Chapter 414 – The Confrontation in the Night

Very soon, Chen Xiang arrived above the array disc. Now, so long as he destroyed the array disc underneath the ground, he could escape from here by flying and avoid clashing with that King’s Vein martial artist.

“Hei hei, who ask you to do this to me, this is the price you have to pay!” A white aura appeared above Chen Xiang’s palm slowly. Along with the overflow of this aura, the ground started to shake madly.

Chen Xiang burst into a loud shout and smacked a palm towards the ground. As a matter of fact, he had cast the Shocking Heaven Palm using the dragon force; its might was imaginable. A vast and mighty shock wave swept the area again. Yet again, the ground had been upturned by Chen Xiang.

As for the array disc underneath his feet, it too was smashed to pieces as the power of Shocking Heaven Palm penetrated it.

“This time, the Divine Martial Palace is going to cough up blood!” Chen Xiang burst into a laughter as he fiercely jumped into the air and released the Vermillion Bird Firewings. The raging flames of the wings were exceptionally dazzling and lighted up the pitch black sky.

Just as Chen Xiang flapped his wings, a sudden shout came from the ground, “Stop!”

Chen Xiang didn’t pay heed to him and just carried on flying. He was none other than the King’s Vein martial artist of Divine Martial Palace who was rushing here. Although Chen Xiang wanted to fight with the man, he had to catch up with the other contestants. If he was slow, he would be eliminated. And he could not take getting eliminated from this competition lying down.

“Watch the saber!” The quickly flying Chen Xiang was suddenly taken by surprise, as there was a middle-aged man standing in front of him. The middle-aged man stood on a hexagonal disc as he raised a golden saber high in the air and slashed in the air before Chen Xiang. Whereupon, the saber shone brightly as countless saber shadows erupted from the saber’s blade.

Chen Xiang could not understand why this man suddenly appeared before him. Fortunately, his response was pretty quick; Chen Xiang quickly closed the Vermillion Bird Firewings and let himself fall fiercely towards the ground, evading those oncoming saber shadows.

“Bastard, you actually used a weapon, then don’t blame for being impolite!” After having entered the Extreme State, Chen Xiang had never used Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in battle. Now, when he saw the opponent using a weapon to attack him, he also didn’t need to show mercy.

“At first, I was not planning on playing with you, but you actually want to kill me, if so, then I don’t mind it either,” Chen Xiang did not care about the race anymore. All he wanted to vent the anger in his heart through his powerful strength.

Long Xueyi stated, “The flying disc underneath his feet is marvelous, it can actually conceal his aura!”

The middle-aged man holding the golden broad saber had already appeared before Chen Xiang. He said with disdain, looking indifferently at Chen Xiang, “I have heard that your saber is very formidable, but looking at it, it only seems so-so!”

Chen Xiang furrowed his brows as he slightly waved his saber. Whereupon, an extra thread-thin crack appeared suddenly on the ground, passing directly through the crotch of the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man’s countenance suddenly changed. Although Chen Xiang had moved the saber only a bit, it was actually a slash and its speed was so fast that he was unable to see the entire strike.

The middle-aged man was still standing on the hexagonal disc. But the man could feel that when Chen Xiang waved his saber, the hexagonal was destroyed already.

Chen Xiang’s strike was not only fast, the Saber Qi released was very special as well. He had employed the Universe True Qi, which through his precise control and the operating Qi method of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, allowed the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to make such a thin strike, which traversed through the land and split the hexagonal disc underneath the middle-aged man into two.

“The stuff under your feet must be very expensive!” Chen Xiang burst into a laughter. And as one could expect, his words angered the middle-aged man. Whereupon, the middle-aged man roared angrily and brandished his saber as he jumped towards Chen Xiang. His saber technique was extremely fierce and quick, he even slashed his saber continuously, firing a series of beautiful strikes in a breath, so that all Chen Xiang could do was block.

“This guy’s saber technique is really marvelous!” While blocking, Chen Xiang had used a lot of power and yet he could not destroy the middle-aged man’s golden saber as he had expected.

