Chapter 418 – Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi

Having entered the mysterious realm, Chen Xiang discovered that apart from the terrible Evil Qi, there was also a lot of pure Spirit Qi, perfusing high in the sky. However, as they slowly permeated towards the ground, the pure Spirit Qi would be corroded by the Evil Qi.

“The mysterious realm indeed lives up to its name. Even after imprisoning so many evil demons, it could still create such pure Spirit Qi,” praised Chen Xiang, gazing at the lush trees. The trees here could grow so well was all because of the Spirit Qi in here.

The formation process of a mysterious realm was extremely complex; the necessary conditions were very high. As long as it was a mysterious realm, it would generally be extremely rich in Spirit Qi. Furthermore, this mysterious realm had been used by the Kings’ Mainland to imprison evil demons, and hundreds of millennia ago at that.

Chen Xiang couldn’t help but admire the beings of Demon Domain. Surprisingly, they could survive for so long; although their strength didn’t progress, their lifespan was far more than any human. In this regard, the humankind was really not their match.

“Somethings are coming!” shouted Long Xueyi anxiously. Chen Xiang too listened carefully, it sounded like a group of something was swarming towards them from all directions.

Su Meiyao exhorted, “Don’t let your guard down. These evil demons have been here for a hundred thousand years, even if their strength has not progressed, their wisdom isn’t too bad for sure, or else, they would not have survived for so long!”

Anyone or anything that could survive in this kind of ghastly place for a hundred millennia was certainly amazing. And now, a horde of such things had surrounded Chen Xiang.

“Why did the Kings’ Mainland put these things in here? Why did they do it?” From the movements, Chen Xiang could see that a lot of evil demons were daring to rush right at him. These evil demons had all the characteristics of demon beasts and wild animals; their sense of smell and other similar senses were all a lot stronger than the humans. Therefore, they could be sure that a human had appeared in that direction immediately.

“It is quite possible to teleport the evil demons here using teleportation arrays. Furthermore, this mysterious realm must have been emptied by the Kings’ Mainland. As the matter stands, once the evil demons came here, they can be imprisoned here until their death. And the Kings’ Mainland doesn’t even need to take any action to kill them,” explained Su Meiyao.

At this moment, the evil demons were like rushing over like tens of thousands of horses galloping ahead. Nonetheless, Chen Xiang wasn’t afraid and had already taken out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade which was extremely lethal to the demons and devils. More importantly, Chen Xiang also wanted to test how formidable was the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise.

Sensing a large number of approaching evil demons, Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade started to quiver, it appeared unusually excited. And the suppressing devil Yuan Qi in Chen Xiang’s body was also jumping with joy, making Chen Xiang’s blood seethe, infecting Chen Xiang; Chen Xiang could not wait to start a slaughter immediately.

“They are here!” All Chen Xiang saw was a large group of creatures with either body of a human and head of a beast, or body of a beast and head of a human, charging out of the forest. Many trees had been knocked by them. Baring their teeth and brandishing their claws, they let out all kinds of roars; the scene was particularly horrifying.

Even if it was Chen Xiang, his felt his scalp tingle. Anyone would be scared to hell when a such a group of scary creatures suddenly jumped out in this kind of dark environment; no one would feel any better. Fortunately for Chen Xiang, he had already encountered these evil demons; he was still fairly calm.

“Hahaha…it’s a human. Everyone, quickly release your poisons, we will poison this feeble human to death. Today, we are once again going to relish the taste of human flesh,” a sharp and shrill voice rang, making Chen Xiang feel jittery.

Followed by that voice, Chen Xiang also saw many evil demons sprayed colorful mists from their mouth. These mists were all filled with poison. Once the trees came in contact with these mists, the trees started to melt immediately; apparently, these mists were highly toxic.

After having cultivated in Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise, Chen Xiang had long been invulnerable to poison. Even Bai Youyou’s elder sister, Bai Ziqian was unable to poison him, much less these shrimp soldiers and crab generals[1] from the Demon Domain.

