Chapter 422 – The Might of the Devil Techniques

Wan Xuan was the fourth one to come in; entering this place almost a day earlier than Chen Xiang, and also, he wasn’t weak. Chen Xiang reckoned that Wan Xuan must have obtained a lot of demon hearts, if he could kill Wan Xuan, he could get all the demon hearts in Wan Xuan’s hands, which would also let him save a lot of time.

Whereas Wan Xuan was filled with endless jealousy after having seen the evil demon slave taken by Chen Xiang. He had long wanted to do the same thing, but the evil demons he met would rather die than submit to him. Finally, he could only kill those evil demons. Had he come to possess an evil demon slave with adequate strength like Chen Xiang, it would have been a lot easier to roam in this mysterious realm.

“Chen Xiang, to tell you the truth, you are absolutely unable to enter the final round. My teacher only has four of us apprentices, and he was only willing to take out the Fruit of Fortune to let four of us compete. Apart from us, everyone else can forget about ever entering the finals!” stated Wan Xuan as a proud smile appeared on his face before he waved his sword. Whereupon, a streak of sword light flashed out and shot towards Chen Xiang along with a very powerful qi.

Chen Xiang was shocked and hurriedly cocked his head to dodge. However, that powerful qi still scratched across his face, leaving a bloody cut behind and cutting out a portion of his hair.

Chen Xiang’s expression froze after having seen Wan Xuan’s strength. Wan Xuan was indeed stronger than the two king’s vein martial artists he had met before. Although Wan Xuan was the youngest apprentice of Wang Quan, all four apprentices of Wang Quan had a profound strength and were well-matched in strength as well in skill, or else, Wang Quan would not have let the four compete with each other.

This competition would also decide who among the four would inherit Wang Quan’s inheritance and was extremely important.

“You mean to say, Wang Quan had given you four a lot of demon hearts before entering the mysterious realm?” a sliver of a ridicule flashed across the corner of Chen Xiang’s lips.

Wan Xuan burst into rigorous laughter as he continued waving his sword at Chen Xiang, which burst forth with powerful qi containing astonishing lightning power one after another. After the True Qi within Wan Xuan body shot out through the sword in his hand, it became even stronger, which Chen Xiang found tremendously dangerous.

“That’s right, we four will enter the final for sure, it is absolutely impossible for the others to block us four from competing for the first.” The smile on Wan Xuan face only grew bigger and bigger after seeing Chen Xiang evading his attacks left and right like a little mouse.

“Chen Xiang, bring out that powerful dragon force of yours. Teacher often said that only the dragon force can defeat us, king’s vein martial artists, but I don’t believe that!” Wan Xuan knit his brows. The sword aura spread forth in all direction as he gripped his sword before swinging it down towards the nearby Chen Xiang. Following which, numerous sword beams suddenly appeared and enveloped Chen Xiang like a giant net.

Chen Xiang had no room to evade after having been pressed with a giant net crafted out of sword beams which were filled with destructive power. Wan Xuan broke into waves of laughter as he felt that it was simply too easy to deal with Chen Xiang.

As the net of sword beams came crashing down upon Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang suddenly transformed into a mist; apparently, he had cast the Water Mirror Technique. If his strength was only just this little, he would have long been eliminated from this competition.

Wan Xuan was taken by surprise. He immediately turned around, quickly swinging his sword along with his body. In that moment, beams of sword qi shot in all directions, bursting forth with that powerful aura that the king’s vein martial artists possessed as the shock waves filled with destructive power spread towards all direction, splitting the ground apart one after another.


A thunderous crash reverberated through the surrounding as Chen Xiang blocked that frightening sword strike that could even split a giant mountain apart and quite easily at that. Furthermore, he also completely neutralized that power gently.

“You don’t deserve for me to use the dragon force! It would only be…a disgrace for me to use this kind of sacred power against you,” said Chen Xiang, his voice filled with indifference. Whereupon, Chen Xiang smacked a palm, rendering Wan Xuan too late to withdraw his sword; leaving him no choice but to greet it with his palm.

