Chapter 416 – Big Gift

Gu Dongchen and Lian Yingxiao, both looked at each other. They knew that Chen Xiang and Liu Menger had a relation, but they had never imagined it to be so deep that an empress like her would get so mad.

As for Wu Kaiming and the other tycoons, in their opinion, Liu Menger was furious on behalf of her apprentice’s husband.

“Wang Quan, it not like you don’t know that this brat is my Danxiang Taoyuan Honorary Chief Alchemist, he is an honored guest of my Danxiang Taoyuan,” stated Hua Xiangyue with a sneer.

At this point, the Divine Martial Palace came to realize that there was not only Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, and Huang Jintian backing Chen Xiang, these two powerful ladies were also backing him up.

Wang Quan’s brows were covered in frost; he took a long, deep breath. Wang Quan now knew that Liu Menger had crossed seventh Nirvana Tribulation already, furthermore, she herself cultivated Icewind Divine Exercise; her strength was simply unfathomable. Of course, Liu Menger’s parents were top figures in their time as well, who even Huang Jintian dared not provoke. Although Huang Jintian proclaimed himself as invincible in the world, he didn’t dare to challenge Liu Menger’s parents.

Although Liu Menger’s parents had ascended to the Heavenly Realm already, only God knows how many forces and hidden experts they had left behind when they ascended. If they really had to have a confrontation with the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, the Divine Martial Palace would naturally not afraid, but they still had to weigh their losses.

“I was not targeting him at all, it’s…it’s just that the Divine Martial Palace disciples have heard of his fame, and they all wanted to compete with him…”

Even before Wang Quan could finish his sentence, Gu Dongchen cut him off, “But isn’t it unfair to him? Your Divine Martial Palace neglected their duties, do you just want us to forget this?”

Wang Quan knit his brows; apparently, Gu Dongchen wanted him to apologize to Chen Xiang, but as the top figure in command of Kings’ Mainland, as the Palace Master of Divine Martial Palace, how could he apologize to Chen Xiang who was no different than an ant?

“My Divine Martial Palace didn’t neglect their duties, it was just that Chen Xiang happened to passed by those ambush points, that’s only why they had to take action,” justified Wang Quan coldly.

“Certainly not…” suddenly, a timid voice came. Although the voice was soft, everyone at the scene could basically hear it. All of them looked towards a direction simultaneously, only to discover a beautiful girl dressed in a blue skirt with cute eyes, that simmered with blue light when they rotated.

Those tycoons who had been waiting here for the results knew that this girl was the first one to reach the finish line, but they didn’t know much about her.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, Lanlan stuck her tongue out before continued in a soft voice, “I have already encountered those guys along the way, but they didn’t block me. Those guys riding the lion even asked me to go far away.”

Chen Xiang couldn’t help but burst into a laughter. However, he was feeling a bit odd in his heart, as he had always believed that Lanlan belonged to Divine Martial Palace, but now it seems he was wrong; otherwise, she wouldn’t be speaking these stupid things as it was akin to ruthlessly slapping Wang Quan for sure.

“Brat, you…” Wang Quan glared at Lanlan, only to see Lanlan giving him a funny face; there wasn’t the slightest bit of fear on her face.

Which made everyone like this blue-dressed girl immediately. Furthermore, they also knew that Lanlan was amazing, or else she would not have reached the finishing line so quickly, not to mention, she was so fearlessly facing Wang Quan. Although her voice was very soft and she appeared somewhat timid, her face was blanketed with a courageous look, as if she wasn’t afraid of even heavens.

“I am telling the truth, I also saw that golden saber bear as well. That stupid bear even described me their plans, told me that they were going to use some kind of powerful combination of arrays which would pin down this pervert, Chen Xiang, making Chen Xiang unable to move or use True Qi. And the golden saber bear’s mission was to cut off Chen Xiang’s hands,” seeing that Wang Quan was angry at her, she immediately counterattacked in anger.

Hearing Lanlan address Chen Xiang as pervert, Liu Menger, and Hua Xiangyue, both flipped a white eye at Chen Xiang. Whereupon, Chen Xiang lowered his head, embarrassed. He also didn’t expect Lanlan, this seemingly timid girl to actually speak to such minute details.

