Chapter 419 – Wolf Slave

After having landed lightly on the ground, Chen Xiang looked at a direction; in that direction was a fairly powerful aura which was getting weaker slowly. Apparently, an evil demon had escaped amid the commotion a moment ago.

This evil demon was extremely powerful. Maybe it was the leader of those groups of evil demons; the chance for it to have a demon heart was quite high. Furthermore, Chen Xiang’s purpose for coming here was not to massacre these weak evil demons but to collect many demon hearts, as the result of this round depended on these demon hearts.

Chen Xiang immediately gave a chase. After all, it was the first powerful evil demon that Chen Xiang had encountered after having entered the Evil Demon Mysterious Realm. He could not let it go.

Even though there were numerous weak evil demons lying on the ground, none of them had a demon heart. According to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, the demon hearts were extremely rare. They could be sold for five million crystal stones at the very least. In the ancient times, they were generally used to arrange arrays as they had pure energy stored inside.

Soon after, Chen Xiang caught sight of the escaping evil demon. As Chen Xiang got closer and closer, he could clearly sense the mass of pure energy inside the evil demon. He was sure that it was a very powerful evil demon.

“It’s a werewolf actually!” stated Chen Xiang. Although it was an evil demon, Chen Xiang thought it was more appropriate to call it a beast man. Just because a vast majority of them had demon beasts features and possessed extremely high intelligence, they were called evil demons.

“In fact, a very long time ago, they were indeed called beast men. However, the humans thought that this name was an insult to mankind, they then named them as evil demons,” explained Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang said, smiling, “If these guys were a bit stupid, it would have been a lot better. Then, they would not feel terrified and afraid, and I would not have to give a chase laboriously.”

If the evil demons were a bit stupid, perhaps that evil demon would have fought with Chen Xiang to death.

“Almost there!” Chen Xiang slightly smiled before a pure water-attributed True Qi gushed out from his body. Whereupon, the escaping evil demon in the front fell forward. Apparently, Chen Xiang’s water vines had wrapped around the evil demon’s ankle.

As the werewolf felt a wave of scalding hot aura charging over, it wailed immediately, “Don’t kill me!”

At first, Chen Xiang wanted to directly take out the demon heart from the werewolf’s chest, but he was suddenly struck with a thought.

“Give me a reason why, or I’ll take out your demon heart!” Chen Xiang said in an intimidating voice. And at this point, he also released the suppressing devil Yuan Qi which made the werewolf extremely uncomfortable.

The werewolf trembled in fear. Although he was in the early stage of Spirit Martial Realm, he unable to cope with Chen Xiang’s suppressing devil Yuan Qi and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.

“I…I don’t know. I can act as your bodyguard, I can help you find whatever you are looking for,” the werewolf proposed anxiously.

Chen Xiang said as a smile crept across his lips, “I don’t trust you!”

Suddenly, a spirit pattern appeared upon the werewolf’s glabella. Having seen this spirit pattern, said Su Meiyao, “It’s a life contract of this evil demon. Once you received it, you can control its life and death with this contract.”

Chen Xiang stretched his hand out as he grabbed that spirit pattern. The spirit pattern submerged into Chen Xiang’s palm before it disappeared. However, Chen Xiang had a wonderful feeling; he felt that he could kill this werewolf with just one thought.

“You sure did not live for a hundred millennia in vain,” Chen Xiang said, smiling mischievously. He indeed needed a guide. Otherwise, he won’t know where he could find many evil demons with demon hearts in this vast mysterious realm. But this werewolf must be quite familiar with everything.

Although Chen Xiang possessed the suppressing devil Yuan Qi, this mysterious realm was absolutely dangerous. There were powerful evil demons in here whose strength was quite close to that of a Nirvana Realm martial artist. Furthermore, this werewolf had lived here for so many years and as such, it would know of the distribution of forces in here for sure.

“Master, if you need this lowly slave to do anything, you just have to speak of it!” after the werewolf stood up, it said respectfully.  Although it was half-human, half-beast, Chen Xiang found it fairly pleasing to the eye and didn’t feel disgusted at all.

Chen Xiang asked, “Have you encountered any human here in the last two days?”

The werewolf replied, shaking its head, “Reporting to Master, I have not encountered any human, however, I have heard of another tribe encountering a human.”

Chen Xiang nodded, “In the future, you don’t need to address me as master, you just have to answer my question.”

Chen Xiang asked once again, “I need a lot of demon hearts. All I need you is to guide me, leave the rest to me.”

The werewolf stared blankly, “No problem, there are many guys with demon hearts. It’s just that if a lot of them are killed all of a sudden, it will be discovered by some evil demon king in here.”

“Oh? How powerful are the so-called kings in here?” asked Chen Xiang.

The werewolf indeed knew a lot of stuff, “They have almost arrived at the step where they can attract the nirvana tribulation. However, as they cannot sense the nirvana tribulation inside the mysterious realm, they are unable to break through.”

“Don’t worry, you just have to lead the way!” assured Chen Xiang.

A sliver of hesitation showed in the red eyes of the werewolf. However, his life was in Chen Xiang’s grasp, and as such, all it could do was obey the command, or else, Chen Xiang could torture it with just a thought so much that it would hardly wish to live.

“Master, it’s better for you to don a disguise. That way, you and I would be a lot safer,” stated the werewolf in a low voice. It was worried that it would anger Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang nodded as a tail suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang, while some white fur grew on Chen Xiang’s legs. Apparently, Chen Xiang had taken the appearance of a white tiger which looked very much like an evil demon.

At present, Chen Xiang’s spiritual energy was sufficient for him to transform into a white tiger-type beast. And as such, it was hardly any difficult for him to transform a small part of his body.

The werewolf was incessantly surprised. It could not understand how Chen Xiang did it. It also suspected Chen Xiang to be an evil demon because his appearance resembled the evil demon too much.

“White tiger evil demon, there are a lot of these evil demons in here,” state the werewolf, “Master, please come with me.”

As the werewolf started to run, Chen Xiang followed it with similar speed as well. He reckoned that the target this werewolf was taking him to was this werewolf’s enemy.

Chen Xiang didn’t care about it too much. He was only here for less than nine days. And he wanted to gather as many demon hearts as possible within these nine days.

This round was quite challenging. Only four out of twenty contestants could advance to the next round, which created no small pressure for Chen Xiang.

“Wolf Slave, how many evil demons are here with demon hearts?” asked Chen Xiang.

“Fifty approximately. Many of them are stronger than me, some of them are even more powerful. As for those kings, they aren’t nearby, however, they may come over,” replied the werewolf.

Chen Xiang was currently making a comprehensive plan. There were a lot of intelligent evil demons in here as well. If he caused too much massacre, it would garner the attention of those so-called kings, then, the loss would outweigh the gains.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang was struck with a thought. Long had he wanted to give the array in his mind a try. It would be a lot better if he could use the array to trap the evil demons for sure.

Chen Xiang took out a Hundred Beasts Dan and gave it to the werewolf, “Do you eat this kind of thing?”

After having taken the Hundred Beasts Dan, the werewolf took a sniff before its face beamed with a smile. Immediately after, the werewolf swallowed it down.

Having realized that the evil demons also liked this kind of thing, Chen Xiang was secretly happy. He had a lot of Hundred Beasts Dans, enough for him use them as a bait to lure the powerful evil demons with the demon hearts.


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