After having defended a few times, he also noticed a very strange thing; even before his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade came in contact with the golden saber, a bizarre vibration would travel through the blade. As the middle-aged man’s attack was rather fast, Chen Xiang had to block in succession, and he would have to withstand that vibration which made his hand numb.

He reported this to Su Meiyao and others. Following which, Bai Youyou explained, “His saber is blessed with someone else’s power. It should be some special power congealed by Wang Quan using his True Qi. And as the saber is covered in that power, it has made the saber very hard, and then, there is also the power of Wang Quan’s Nirvana Realm.”

Only now did Chen Xiang understand why this saber was so fearful. Not to mention the fact that the one holding the saber was also a King’s Vein martial artist.

In the previous points competition, as Qiu Sheng didn’t use True Qi, Chen Xiang was unable to gauge the power of a King’s Vein martial artist. And now the middle-aged man he was battling with was a True Qi-based King’s Vein martial artist.

The Chen Xiang felt like the King’s Vein martial artist and Herculean Family was the same. They both could use the True Qi within their body and convert it into a strange power which they could fuse with their body, making the two kinds of power combine into one, and let explode it again, forming a very strong power.

“Lightning True Qi!” Chen Xiang had pinpointed the basic form of his opponent’s True Qi. This middle-aged man was very good at hiding. Furthermore, after the middle-aged man had used True Qi, he transformed it into a kind of explosive power, making it very hard to judge.

Under the dark sky and the devastated ground, Chen Xiang could only block the flashing saber beams; he could not attack at all. Which also perplexed the middle-aged man because he knew Chen Xiang was far stronger than this.

As the middle-aged man slashed his saber, Chen Xiang unexpectedly didn’t block this time. The middle-aged man was frightened as the golden saber cut towards Chen Xiang’s waist, for Wang Quan had exhorted him that he could not kill Chen Xiang no matter what; or else, it would have very disastrous consequences.

Just as the middle-aged man’s golden saber cut Chen Xiang’s waist, Chen Xiang’s silhouette burst apart and transformed into a mass of mist.

Apparently, Chen Xiang had cast Water Mirror Technique and used the water vapor to congeal an illusionary image of himself before leaving his place at the fastest speed. When the middle-aged man was reeling in from the shock, a fair number of water-tank-thick water vines suddenly appeared from the ground and pinned down the middle-aged man tightly. At this instance, Chen Xiang had released all of his Black Tortoise True Qi.

“I don’t have time to waste on you!” Slowly, Chen Xiang walked over and slashed his blade towards the middle-aged man holding the golden saber. Immediately after, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade let out an angry-dragon-like roar as a glaring azure light flashed, before cutting the golden saber.

The golden saber wasn’t infused with the middle-aged man’s strength, and as such was very fragile; whereupon the golden saber was easily smashed into pieces by the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.

“What are you doing?” The middle-aged had never expected Chen Xiang’s water vines to be so strong. However, when he struggled, the water vines already showed the signs of beaking. Currently, the middle-aged man hated himself for being weak. If he didn’t consume so much of his energy in fighting with Chen Xiang before, he would have broken free from these water vines already.

Now, he realized why Chen Xiang was always defending rather than attacking, Chen Xiang wanted to tire him out.

A sinister smile appeared on Chen Xiang’s face as he retreated a few steps. Following which, the middle-aged man saw Chen Xiang’s lips move ever so slightly as Chen Xiang chanted a strange spell. Following which, winds and clouds churned, along with flashes of lightning and peals of thunder as the Spirit Qi within hundreds of kilometer surged above the middle-aged man madly.

“Heavenly Dragon Seal!” Chen Xiang’s eyes flashed as a dragon roar reverberated in the sky before a huge golden dragon claw came crashing down from the sky, smashing into the middle-aged man who was pinned down by the water vines.

In a flash, a dazzling golden flash of light illuminated half the sky before a huge, deep crater appeared on the ground, raising a cloud of dust. The fallout was as if the dust was raining down. The middle-aged man was covered in dust inside the deep crater. Gradually, he writhed his body and let out a painful groan.

Whereas Chen Xiang had long released the Vermillion Bird Firewings, and flew in the dark curtain of the night.


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