Chapter 424 – A Beautiful Trap

Chen Xiang was feeling no small pressure as he wanted to arrange a large array on his own. He remembered that some array grandmasters had assistants helping them in arranging the array. Last time, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youland cooperated together to arrange the array.

“Smelly Dragon, help me out a bit!” Chen Xiang only had Long Xueyi to help. Aside from the fact that she was quite powerful, she had sufficiently powerful divine sense, making her the best assistant.

Whereas, as inept as Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were in arrays, they were quite intelligent. It was just that they were weak. Chen Xiang was worried for their safety.

As reluctant as Long Xueyi was, she still came out honestly under Chen Xiang’s coercion and persuasion.

The wolf slave’s eyes went wide with the sudden appearance of a twelve-year-old little girl. Long Xueyi scoffed tenderly at him as she said, “What are you looking at, quickly do what I say.”

The wolf slave felt weird noticing that this cute little girl wasn’t afraid of him. Chen Xiang nodded at him, indicating him to follow Long Xueyi’s orders.

As such, the wolf slave started digging a designated place, whereat drawn were few symbols by Chen Xiang. All in all, a total of four deep pits had to be dug.

Chen Xiang wanted to arrange an illusion array here from the memories of four array grandmasters that could trap someone to death. The victim of the trap would encounter a maze once they entered the array, making it extremely difficult for them to get out. Whereas Chen Xiang could see everything clearly, and control the offensive array inside the illusion array to kill the victim. Of course, he could also attack the victim from the outside.

This array was huge. It was like a river across the dark forest canyon. Fortunately, the process of laying out the array wasn’t that complicated.

The first thing that Chen Xiang had to do was engrave spirit patterns on the ground, which for him was quite easy. Chen Xiang dug many small crisscrossing tunnels under the ground by releasing a fair number of flame balls and controlling them thereafter. These small tunnels were just large enough for a mouse to traverse.

In fact, these esoteric spirit patterns were precisely what constituted the array. However, neither Chen Xiang understood these spirit patterns nor did he knew how he should combine them, nevertheless, he knew that these spirit patterns were necessary of the array. So, he just copied them. An entire day had passed after he was finished carving the spirit patterns under the ground at the center of the dark forest canyon.

Meanwhile, Long Xueyi had already dug four pits in accordance with the places marked by him. As Long Xueyi and the werewolf had worked together, they were faster than Chen Xiang.

Suddenly, glarings rays of light flashed in the pitch black forest. Whereupon, Chen Xiang took out a fair number of relatively bigger top-grade crystal stones and threw them to Long Xueyi before he spoke, “Draw the Spirit Qi out of these top-grade crystal stones and condense it into liquid form, and then, pour it inside those pits.”

It was not that hard for Long Xueyi, on the contrary, it was boring. She let out a snort as she caught the spirit stones and made herself busy.

Chen Xiang was extra careful as this was his very first array and he didn’t know whether it would work or not. He too took out a top-grade crystal stone quickly and extracted the pure Spirit Qi out. And then, he let the Spirit Qi in liquid form pass through those pits and into the spirit pattern tunnels that he had dug under the ground after having compressed a large amount of Spirit Qi into liquid form.

Those spirit patterns were no different than rat burrows, covering the entire ground in a crisscross network from underneath. Once these spirit patterns were filled with energy, the array would be half-way done.

This step was relatively faster; it was just that the consumption of the top-grade crystal stones was too much. After all the spirit patterns had been filled with a lot of Spirit Qi, Chen Xiang buried all the pits completely except for one, wherein he placed a relatively larger top-grade crystal stone as it was the base of the array.

Chen Xiang and the wolf slave left far away from here after having buried the final pit as well. As a matter of fact, the array was sort of one last step, which was activating this large array, for which, a major part of one’s spirit had to be fused with the Spirit Qi inside those spirit patterns under the ground.

In line with those memories of the four array grandmasters, Chen Xiang released his divine sense and poured all of it into the array base at center, letting his divine sense flow into all the spirit patterns, and thereby controlling the Spirit Qi inside and compressing it together, and even integrating it as well!

This process was a lot harder than Chen Xiang had imagined because half of his divine sense had been consumed just at the beginning. However, his consumption of Spirit Qi slowly decreased a lot in the end and the array was gradually under his control.

“Finally!” said Chen Xiang, gazing at the front as he stood atop a tree.

As the large array was formed, the illusion array covered a large part of the dark forest canyon from the center. Meanwhile, Chen Xiang began to use his imagination to create a dreamland.

An illusion array was a very special kind of array. Anyone’s mind would be affected once they entered the array’s area of effect. Although everything encountered inside the array was created out of Chen Xiang’s imagination, it would appear extremely real in the mind of the victim’s, and therefore, the divine sense requirement for laying out an illusion array was very high.

Chen Xiang infused the scenes he had imagined into the array base. Now, as long as anyone entered the illusion array, they would encounter some non-existent things inside. And these things were all created from Chen Xiang’s imaginations. The only reason why the victims would believe everything inside to be true was that their mind had encountered an attack, and as such, array master’s consciousness would appear in their minds.

The dreamland that Chen Xiang had imagined had a beautiful blue sky, and a garden filled with all kinds of precious and rare herbs. It was extremely beautiful and had incredibly rich Spirit Qi. So long as anyone entered the array alone, he or she would be completely enthralled.

This was what the strong part of the illusion arrays. Only some martial artists with very powerful divine sense could tell the difference between true and false.

Obviously, Chen Xiang would not be affected by the array as it was arranged by himself. Chen Xiang went inside the array, carrying a large bag of Hundred Beasts Dans, which he placed at one place, so as to disseminate the fragrance of those pills and lure those evil demons here.

In the past, the Little White Tiger was also lured by the Hundred Beasts Dan. Any beast who liked the Hundred Beasts Dan would have a hard time resisting this kind of temptation, let alone those evil demons who desired to have a pure energy!

In order to not let those evil demons sense him, Chen Xiang hollowed out the trunk of a large tree and arranged a shielding array so as to prevent the leaking of his and the wolf slaves aurae. And then, monitored the illusion array through a small hole.

At the first place, Chen Xiang’s divine sense was extremely strong, which became even stronger with the help of the energy stored in those spirit patterns. As such, even the so-called evil demons would find it hard to get out this illusion array; they would feel everything they saw extremely real once they were inside.

Not long after, Chen Xiang perceived a group of evil demons approaching.

The wolf slave said, taking a deep breath, “It’s the smell of that stupid bear.”

“Does this guy have demon heart?” inquired Chen Xiang.

“Yes, he is stronger than me as well. If I am right, he should be going to the spirit river along with his tribe to cultivate,” replied the wolf slave.

Chen Xiang was a bit nervous as it was the first time he had arranged an array. However, no matter what his worries were, they would not be helpful; all he could do was wait patiently, wait for the prey to fall into the trap!


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