Chapter 425 – The Poisonous Scorpion King

Chen Xiang noticed a group of evil demons afar, approaching the illusion array vigilantly. Soon, they were about to enter the illusion array.

Chen Xiang clutched the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror in his hand tightly in anxiety. Once those evil demons were inside the illusion array, it was time for him to attack them with the brilliant mirror.

A wonderful feeling appeared in Chen Xiang’s consciousness after that greater evil demon with a bear body and human head walked into the illusion array. At this instance, he was connected with the illusion array, allowing him to sense everything inside the illusion array.

Suddenly, an outburst of cheers resounded far away. Chen Xiang now knew that his illusion array arrangement was successful as those evil demons were enthralled by the beautiful and fertile illusion. At this moment, they were madly running about the forest, cheering. Looking from afar, they seemed mad and possessed.

“This is just the most basic illusion array. A top-level illusion array can even open up a space that could trap anyone who enters this space until their death,” stated Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang ordered the wolf slave to obediently wait for him here before he silently entered the illusion array, quietly approached those evil demons who had been fooled by the illusion, wielding the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror.

That bearman wasn’t stupid at all, he wasn’t cheering like others, even though he too could see the beautiful scenery the bountiful spirit trees and spirit fruits in here. Everything here felt so real even after touching them. The fruits were also extremely delicious, so delicious that those lower evil demons had picked a lot of fruits and burst into laughter as they ate.

However, it was all illusion. They could feel as such because their mind was cheating them, their five senses were all affected by their mind, that was the only reason that they had been deceived so successfully.

Chen Xiang transformed into an evil demon. Presently, not only could he transform into an evil demon with the Seventy-Two Transformations technique, he could also transform into large-sized beasts as well as other people. However, he had not tried it yet.

A group of evil demons was laughing heartily in the dark forest. They looked extremely strange as they seemed to be eating some transparent things, which made Chen Xiang secretly chuckle.

Chen Xiang took out the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror as he sneaked behind the bearman. Afterward, he activated the brilliant mirror aiming at the head of the bearman.

The bearman fiercely turned his head, but just at this time, a golden beam of light shot out from the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror. Whereupon, the bearman’s head disappeared into thin air. It was like a jet of hot flames made a pillar of wax instantly disappear.

Chen Xiang burst into laughter as he wrapped his hand in suppressing devil Yuan Qi before thrusting it into the bearman’s chest and taking the demon heart out. Afterward, he left the illusion array in a flash.

After he left, he changed the illusion array into a maze and let those lower evil demons trapped inside.

Very smoothly, those lower evil demons were led into the depths of the illusion array by the maze. And since the maze walls were constructed from the power released by the array, it was very difficult to break through them. The array was but arranged using many top-grade crystal stones; it was extremely strong.

Having finished all this, Chen Xiang returned to the wolf slave and continue to wait for the next batch of evil demons to arrive.

Three days passed in a flash. Over these days, Chen Xiang had acquired five demon hearts through this beautiful trap. And now, too many evil demons were also trapped inside the illusion array. It would be easily noticed if this went on.

At this time, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao thought of a good way to kill these lower evil demons and that was to refine demon hearts by merging the pure energy inside their body through the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace.

Accordingly, Chen Xiang obtained a lot of green energy balls after having gone inside and killing the lower evil demons. If he didn’t gather them quickly, these energy balls would completely dissipate.

Chen Xiang immediately collected these energy balls inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace after having killed the lower evil demons. At this instance, Chen Xiang had placed more bait, as a result, even three batches of evil demons came in within a day, all of them led by an overlord. However, at the end of the day, they became Chen Xiang’s prey and were killed inside the illusion array.

Just like that, time flew. Now, only a day was left for the end of the round. Over these days, Chen Xiang had collected a total of fifteen demon hearts with that illusion array. And presently, he was refining the energy balls acquired from killing the lower evil demons. If everything went well, he would have acquired even more demon hearts as the evil demon energy balls were too many.

“Finally done. Although these are not authentic demon hearts, they appear just the same!” Chen Xiang had refined a total fifteen demon hearts. Now, the total number of demon hearts in his hand were only thirty-two, and he was still fairly fast. As for the others, one could very well imagine.

Had he not killed Wan Xuan, he would not have been able to acquire fifty-one demon hearts, and as such, he would truly have been unable to enter the finals.

“There’s a big guy coming, it’s actually the so-called king!” exclaimed Chen Xiang in surprise, sending his heart into pounding.

“This guy is unexpectedly accompanied by twenty retinues and all of them have demon heart!” Chen Xiang grew even more excited. However, he was worried that his illusion array would be broken. That so-called evil demon king was indeed extremely powerful. In Chen Xiang’s opinion, he seemed to be in the late-stage of Tempering Realm.

Liao Shaoyun, the enemy that had etched his figure in Chen Xiang’s heart also had the same strength. At present, Chen Xiang was only in the early-stage of Spirit martial Realm. Above the Spirit Martial Realm was Soul Martial Realm, above which was the final, Tempering Realm. He still had a long way to go.

“Calm down!” Chen Xiang clinched the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror. If he could kill twenty-one evil demons inside the illusion array, he would be able to obtain twenty-one demon hearts, coupled with the thirty-two demon hearts from before, the total number of demon hearts in his hand would also surpass the fifty mark. That would be too many.

“Great King, are we being tricked? Over these days, those human bastards had massacred many of our kinds. They are targeting our demon hearts,” stated an evil demon with a tiger head and human body.

“There is no need to fear, these human bastards are not that powerful. They can easily deal with you, but not me. In here, I am the strongest!” said the leader.

With the lower body of a huge scorpion, the upper body of a human, two pilers for its hands, and a shaking poisonous tail, this so-called evil demon king looked quite terrifying. The greater evil demons around him dared not approach him.

Having encountered the so-called evil demon king for the first time, Chen Xiang now wanted to test the illusion array and the Suppressing Devil Brilliant Mirror. He had long been waiting for this day.

“Poisonous Scorpion King, the king closest to the dark forest canyon. He may have come to check up on the disappearance of many tribe leaders.” After having caught the smell of Poisonous Scorpion King, the wolf slave’s eyes flickered with a terrified look.

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, left and had cautiously sneaked into the illusion array. At this moment, the Poisonous Scorpion King and his retinues had yet to arrive. However, the Hundred Beasts Dans’ fragrance was simply too tempting to the evil demons and the beasts. The Hundred Beasts Dans were akin to pure energy for them. The evil demons and beasts could all distinguish the Hundred Beasts Dan from the smell. Furthermore, they could smell it from thousands of li away.

“Let’s go! What’s there to be afraid of with me here!” shouted the Poisonous Scorpion King in a loud voice as he walked towards the front.

At this moment, Chen Xiang had stopped operating the illusion array. He was waiting for all the evil demon to enter, only then was he going to start it. Otherwise, the evil demons in the rear would sense something isn’t right and thence, would not enter.

Watching all the evil demons enter the illusion array area of effect, Chen Xiang cheered in his heart as he activated the illusion array, only to see the Poisonous Scorpion King and those twenty evil demons raising a commotion immediately, for they have suddenly appeared inside an extremely beautiful canyon.


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  1. So the Extreme State is broken up into Early Spirit Martial, Middle Spirit Martial, Late Spirit Martial, (Peak Spirit Martial), Early Soul Martial, Middle Soul Martial, Late Soul Martial, (Peak Soul Martial), Early Tempering, Middle Tempering, Late Tempering, (Peak Tempering)? This is the most confusing cultivation Realm I’ve ever read.

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