Chapter 417 – Evil Demon Mysterious Realm

From the memories, Chen Xiang came to know that there was only a Fruit of Fortune at the Divine Martial Palace herb garden, and its tree had been dead for a long time, nevertheless, the fruit still hasn’t been picked up. Furthermore, there were also some Five Elemental Dan herbs, Building Foundation Dan herbs, and other similar precious herbs. Apart from two White Jade Lotus, two Resurrection Grass, there were many spirit herbs for refining middle-grade and high-grade profound level dans as well; it was one big treasure house.

This sent Chen Xiang into drooling; he could not wait to immediately go there and steal everything. However, this was only good as long as it was limited to his thoughts because there were a fair number of Nirvana Realm martial artists guarding the herb garden. Once he was discovered, he would be finished.

As the Kings’ Mainland was protected by a huge natural barrier, it was not affected by any kind of attack during the previous Great Battle of Three Realm. Some of the rare and precious herbs and martial exercises were preserved till now. The Kings’ Mainland had a very deep heritage; no wonder it was called the first continent of the Mortal World.

The three days resting period soon came to pass. As Chen Xiang made it to the top twenty, he could participate in the next round. No one knew what this round entailed. As such he and others were waiting at the summit for the announcement.

This time, instead of Wang Quan, Elder Ding was presiding over the competition. As for why Wang Quan didn’t come, it was a no-brainer for everyone; after all, Wang Quan had no face left to face the crowd of experts anymore, or else, he would be asked to apologize. Therefore, the best choice for him right now was to evade everyone.

“This will the final elimination round. The four with the best score in this round will proceed to the final round, in which they will have a martial arts competition, and the last man standing will be rewarded,” announced Elder Ding of Divine Martial Palace.

Having taken a look at the other martial artists, Chen Xiang discovered that there was a fair share of Wang Quan’s apprentices among them, all of whom were on their high horses. However, they were indeed strong or else they could not have reached here.

“This round is quite special and also had a certain risk. In this round, we will send you to a mysterious realm for imprisoning evil demons called Evil Demon Mysterious Realm. These evil demons were captured and imprisoned by the experts of my Kings’ Mainland many years ago. And as of now, their numbers had reached an astonishing figure. The strongest among them should be in the peak stage of Extreme State; there is no Nirvana Realm evil demon. This has been confirmed by my Divine Martial Palace.”

Having heard that the round was this dangerous, diverse expressions appeared on the faces of Chen Xiang and others; some were worried, some were excited, but Chen Xiang was extremely calm nonetheless. If he was truly inside the mysterious realm, Chen Xiang had nothing to be afraid as he was quite confident in his concealing skills.

“There is a kind of extreme state evil demons inside, all of which have a demon core in their bodies. This demon core is made up of pure energy and is equivalent to the mass of True Qi inside our dantian. It has a huge amount of pure True Qi and elemental life force, which is of great use! After you go inside, you have to look for these evil demons and kill them. At the end, your ranking will be decided in accordance with the number of demon cores you can obtain, furthermore, the demon cores acquired by you will be returned for you to use as well.”

Chen Xiang nodded furtively. This was fairly good and made him itching for action because the energy stored inside these demon cores was that of Extreme State, and the best way to use it to arrange arrays or refine equipment. And the elemental life force inside the demon cores could also be extracted to refine dans. When a bit of this elemental life force was infused while refining dans, the dans’ healing effect would be greatly improved.

“Elder Ding, can we fight with others when we are inside?” the one who asked was Lanlan.

“Well…you can, but I’m sure you all understand that fighting with each other would not bring any benefit to you, it will only waste your time. However, sometimes, things can only be resolved through fighting; for instance, when two people found an evil demon at the same time…”

Chen Xiang asked, “What to do if someone is killed during the conflict? The saber and swords have no eyes!”

“This is the same as the previous preliminary rounds. No one will be blamed for anyone’s death. If you are afraid to die, you can quit now,” stated Elder Ding.

Suddenly Chen Xiang felt a fair share of ice cold gazes filled with murderous intention. These gazes belonged to none other than the few youths who he had seen around Wang Quan, they were all Wang Quan’s apprentices and King’s Vein martial artists to boot. Their strength was also unfathomable; moreover, they were not a bit afraid of Chen Xiang, even when they knew Chen Xiang’s shocking deeds in the previous race. All of them look down upon Chen Xiang.

Therefore, Chen Xiang concluded that these few youngsters were very amazing. After entering the mysterious realm, he also had to be wary of them as well.

“If you are afraid, you can opt to withdraw now!” Elder Ding looked at Chen Xiang and those young martial artists and waited for a bit. But no one chose to withdraw. If they were to withdraw after having reached this step, it would not be worth it at all.

“Very well, you can start entering now. The time limit is ten days, on the last day, an exit will appear in the sky of the mysterious realm. At that time, all you have to do is jump a bit high and you will leave the Evil Demon Mysterious Realm,” stated Elder Ding.

Liu Menger warned Chen Xiang, transmitting her voice, “Little Rascal, you have to be careful, those evil demons are powerful, also, try to avoid having a conflict with Wang Quan’s apprentices.”

“I understand!” replied Chen Xiang. He felt very happy seeing Liu Menger was so concerned about him.

Elder Ding continued, “The first to enter will be Lanlan. You will be sent in according to the ranking from the previous round with a two-hour gap in each entry!”

Upon hearing the rules, Chen Xiang broke into curses in his heart. However, he couldn’t say anything as there were five others behind him, who would have to enter after him.

Chen Xiang was ranked fifteenth, and as such he would have to wait for thirty hours, which was almost a day worth of time. He would be lagging behind others by more than a day.

A circular gate of light opened gradually, overflowing with space power, which was accompanied by extremely evil Demon Qi. Now, Chen Xiang and others knew why they came here because there was a mysterious realm here and opening the gate of the mysterious realm was relatively easier here.

The Divine Martial Palace had guarded the secret for this mysterious realm for a long time; even the four array grandmasters didn’t know about it.

“I will take my leave first!” said Lanlan, laughing tenderly as she capered into the gate. There was not the slightest bit of nervousness in her gait. Who would have imagined that such a cute girl would actually be unafraid of those evil demons inside?

At this time, some people also took their leave in succession as they could not watch this round because the entire round was taking place inside the mysterious realm. Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue exhorted Chen Xiang repeatedly before they left. Only Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming waited for him to enter.

Even though Chen Xiang had to wait for more than a day, Chen Xiang was keeping calm nonetheless. All along, he was assimilating those memories. Those memories were very beneficial to him, they could allow him to lay a solid foundation for the dao of array and refining equipment.

“Chen Xiang, it’s your turn!” said Elder Ding.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and walked over with a smile on his face.

“This gate is able to send all twenty of you to different locations, so, there is no need for you to worry about getting ambushed once you enter. I hope you can get a good score again,” Elder Ding said to Chen Xiang. Unlike Wang Quan, he didn’t have any deep-seated hatred with Chen Xiang, moreover, he had a good impression of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang nodded and walked into that gate. For a moment everything went black in front of his eyes before he arrived at a dark world, which was filled with intense Death Qi. However, what made his eyes lit up was that the plants here were filled with virality. He was able to see many tall and vibrant trees as well as some strange flowers. The environment here wasn’t as bad as he had imagined.


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