Chapter 420 – Taking the demon heart Skillfully

“Master, could this be the dan from Human Domain? As far as I know, there is only one type of fruit in the mysterious realm that could have this kind of effect,” having taken the Hundred Beasts Dan, the werewolf said with emotion, musing over the taste incessantly.

Chen Xiang eyes lit up. He had not thought there could be any heaven and earth treasure in here, “What type of fruit? Where is it?”

The werewolf halted its footsteps, “Master, do you first want to acquire the demon heart or first want to find that tree?”

Chen Xiang ponded then asked, “Are you the only one who knows where the tree is? Is there some powerful guy guarding the tree?”

“That’s not the case, it’s just that the tree is located at a very dangerous place. That place is filled with a peculiar power, we cannot approach it. Only if those so-called kings busted their asses could they pick one, but the fruit isn’t that effective to them. Therefore, they also don’t try to pick it. I think master can try to pick them.”

Chen Xiang nodded, “If so, then let’s get a demon heart first. I am worried that it would be taken by others first.”

The werewolf continuously ran with Chen Xiang. It knew Chen Xiang was pressed for time, therefore, its speed was also very fast. Soon after, Long Xueyi sensed evil demons in the front.

“They are in front. There are about two thousand evil demons in there. Their forces are a lot more than mine,” stated the werewolf, heaving a slight sigh. Although its forces were small in number, they had been annihilated by Chen Xiang. Recalling the terrifying strength of Chen Xiang, its heart was gripped with a lingering fear. It had personally watched most of its forces feeling extremely uncomfortable under that kind of terrifying power.

Chen Xiang said in a low voice, “Wait for me here, I will be right back!”

The werewolf hid behind a tree as Chen Xiang drilled into the grass.  At the same time, Chen Xiang transformed into a lion-headed man in accordance with Long Xueyi’s description before blending into that tribe of evil demons.

Chen Xiang had not been found out. Only some of the evil demons found him a bit unfamiliar, but they didn’t suspect him because members of other tribes would often defect. Therefore, they weren’t surprised to see an unfamiliar evil demon.

There were plenty of thatched cottages here. Chen Xiang soon found the leader of this tribe. The leader was inside a relatively bigger wooden hut. The leader was as strong as that werewolf; it had the strength comparable to an early stage Spirit Martial Realm martial artist.

“There are two of them! Be careful, one is hiding under the ground. I only discovered it because it exhaled a moment ago. Maybe it is the second-in-command of the tribe,” Long Xueyi warned Chen Xiang suddenly.

Chen Xiang circled around the wooden hut to the window. At present, a majority of the evil demons of the tribe were resting. There were only a few evil demons patrolling. Even if that was the case, Chen Xiang couldn’t disturb the other evil demons lest he was surrounded by the entire tribe. He could not attract the attention of those powerful evil demon kings.

After having sensed the powerful evil demon’s location inside the wooden hut, Chen Xiang took out the Demanding Life Devil Bow and aimed at the powerful evil demon inside the wooden hut across the wooden plank before infusing his rich True Qi into the bow, preparing to assassinate the evil demon silently.

The Demanding Life Devil Bow was a weapon of assassination. As Chen Xiang’s strength improved, the arrow shot out grew more formidable. It wasn’t that difficult for him to assassinate an evil demon in the early stage of Spirit Martial Realm.

Using the divine sense to probe, Chen Xiang found the evil demon resting on a stone bed. Aiming at the head of the evil demon, Chen Xiang pressed the trigger of the devil bow as the terrifying dark arrow flew out.

The dark arrow silently pierced through the wooden plank and flew straight into the head of the evil demon. Sensing the aura of evil demon getting much weaker, Chen Xiang immediately came to the window and climbed over it.

The evil demon was a leopard-headed man. After its head had been pierced by the dark arrow, half of its head had exploded; it had already taken its final breath.

Chen Xiang operated the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise before his hand wrapped around in suppressing devil Yuan Qi like an eagle claw plunged into the chest of that evil demon fiercely, smoothly piercing through those though muscles. Soon after, Chen Xiang took out a pure white heart-like thing.

“Is this the demon heart? What a pure energy. I really didn’t expect for this guy’s energy to be so pure!” marveled Chen Xiang.

“But of course. However, when they use this pure energy, the characteristics of this pure energy would undergo transformation and would be converted into a stronger evil force through their innate ability,” explained Su Meiyao.

Storing the demon heart, Chen Xiang used the suppressing devil Yuan Qi to melt the corpse before quietly making his way out of the wooden hut, and towards another direction. Long Xueyi had already informed him the location of the other evil demon that also had the demon heart.

“That guy under the ground seems to be sleeping!” whispered Long Xueyi.

Noticing that there wasn’t anyone around that place and even patrolling evil demons didn’t dare to go there, Chen Xiang approached that place furtively before hiding behind a giant tree so that the patrols could not see him.

“It seems that these evil demons with demon hearts have their own forces. If someone wants to kill them, he or she would have to deal with their little brothers first!” said Chen Xiang to himself. He had many tricks up his sleeve and that was the only reason he could assassinate so effortlessly. If it was someone else, maybe it would have been difficult for him to do. In other words, those Kings’ Mainland disciples could very easily attract the so-called evil demon kings.

Taking out the Demanding Life Devil Bow, Chen Xiang quickly infused it with rich and powerful True Qi. At this moment, Chen Xiang felt the limit of the Demanding Life Demon Bow, because after having infused with a lot of powerful True Qi, the Demanding Life Demon Bow was shaking. If he continued to infuse it with more True Qi, maybe the Demanding Life Devil Bow would explode.

Immediately after, a dark arrow shot out and flew into the ground, creating a small hole. Chen Xiang’s divine sense was unusually powerful, therefore, he could sense that position of the evil demon resting under the ground, and as such, he could hit the head accurately!

After the arrow pierced the head, Chen Xiang quickly ran over, stretched his hand towards the ground to grab. His arm pierced deep into the ground, grabbing that demon heart. After having taking out the demon heart, he once again infused a lot of suppressing devil Yuan Qi into the ground, melting the corpse of the evil demon.

Originally, the werewolf thought it would have to wait for a long time, and just maybe, it would also have to assist Chen Xiang to fight the tribe. However, just as it was immersed in its thoughts for a short while, Chen Xiang appeared suddenly and patted on its shoulder as Chen Xiang spoke, smiling, “It’s done, let’s go find that tree!”

The werewolf was astonished, “So quickly?”

Chen Xiang took out the two demon hearts and said with a smile, “Of course, or do you want to try it personally?”

The werewolf shivered as it thought of its demon heart being pulled out. He felt incomparably afraid. He could not understand how Chen Xiang did it so quietly, without making so much as a noise, and so quickly at that.

Just a short span of one hour had passed, yet Chen Xiang had acquired two demon hearts; Chen Xiang’s harvest was pretty good. If he didn’t have the werewolf to guide him, maybe Chen Xiang would have been searching everywhere, fighting with hordes of evil demons and even attracting the evil demon kind eventually; it would have been very troublesome.

Chen Xiang followed the werewolf into a dark swamp. The dark swamp was filled with poisonous miasma. However, the werewolf seemed to be unafraid of poison, Chen Xiang even more so.

“It’s there in that bright place. We don’t know where the energy comes from. We don’t dare to approach that place,” stated the werewolf, pointing at the front.

“Is that the Pure Element Fruit!?” exclaimed Su Meiyao.


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