Chapter 42 – Advance into Level 7

Chen Xiang continued to practice at night. He took out four Baptizing Marrow Dans and swallowed them in one breath while simultaneously operating the [Tai chi Divine Exercise] to digest their potency. At the break of dawn, he left for the Danxiang Herbal Manor to buy another twenty sets of Aura Qi Dan’s herbs.

Chen Xiang had basically used up all his spirit coins after buying the spirit herbs. He had already previously invested most of his spirit coins into the store, so he was short on spirit coins. But as soon as Dan King Hall started doing business, he would earn all his spending’s along with a hefty profit.

During the day, Chen Xiang stayed in his room and refined Aura Qi Dan, for him, refining has just been too easy now. Moreover, each time six dans were being refined out, in just half an hour, he had refined two sets of herbs. In five hours, he had already finished refining all twenty sets of herbs he had previously bought, a grand total of one hundred twenty dans! Even just selling them at the minimum market price of five thousand large spirit coins would earn him six hundred thousand large spirit coins! On the other hand, he spent only hundred thousand large spirit coins to purchase those herbs, even a fool could see how profitable refining dans was.

Meng Bo didn’t know about the furnace, and it’s ability to recognize a master after bleeding on it, so he wasn’t able to utilise the true power of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. If he had known about this, Chen Xiang wouldn’t even be able have a look at it. Thinking about this, he felt slightly guilty, therefore he quietly gave a Metal Spirit Fruit and a small chunk of Hell Spirit Grass to Meng Bo, only after this did Chen Xiang feel less guilty.

At night, Chen Xiang took some of the Aura Qi Dans he had previously refined and left for forest near the outskirts of the city. In the forest, he swallowed as many as ten dans in one deep breath, as if he was eating peanuts. If other people came to know about this, their jaws would be wide open until it was almost about to be dislocated from shock.

Chen Xiang operated the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] and started refining their potencies. Gradually a strange Spirit Qi gushed out from the dans at some point, he felt the trace of Aura Qi being released from the Aura Qi Dans…

Every night Chen Xiang would unceasingly eat ten dans and cultivate his True Qi, while during the day practiced the Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise from the [Divine Exercise of the Four Symbols], as for [White Tiger Divine Exercise], a special environment with dense Slaughter Qi was required to practice it, while the [Black Tortoise Divine Exercise] required a area full of water. Moreover, both of them required his strength to be above 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm at least, so he kept them at the back of his mind.

In blink of an eye, only three days were left before the King City Martial Art Tournament started.

The moonlight was shining and countless stars were twinkling in the sky at night, meanwhile, Chen Xiang was busy absorbing large amount of Spirit Qi inside the forest as always. He also ate a few Aura Qi Dans, he had already consumed a large amount of dans these few days, this also made up for the insufficient Spirit Qi present in the atmosphere.

A layer of white fog started swirling around Chen Xiang’s body, emitting a strange kind of energy, any leaves around him instantly transformed into tiny particles if they even grazed this white fog.

This white fog was none other than ‘Aura Qi’, only now had Chen Xiang grasped the essentials to transform his true Qi into aura, but in turn he had to spend a large amount of True Qi. Only someone with vigorous true Qi would be able to continuously attack with ‘True Aura’.

Early in the morning inside the forest, a bare chested robust teenager blasted a boulder into pieces with just his fists. Wind whirred around his fists, waves of Qi was bursting out from him, any boulder they touched ceased to exist. ‘Peng Peng Peng’, a sturdy stone wrapped around in his True Aura broke into several pieces like a mud ball gradually falling apart.

“This is 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm strength, now with just one thought I can transform my True Qi into True Aura!” Chen Xiang clinched his fists, as he vigorously stamped his foot, all the broken stones littered on the ground suddenly flew up, frightening Aura Qi emanated from his body and immediately grinded the stones in mid-air into powder.