Wan Xuan’s palm strike was exceptionally powerful even though he had fired it without any preparation. An invisible power spread from his palm, forming a qi wave filled with energy. Chen Xiang had yet not come in contact with Wan Xuan’s palm but he felt a scalding hot power seeping into his body. This kind of overbearing power immediately started wreaking havoc after entering his meridians, wanting to burst out. However, it was still suppressed by Chen Xiang eventually.

“Hahaha, now do you understand how powerful I am!” Wan Xuan broke into peals of laughter as he increased the strength in his palm.

The collision of the two palm did not even create even a bit of aftershock as if those were the palms of two kids, which surprised Wan Xuan. According to his estimation, Chen Xiang would have been pushed back facing his powerful palm strike, Chen Xiang’s arm would have broken at the very least and tree in the surrounding should also have been uprooted from the qi waves spreading from him.

“Hahaha, let’s see who is going to have the last laugh!” After having withdrawn his palm, Chen Xiang flung it, negating Wan Xuan’s power.

Chen Xiang retreated a few step, while Wan Xuan, on the other hand, hurriedly tried to follow up with a sword strike, but just as he raised his sword, he felt something wasn’t right.

Wan Xuan’s countenance changed to a horrified look abruptly as he screamed, “What have you done to my arm? How is this possible? Where did the bones of my arm go?”

Transforming Bone Devil Palm! Just as the two palms were going to bump into each other, Chen Xiang had promptly cast the Transforming Bone Devil Palm. Chen Xiang had already begun making preparation long before dodging Wan Xuan’s Sword Qis. From the very beginning, he was creating a chance to make Wan Xuan come in contact with his palm. Now, he had done it, he had melted away the bones in Wan Xuan’s arm completely.

Although Chen Xiang had not often used the Transforming Bone Devil Palm in a fight, he had always been practicing it. Now, his Transforming Bone Devil Palm had already become a lot more formidable after he had stepped into the Extreme State. He had been able to melt the bones of his opponent without so much as a sound already, furthermore, the victim of his strike would not even fell any kind of pain!

This was what made the devil techniques formidable. Chen Xiang dared not used them before many people because this kind of martial technique was more or less evil, and others could very easily use it as a reason to pick a fight with him.

Wan Xuan was terrified in his heart. Although he had gone through brutal training, it was still a first for him to encounter such a thing. Furthermore, he was young and acted all proud and mighty on a day to day life, he wasn’t as steady and composed as Chen Xiang. After all, Chen Xian often fought at the edge of life and death, and hardened himself after having gone through many things. Although he was young, he had a steady temperament!

“Chen Xiang…I am going to chop  you into pieces.” Wan Xuan seemed to have gone crazy as he charged at Chen Xiang swinging his sword. With no bones in his arm, he was simply unable to control it. He had suddenly lost his reasoning under rage and fear.

Had it been Chen Xiang, the first thing he would have done was save his life rather than acting impulsively and going all out to attack his opponent.

Chen Xiang knew he had achieved the desired effect he wanted after seeing Wan Xuan red with rage. Watching the rushing over Wan Xuan swinging the sword towards him, he calmly blocked the sword strike, at the same time, he used the mysterious controlling method of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise to create a huge suction force, attracting Wan Xuan’s sword to closely stuck to his blade.

Just at this time, Chen Xiang gazed at Wan Xuan’s chest, his eyes wide open and flickering with red gleams. Two red beams of light immediately shot out from his eyes and pierced Wan Xuan’s body.

Penetrating Heart Devil Eye! It was also one of Bai Youyou’s proud devil techniques. Chen Xiang had cast it repeatedly. Not only did it pierced through Wan Xuan’s heart, he had also used this terrifying beams of light to pierced through Wan Xuan’s dantian as well as his various vital organs.

“Ah…Chen Xiang, you bastard won’t have a good death…” Wan Xuan was rendered completely powerless after his vital organs had suffered fatal attacks and his dantian serious injured. He knelt down, his entire body in endless pain.

To Chen Xiang’s surprise, Wan Xuan still wasn’t dead, he was extremely tenacious.

Shaking his head, Chen Xiang took Wan Xuan’s sword and picked up Wan Xuan’s storage ring as he said with a smile, “You strength isn’t that bad. If I had to defeat you in public, it would have been quite cumbersome, but now, hahaha…”


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