“Brat, you…you…” Wang Quan fumed with rage as he raised his hand, but ultimately, put it down.

After all, there were too many people watching; furthermore, Lanlan was telling the truth.

Earlier, Wang Quan had insisted that Chen Xiang was not being targeted; but having been testified by Lanlan who was a Kings’ Mainland martial artist, it was simply pushing him into an abyss.

“Don’t think that I’ll be afraid of you just because my grandpa is dead. Humph, my Lan Family is not so simple as you imagine, if need be, my Lan Family can wreck your Divine Martial Palace anytime,” seeing that Wang Quan wanted to hit her, Lanlan became furious and retorted in a tender voice.

Wang Quan only harrumphed coldly before he took a leap and flew away. If he had not done so, Gu Dongchen and the others would surely force him to apologize to Chen Xiang.

At this time, an old man said, “There is still one more round, as long as you pass through the next round, you will enter the final round which is martial arts competition. You have three days to rest, after three days, the next round will begin.”

“Chen Xiang, it’s better for you to withdraw!” advised Hua Xiangyue.

“If I give up after reaching this point, wouldn’t my previous hard work be for naught?” Chen Xiang slightly smiled. If the Fruit of Fortune was not being offered as a reward, he would have quitted a long time ago.

However, he also had confidence in himself. Furthermore, the final martial arts competition was not far away; soon, he could acquire the Heaven-level spirit herb, the Fruit of Fortune.

Hua Xiangyue had also noticed Chen Xiang came for the Fruit of Fortune. Had her Danxiang Taoyuan disciple not be disappointing, perhaps she would have also let her Danxiang Taoyuan disciples compete.

“Elder Ding, your Divine Martial Palace need to be a bit virtuous and honest! Although the Divine Martial Palace is the strongest influence on the Kings’ Mainland, you should know that this is only on the surface! Our Wu Manor and Blue Blood Family don’t care about the worldly affairs, that’s all. If your Divine Martial Palace took things too far, then we would need to take action so that you don’t completely throw the face Human King Family into the drain,” warned Wu Kaiming.

Only know did Chen Xiang came to realize that there were other powerful influences on the Kings’ Mainland. Perhaps, Wu Canghong whom Chen Xiang had met earlier was Wu Kaiming ancestor.

Elder Ding nodded, “I will talk with the Palace Master, in this aspect, he had indeed taken things a bit too far.”

Everyone knew of the crushing defeat Wang Quan had suffered at the hands of Huang Jintian in the past. Everyone suspected that Wang Quan was intentionally making things difficult for Chen Xiang to vent his anger.

There were many houses atop the peak. However, the temperature here was on the lower side, in addition, Liu Menger had also released the Icewind True Qi in anger a while ago as well, covering the entire peak in snow and lowering the temperature even more so. However, at this moment, Liu Menger had released flames already, melting the snow away.

Liu Menger had fused with purple-colored, unusual Fire Spirit which had freezing characteristics, making her Icewind True Qi even more overbearing. This was also one of Liu Menger’s hidden ace.

Chen Xiang himself wasn’t angry at all. Presently, he was assimilating the memories of four array grandmasters in a room. He treated these memories as a big gift given to him by Wang Quan. The knowledge of four array grandmasters on array had far exceeded his expectations. The four studied different things, which was much more amazing all together.

Apart from the knowledge on arrays and experience of arranging arrays, Chen Xiang had also obtained a total of three Diving Martial Palace peerless exercise from the memories of the four. The four were very important figures in the Diving Martial Palace, as such having these peerless exercises wasn’t that surprising. More importantly, they also knew many confidential secrets of Divine Martial Palace.

For instance, where is the mysterious herb garden of Divine Martial Palace was located, how to deal with the array of the herb garden. There was also Divine Martial Palace Divine Scripture Hall, treasury, alchemy room, dungeon…and much more.

Because the four needed to arrange array at these places to protect them, therefore, they had a very good understanding of these places. And now, all these memories belonged to Chen Xiang!


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