Chen Xiang thought, his current strength, when compared to 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, was much more formidable! But this level of power was still nothing in the eyes of those big sects, only those with strength above 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm could establish a foothold in those sects, which was also why he was never arrogant, he knew no matter how good you thought you were, there was always someone out there that was better.

Meng Bo, the Dan King of Southern Martial Empire had joined Dan King Hall caused an uproar in the whole King City, immediately bolstering Dan King Hall’s fame, despite the fact it still had yet to be opened. Many people were looking forward to the opening of the store, every day store entrance would be crowded and many people unceasingly came to ask about the store’s grand opening. Of course, since Meng Bo joined Dan King Hall, the Yao Family felt a tremendous pressure, because they feared Chen family’s Dan King Hall would catch up with their position in the Southern Martial Empire.

Although Danxiang Herbal Manor sold dans, hey still fell behind compared their sale of herbs, as they were mainly in the business of selling spirit herbs. As such, the opening of Dan King Hall had a little effect on them, moreover both parties already had established a cooperative relation.

After dressing up Chen Xiang started walking towards the King City, on his way he was thinking about the opening of Dan King Hall.

While walking, he suddenly noticed that there was something amiss. He felt someone was hiding inside the forest.

“Come out, no need to hide now!” Chen Xiang’s voice was extremely cold, full of killing intent, since he and the Yao Family were bitter enemies, he had always been in a state of vigilance, he already knew sooner or later the Yao Family would send someone to assassinate him.

His voice just died down, a ‘Xiu’ sound came. Like a lightning bolt, Chen Xiang stretched his hand and caught an arrow that had been shot at him. He then quickly moved his body, with both flexibility and agility shuttling through the forest, only a flicker of his figure was visible.

Chen Xiang appeared near a tree and operated his Aura Qi, ‘Boom’, his fist struck the tree and blasted it into smithereens, and immediately after a scream came from behind the tree. Whoever was hiding behind the tree had just died from the explosion caused by Chen Xiang’s overbearing punch

Chen Xiang frowned, he was able to sense all the changes happening around him. After entering into 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. his divine sense had become even more acute and at this moment, he clearly felt numerous arrows raining towards him.

Suddenly from his palm, an azure Aura Qi surge out and formed a wall of aura in front of him, that rainstorm of arrows were entirely shunned by this aura wall.

“Three hundred arrows, three hundred individuals! It seems you cannot wait to kill me!” Chen Xiang’s whole face turned cold, a monstrous killing intent surge in his heart.

“Since you want to kill me, then do not blame me.” As his sound transmitted, a wave of Slaughter Qi swept through the whole forest like a cold wind.

The White Tiger was a god of slaughtering, after cultivating the [White Tiger Divine Exercise] the cultivator would possess a very intense Slaughter Qi, which was capable of deterring the opposite party, while simultaneously enhancing their own strength. Now Chen Xiang had casted out most basic of the [White Tiger Divine Exercise], [Slaughtering Heart].Unless he comprehended this exercise well, he would never be able to practice other martial skills of the [White Tiger Divine Exercise], this [Slaughtering Heart] was also the best and quickest way of slaughtering his opponents!

Chen Xiang released his formidable divine sense, and quickly arrived near a big tree. He had already sensed many people hiding in the tree, although they hid well but they were still discovered by Chen Xiang.

“Humph, you think with quantity you will be able to kill me!” Chen Xiang coldly spoke, his body vanished into the forest like a mirage. He was simply too quick, it was impossible for the archers hiding in the tree to get a hold of his location. Even if they occasionally hit him by pure dumb luck, it would always be blocked by the Aura Qi covering his body.

An Azure Aura wrapped Chen Xiang’s fist, while lightning was flashing above them. He jumped to a nearby tree, and struck towards the trunk of the tree.

Boom Boom Boom……..

Azure lighting ran through the entire tree, subsequently the trunk exploded into pieces. Flame and lightning aura burst out from within, the treetop was entirely charred like it was burnt by the flames, soon after six charred bodies gradually fell from above.


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