Chapter 415 – Finish Line

Chen Xiang watched the sun rising afar as the day broke, his heart pent up with emotions. He didn’t know how the others fared, but he knew it was extremely difficult for him. He could only reach this point after going through twists and turns. At this moment, the finish line was quite close already.

Although he was delayed a bit, he believed he was faster. He reckoned that he could enter the top ten at the very least.

At the beginning, he was confident that he would be able to take the first, but seeing that Lanlan possessing that kind of terrifying speed, he knew he was too arrogant. There were still many young experts in this Kings’ Mainland.

He was pretty sure that the competitors who could enter the top fifty were not too slow at all. If they had not been blocked, maybe they would surpass him.

Having thought of this point, Chen Xiang was furious as he was delayed all because Wang Quan had set up many ambushes intentionally.

Of course, thinking of the great loss he made the Divine Martial Palace suffer on his way, he was secretly happy, because he would get to see Wang Quan’s angry and helpless appearance at the very least.

His biggest gain was the memories he had obtained from the four array grandmasters. These memories were extremely valuable. After having absorbed these memories through Grasping Soul Devil Curse, he had etched them into his brain which he could turn them his own, after assimilating them. While the other would take a pretty long time to accumulate the experience of arranging arrays, Chen Xiang could get them in almost no time.

Becoming an array grandmaster was not that easy, especially when learning how to arrange the arrays. One would need a lot of resources, furthermore, it had a certain risk. Sometimes, when arranging an array, just the slightest mistake could make the array explode, or produce other dangerous effects. Chen Xiang had heard many people lost lives while arranging an array.

Chen Xiang could become an array grandmaster in the near future so long as he could utilize these valuable memories proficiently. Not to mention, he also had the Refiners’ Scroll in his hand. Even Liu Menger regarded the spirit patterns in the scroll as treasure. After having absorbed the memories of the four, he already had a certain foundation. As long as he spent a bit of time in this aspect, he could start refining equipment after mastering the dao of array.

Chen Xiang was flying high above the clouds. Although he had spread his huge firewings, no one could see him from the ground as the layers of clouds concealed him. Whereas he could perceive the situation on the ground with his powerful divine sense. Along the way, he had already discovered twenty or so contestants running with all their might; they were extremely fast. Chen Xiang reckoned that they had been running continuously and had not stopped, ever.

However, according to his calculation, it was impossible for them to reach this point even if they ran non-stop for ten days with that speed. He reckoned that some cheating was going on. Maybe Wang Quan and other had helped these disciples to cheat; after all, the route was very long and Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming could not know what happened halfway between for sure.

The Divine Martial Palace had many people, and it would not be difficult to help those disciples cheat at all. Even so, Chen Xiang was still ahead of more than twenty contestants. In addition, he found some more participating martial artists as he sped up.

“This race will knock out thirty people and I have passed thirty people already. If nothing unexpected happens, I would be able to pass this round,” Chen Xiang heaved a light sigh of relief. If he was eliminated because of Divine Martial Palace trickery, he would be angry for a long time. Just thinking about it didn’t make him feel good.

Another three days elapsed and Chen Xiang had caught up with a few people, and the finish line was also before him. The finishing line was atop a very high peak, upon which was a platform. There was a huge bell on the platform as well. As long as he rung the bell, it would mean that he had crossed the finishing line.

Although Chen Xiang could see the peak, it was still a certain distance away. The peak was so high that it was piercing through the clouds. If someone ran from below, he or she would take a long time to reach the top.

“Full speed!” Chen Xiang was worried that some accident might happen in the final moment; ergo, he used all his True Qi to fly. Whereupon, the Vermillion Bird Firewings grew much bigger immediately. Furthermore, azure True Qi was also gushing out from his feet, it was the wind energy inside the Azure Dragon True Qi, which was accompanied by violent lightning, increasing his explosive power and accelerating him even more so.

There were many people atop the peak. From afar, they too could see Chen Xiang. And they were visibly moved as Chen Xiang flapped those huge and spectacular firewings as well as by the azure jet stream spurting out from Chen Xiang’s feet, because this kind of speed and momentum was quite shocking.

Chen Xiang soared to the limit, bursting forth with shock waves generated as he tore through the air. At first, he was still far away from the peak, but as he accelerated completely, his speed increased by many times. As he flew his way to the peak, he looked no different than a beam of light shooting straight to the peak, dragging a long trail of azure and red light.

Chen Xiang did a flip in the air and beautifully landed on the stage atop the peak before quickly running to the bell and ringing it…

Listening to the sound of the bell echoing between the heaven and earth, Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh, only to listen to an old man’s shout after the echoes faded away, “Chen Xiang, fifteenth position!”

Lanlan arrived next to Chen Xiang and said, pursing her lips, “Fifteenth, you are damn slow!”

Chen Xiang burst into a mischievous laughter as he said, “Little Girl, if you had been blocked by a few Extreme State martial artists, then besieged by thousands and thousands of Adamantyl Griffins, before being suppressed by an array, and your power sealed by an array arranged by four array grandmasters, then finally, attacked by a King’s Vein warrior with a powerful weapon, would you be so fast?”

“Fortunately, these guys were all waste, the few Extreme State martial artists who blocked me at the beginning are now crippled, those thousands and thousands of Adamantyl Griffins should be dead or injured. As for the four array grandmasters… hahaha, they too have been stabbed by me and all their meridians should have been ruptured. And that formidable brilliant weapon used by that idiot King’s Vein warrior too had been broken by me, and he too had been beaten till he was seriously injured! Although there were a lot of obstacles, they were all useless.”

When Chen Xiang spoke, he looked at Wang Quan. At this moment, Wang Quan’s countenance was very ugly, the same was true for Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming because while they were waiting here, they discovered that the martial artists who had arrived earlier had not encountered any kind of obstacle from their conversations. They all rushed here very easily.

However, Chen Xiang had been blocked continuously, moreover, he was being particularly targeted. To their surprise, the King’s Vein warrior had attacked Chen Xiang with a brilliant saber!

“Chen Xiang, nothing can be done about that! You are a guest of our Kings’ Mainland, of course, we will take care of you a lot. However, you also did very well, you returned the courtesy with a courtesy and a big one at that,” said Lian Yingxiao, smiling.

The Divine Martial Palace had tried to steal chicken only to end up losing the rice. Their losses were pretty serious. They gave him a wife and lost their soldiers as well.

As Chen Xiang was from Chenwu Mainland, many tycoons from the Chenwu Mainland had also waiting for him here.

Hua Xianyue said, smiling charmingly, “The Kings’ Mainland turned out to be so hospitable. However, you guys lost too much face, so many guys could not even block this brat, he still ended up fifteenth and successfully passed the round!”

“Wang Quan, don’t you think doing these kinds of things is very disgusting? If you don’t like Chen Xiang participating in the Kings’ Martial Arts Meet, you should have said so. I am sure he would have withdrawn. Do you have to resort to these despicable tricks? Let me tell you something, if you think I will be afraid of you just because you are the highest person in power of Kings’ Mainland, then you are dead wrong! If you do this again, I, Liu Menger, will fight it out with you until one of us is dead!”

Liu Menger’s bout of anger was accompanied by Cold Qi waves that spread over the entire peak. The tall mountain was suddenly covered with a thick layer of snow. That kind of cold power made everyone had an urge to bow and worship her.

The entire platform suddenly went silent. Wang Quan knit his brows as he expelled the bizarre cold that had entered his body. Many people could not understand why was Liu Menger so angry!


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