt, his face was beaming with smiles. He now knew that the four were pretty good array grandmasters, but their knowledge of how to arrange arrays had now been obtained by Chen Xiang.

“That man is about to arrive, quickly destroy that array disc!” warned Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang nodded and ran towards a direction. Now, he already knew where the array disc was at.

From the memories of the four black-robed men, he knew how big of an advantage the array disc gave. Not only could it render someone unable to fly, it had defensive and offensive ability as well. Originally, the array disc was used to protect a herb garden at the Divine Martial Palace. However, Wang Quan had temporarily given it in order to increase the chances to deal with Chen Xiang.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 413 – Grasping Soul Devil Curse

  1. “Li Yao still smiling in his current predicament. However, no matter how they racked their brains, they could not understand what method could Li Yao use to escape from this array. Furthermore, an expert was also on his way. As long as that expert arrived, Chen Xiang would be finished.

    Chen Xiang had sensed the man running his way over already. This man was also in the early stage of Spirit Martial Realm.”
    Shouldn’t Li Yao be Chen Xiang? And Spirit Martial Realm be Extreme State?


    1. Thnx, my head was filled with FMC lol, and Spirit Martial Realm is correct, the Extreme State is divided into three realms, and Spirit Martial Realm is the first realm.


      1. Ah, didn’t know or realize that. And anytime. This is one of my favorite and I’m really glad to have you back translating it. Still wish GT or WW would bring this over with you.


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