Chapter 421 – Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror

Chen Xiang could perceive that the ball of light in front of him was releasing very pure energy. Furthermore, it carried a faint sweet scent, so that the others could not help but take a few whiffs.

“Is it the main herbs for refining the Pure Elemental Golden Dan, the Pure Elemental Fruit?” Chen Xiang slightly trembled, his heart wild with joy. This herb was extremely rare even a thousand millennia ago. From the memories of the four array grandmasters, Chen Xiang had learned that the Divine Martial Palace herb garden used to have it, however, it was used later.

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to go over, Long Xueyi suddenly said, “Wait, the fruit can’t release this kind of energy!”

“That’s right, even the evil demons close to the Nirvana Realm would be unable to bear this kind of energy, it is surely not that simple!” stated Bai Youyou.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to step, he halted his footsteps. He was unable to catch sight of the Pure Elemental Tree because the golden light has blocked everything. However, Chen Xiang felt a very familiar energy from this golden light.

“Suppressing devil Yuan Qi! Motherf**ker, how can there be suppressing devil Yuan Qi here?” Chen Xiang cried in astonishment. Now he understood why those evil demons didn’t dare to approach this place.

“It indeed is suppressing devil Yuan Qi. However, it is different from you, this suppressing devil Yuan Qi is a lot stronger. Furthermore, it is only shining and doesn’t have anyone else’s aura!” stated Long Xueyi.

Since it was suppressing devil Yuan Qi, Chen Xiang was not afraid even more so. He ordered the werewolf to wait here for him as he went over to the golden light in large strides. Having entered the place covered in golden light, a one zhang tall tree full of long white leaves along with light gold Pure Elemental Fruit came into his view. The Pure Elemental Fruits were as many as fifty or so.

The main herbs for refining Pure Elemental Golden Dan were only two, Pure Elemental Tree leaves and Pure Elemental Fruit respectively. Therefore, Chen Xiang had now acquired all the herbs for refining Pure Elemental Golden Dan.

However, he wasn’t in a hurry to pick them up as he had discovered that the thing emitting golden light wasn’t the Pure Elemental Tree.

Very soon, he saw the golden shine was coming from the bottom of a puddle of water. Having approached to take a look, he saw a bronze mirror with a handle lying inside.

After having picked up this mirror, Chen Xiang felt a wave of suppressing devil Yuan Qi suddenly surging into his body, before flashes of golden light emerged from his body. Whereas the werewolf couldn’t help but immediately hide behind a rock so as to avoid being illuminated by this aura.

After a lot of suppressing devil Yuan Qi from inside the mirror had fused with Chen Xiang, he discovered that his own suppressing devil Yuan Qi had increased by a lot, more importantly, a change had also taken place in his suppressing devil Yuan Qi; it had become stronger.

Chen Xiang hastily bled upon the mirror and soon made the mirror recognize him as its master. The mirror’s name was Suppressing Devil Mirror. If someone who had cultivated the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise used it, he could make the mirror release a very powerful suppressing devil Yuan Qi to deal with the devil creatures.

Having acquired the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror, Chen Xiang was wild with joy, because even when this mirror didn’t have a master, the suppressing devil Yuan Qi emanating from it were unbearable to those so-called evil demon kings. Let alone now, when he had come to possess the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror.

Chen Xiang decided that if he got a chance, he was definitely going to use this Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror to deal with those so-called evil demon kings, and test its power out.

However, the thing he could not understand was why the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror had appeared here.

After that aura vanished, the werewolf furtively gazed at that tree. He had been in the mysterious realm for a long time but it was the first time he had seen this Pure Elemental Tree. At present, he was even more terrified by Chen Xiang’s strength. Much to his surprise, Chen Xiang was easily able to cope with this place where those so-called evil demons were unable to do.

Next, Chen Xiang began to pick those Pure Elemental Fruits. However, just as he had picked thirty of them, Long Xueyi shouted anxiously, “Someone is approaching, it’s a very powerful Spirit Martial Realm martial artist. He should be the apprentice of that Wang Quan!”