Chen Xiang stretched his palm as he operated the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, creating a powerful suction at his palm. Whereupon, the poisonous mists drifting towards him were sucked into his palm completely; concentrating different kinds of poisonous mist together. Along with the powerful suction force, the poisonous mists formed a whirlpool, squeezing the mists together and finally transforming into a very small mass of mist.

The onlooking evil demons were petrified. Having lived for a hundred millennia, their intelligence was extremely high. Obviously, they knew what was the thing before them, they were, even more so, clear what that small compressed mass of Qi in Chen Xiang’s palm entails.

“Let me return it back to you!” Chen Xiang burst into a cold laughter before the “poisonous pill” in his palm suddenly flew out, flying into the horde of evil demons. After the poisonous pill exploded, a pitch-black mist spread towards all directions before countless blood-curdling screams followed. The evil demons that had originally gathered into teams dispersed one after another. They all knew how terrifying this poisonous mist was.

This poisonous mist was created after having compressed different kinds of poisonous mist and fusing them together. Even the evil demons who were well versed in the usage of poison dared not touch it casually.

The horde of evil demons cursed Chen Xiang, this freak furiously one after another. To their surprise, Chen Xiang was unafraid of poison, furthermore, he had so casually played with all kinds of poisonous mist in his palm.

Chen Xiang slightly smiled as a holy white aura suddenly emerged from his body. After that Qi spread from his body, it turned golden; it was none other than the suppressing devil Yuan Qi, which Chen Xiang had seldom employed.

Having perceived that aura, those evil demons were incessantly terrified immediately. Facing this kind of power, they felt as powerless as an ant before the almighty God.

Soon after, the suppressing devil Yuan Qi disappeared. Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang just wanted to take look whether the evil demons would be terrified by this power or not. Having seen those evil demons roaring in trepidation madly, he knew that the suppressing devil Yuan Qi was truly powerful.

In a flash, Chen Xiang rushed into the horde of evil demons and waved the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in his hand, while infusing it with True Qi as well as the suppressing devil Yuan Qi.

Chen Xiang immediately cut a lion-headed man in two at its waist with just a slight wave of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. The lion-headed man let out blood-curdling screams as he succumbed to death. Moreover, smoke was also coming out from the place the evil demon was cut before its body melted away by the suppressing devil Yuan Qi.

When Chen Xiang made that strike, a powerful Qi gushed out and spread into the surrounding. As the Qi wave came in contact with those evil demons, smoke emerged from those evil demons’ body before their body melted away as if they had been struck by smoldering hot molten iron.

At this moment, Chen Xiang could not help but praise the man who created the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise. Much to his surprise, the suppressing devil Yuan Qi was so powerful against demons and devils.

As Chen Xiang kept waving the blade, again and again, True Qi along with suppressing devil Yuan Qi emerged from his body and spread thereafter, making the evil demons nearby escape in panic. At the beginning, they believe Chen Xiang was a very weak human, but they had never imagined him to be like a fiend god, massacring them so madly. More importantly, also using a kind of power that could even make them feel horrified.

“Want to escape? No way!” Chen Xiang took a leap into the air and converted the True Qi into the suppressing devil Yuan Qi quickly before slamming his palm towards the ground. Whereupon, an enormous palm of white light that was congealed out of suppressing devil Yuan Qi pressed towards the ground, covering a large group of evil demons.

The ground quaked as the palm congealed out of suppressing devil Yuan Qi exploded. The waves of Qi spread in all direction just like tide sweeping across all direction, submerging the fleeing evil demons in the blink of an eye.

Following which, blood-curdling roars rang one after another before an obnoxious smell pervaded the air; those evil demons were corroded by the suppressing devil Yuan Qi and as such, all of them were corroded beyond recognition.


[1] Shrimp soldiers and crab generals – Ineffective troops


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