Chapter 423 – Dark Forest Canyon

Wang Quan had forced Wan Xuan and the others to know of various fights and examine all kinds of intel on Chen Xiang from the day Chen Xiang passed the points competition; therefore, they thought they were well aware of Chen Xiang, whereas Chen Xiang didn’t know a thing about them. In this regard, they were in great advantage.

Chen Xiang had fought many times in public events, even the children knew what kind of martial techniques he frequently used. However, Chen Xiang had rarely employed devil techniques in public events, Penetrating Heart Devil Eye and Transforming Bone Devil Palm in particular. Even the Ice Spirit Devil Aura was only employed once, and secretly at that; at that time, it was only noticed by some tycoons but they didn’t know what martial technique it was.

Only when Chen Xiang used those devil techniques could he display his true strength. His devil techniques were almost impossible to guard against; therefore, he had always been hiding them. Otherwise, he would not have been able to defeat Wan Xuan so easily now. This was also why Bai Youyou had always asked him to do.

Even Huang Jintian didn’t know Chen Xiang had these kinds of devil techniques, let alone Wan Xuan and the others. As long as there wasn’t anyone around, Chen Xiang could employ these devil techniques in the Evil Demon Mysterious Realm at will.

“Don’t worry, no one will know that you were killed by me, hahaha!” Chen Xiang burst into laughter as he raised his hands and beheaded him, sending Wan Xuan’s head rolling on the ground.

And as such, Wan Xuan, the youngest apprentice of Wang Quan, an emerging king’s vein martial artist, was solved quickly by Chen Xiang.

At the moment when he died, did Wan Xuan understand why Chen Xiang’ didn’t employ that mighty dragon force to deal with him because there was simply no need. He also understood that Chen Xiang had plotted against him from the very beginning. The entire fight was in Chen Xiang’s control.

“Tsk, tsk, there are actually fifty-one demon hearts!” Chen Xiang was taken by huge surprise. This Evil Demon Mysterious Realm was in Divine Martial Palace control. With just a Nirvana Realm martial artists, they could take as many demon hearts they want; it was a piece of cake.

“So many, it seems that Wang Quan had set up this round in order to ensure that all four of his apprentice can enter the final round. He would have never thought that his apprentice’s life would be ruined by you,” exclaimed Long Xueyi, laughing.

Chen Xiang gave these demon hearts to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou so that they could think of some way to alter these demon hearts. If Wang Quan discovered that these demon hearts were robbed by Chen Xiang, it would bring a great deal of trouble to him. The matter of him killing Wan Xuan could absolutely not be divulged.

Of course, he wasn’t afraid of the wolf slave selling him out. Chen Xiang had dozens of way to make the werewolf unable to speak about this matter.

“Wolf slave, come here!” ordered Chen Xiang with a mischievous smile as he threw a Hundred Beasts Dean to the wolf slave.

While the wolf slave swallowed the Hundred Beasts Dan immediately after he caught it, Chen Xiang touched his head and began casting the Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searching the wolf slave’s memory from a moment ago.

“Hold on!” shouted Chen Xiang as the wolf slave grimaced in pain from a headache, before fainting.

Chen Xiang erased the wolf slave’s memory from a while ago with the Grasping Soul Devil Curse. It was also one of the perks of the Grasping Soul Devil Curse.

“You could have used the Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search Wan Xuan’s memory as well, maybe you could have learned many things,” mentioned Bai Youyou.

Chen Xiang replied as he burst into a laughter, “It’s all right, I have plenty of opportunities. Aren’t there three of his senior brothers here? It’s best for them to not run into me!”

Chen Xiang didn’t have any misgivings in this kind of environment whatsoever. As long as any of Wang Quan’s apprentice ran into him, he would kill him regardless of anything. He would kill all of the ones he encountered.

After all, casualties were inevitable in this kind of place. Even if Wang Quan suspected Chen Xiang, as long as no one saw Chen Xiang, Wang Quan could still not take it out on Chen Xiang.

Very soon, the wolf save woke up. He had already forgotten everything from a moment ago, all he remembered was Chen Xiang picking the fruit. Whereas Wan Xuan’s corpse had already been cleaned up by Chen Xiang.

“Wolf slave, would the other evil demons too would like the dan that I gave you?” asked Chen Xiang.

“Of course, this thing is very useful to me. I have gained energy from eating it. Although there is Spirit Qi in here, it is very difficult for us to absorb it. These Spirit Qi are floating in the air, and they would become very turbid once they came down. We could only purify it with great difficulty. Whereas the dan given by master could allow me to get a large amount of pure energy,” answered the wolf slave.

Chen Xiang once again asked, touching his nose, “Can the other evil demons could smell the pills if I placed some in here? I want to use them to attract the evil demons with the demon hearts. If I search for them myself, it would quite troublesome.”

He now had fifty-three demon hearts, which made him completely confident. He was quite clear that how difficult it would be if he wanted to gather than many demon hearts. Therefore, he felt that he himself could enter the final round.

“They can definitely smell it. The lower evil demons would generally inform the commanders if they found some good things, and let the commander receive it; it is a bit safer. Furthermore, the commander will also reward the lower evil demon! If the commander found out that the lower evil demon swallowed the good thing discovered on his own, the lower evil demons end would be pretty miserable.”

Chen Xiang nodded. “I want to find a place, preferably a place visited by many tribes so that my trap could catch many commanders.”

“The Dark Forest Canyon would be the best. It is a road connecting to the spirit river. Many lower evil demons and commanders will often cross the Dark Forest Canyon to go to the spirit river!”

“What is this spirit river?” asked Chen Xiang.

“It’s a very dangerous river, however, this river can release a lot of Spirit Qi. But if somebody fell into the river, he would die for sure, even if it’s the so-called evil demon king,” replied the wolf slave as a dreading look laced his face. “I saw an evil demon king fell into it, and from then on, I never saw that guy.”

Chen Xiang let the wolf slave take the lead. Meanwhile, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had already found a way to alter those fifty-one demon hearts on the way, so that these demon hearts were different from before, which would render Wang Quan unable to discover anything if he investigated.

Those demon hearts were given by Wang Quan to his apprentice. Chen Xiang was worried that Wang Quan would be able to recognize them. Therefore, he was very prudent.

“Wan Xuan had come in about two days ago, yet he was only able to acquire one demon heart. Wang Quan only gave him fifty demon hearts, that’s quite sufficient already,” stated Su Meiyao.

These demon hearts were very useful, and as such, Chen Xiang wanted to gather a bit more. If possible, he didn’t want to hand over those stolen demon hearts. Things would become extremely serious once it was discovered.

The Dark Forest Canyon was a pretty big canyon. It was full of giant, black trees. At the first place, this mysterious realm was already dark. But after having entered this patch of forest, it became darker. Nevertheless, there were also some luminous plants and glowing worms flying all around in the forest.

Chen Xiang plan was to lay out a large array in the middle of the dark forest canyon. He believed that it would be difficult even for the so-called evil demon king to escape from such a huge trap.

If it was before he didn’t dare to do so. However, after having obtained the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror that could deal with mighty evil demons, he would be invincible here as long as he activated the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror and released that mighty suppressing devil Yuan Qi.

A top-grade crystal stone was necessary to lay out an array, which Chen Xiang had obtained a lot when he went to the Lotus Island. They were sufficient enough to continuously operate the large array arranged by him for ten days.



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