The werewolf had also sensed him and burst into shouting, “Master, a powerful guy is coming.”

At this point, Chen Xiang had also sensed that aura, and he indeed found it fairly familiar. Chen Xiang had seen Wang Quan’s apprentices and had long been familiar with their aurae.

“Come to my side quickly!” shouted Chen Xiang anxiously. Having heard this, the werewolf immediately jumped over.

The werewolf reckoned that the humans had come to the mysterious realm to find the demon cores, therefore, he was in a dangerous predicament. He believed that any human who dared to come here would be extremely powerful, just like Chen Xiang. Had he not become the slave of Chen Xiang, he would have still been killed by other humans even if Chen Xiang had not pulled his demon heart out.

Just as the werewolf arrived next to Chen Xiang, a handsome man dressed in blue luxurious clothes and carrying a double-edged sword leisurely came over, looking at Chen Xiang with an arrogant and unyielding gaze. Then, he looked at that werewolf before his towering brows knit into a frown. Finally, he stared at the Pure Elemental Tree.

“Chen Xiang, you dare to associate with an evil demon. What would other think of, if this comes out? Humph!” when the man spoke, his eyes were filled with greed and arrogance.

He kept on staring at that tree. He knew this tree was extremely precious.

Chen Xiang said, coldly smiling, “Wan Xuan, open your eyes and look clearly, he is my slave! I, Chen Xiang, can make an evil demon with a demon heart work for me as a slave is an incomparably glorious matter!”

The arrogant man was called Wan Xuan and was one of the apprentices of Wang Quan.

Wan Xuan didn’t care much about it. He looked at the evil demon with the demon heart and then, looked at the precious tree that was worth a city. How could he not be tempted? Especially those beautiful golden fruit hanging down the tree, even he wanted to take a bite out of them.

“I remembered Elder Ding had stated that if met with this kind of situation, we can use the most ancient way to solve it!” said Wang Quan with a sinister laughter, his eyes filled with surprise.

The most ancient way would be a fight. This thing would belong to whoever won!

Cursing in his heart, Chen Xiang flipped his hand and stretched it towards the Pure Elemental Tree behind him vigorously and grabbed it. Whereupon, the entire tree had been uprooted and quickly placed inside his ring, handed over to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to handle.

This kind of crude method of uprooting the tree might kill the entire tree, however, Chen Xiang wasn’t afraid of this as he had the Golden Dragon Saliva, which could even grow an entire tree from the Pure Elemental Fruit. As long as he had enough time, he could grow as many as he wanted.

“Chen Xiang, you…” Wan Xuan was furious. Fiercely glaring the werewolf, he fired a palm towards it. Whereupon, a palm imprint filled with golden lightning True Qi appeared and flew towards the werewolf.

Seeing that the werewolf was about to be killed, Chen Xiang snorted as an invisible True Qi suddenly lingered around Chen Xiang’s body, spiraling around him. Whereupon, the palm imprint congealed out of golden lightning True Qi was dragged over to Chen Xiang and struck Chen Xiang’s body.

Nonetheless, nothing happened to Chen Xiang. Its strength had been timely melted away with the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise.

“Chen Xiang, aren’t you afraid that I will kill you here? If I killed you here, no one will ever know.” Flames of anger burned Wan Xuan’s heart. He had long wanted to kill Chen Xiang, but he knew Chen Xiang was also extraordinary. He was worried that after he had killed Chen Xiang, he would also be seriously weakened.

Chen Xiang said, sneering, “To tell you the truth, you were already a dead man in my eyes from the moment you appeared! I have long wanted to kill one or two apprentices of Wang Quan, to give him some colors to see[1]!”

Wang Xuan’s countenance changed as he shouted, “Since that’s the case, I will not also be polite! Although you have encountered the king’s vein martial artists of my Kings’ Mainland before, those guys were no more than trash in my eyes; the king’s vein martial artists are also divided into various levels. They were just throwing the face of the king’s vein martial artists! Today, I will let you see how formidable a true king’s vein martial artist is!”


[1] Teach him a lesson so that he can behave better.


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