Chapter 427 – The Battle Inside the Canyon

Chen Xiang found it funny that Gongsun Jie didn’t escape the array the very first moment he got out.

Having noticed Chen Xiang’s expression, Gongsun Jie flew back and madly bombarding the ground in response, rupturing the ground and ruining the array thereafter. Evidently, he also had some knowledge of arrays.

“Chen Xiang, did you just trapped in the array? What are you up to?” shouted Gongsun Jie from afar. Although he had quite an imposing bearing, he dared not approach Chen Xiang.

In response, Chen Xiang burst into laughter as he said, “What could I be up to? I started the array because I saw a boar-man coming, who knew Brother Gongsun’s camouflaging ability would be so strong that I found Brother Gongsun only after having killed that boar-man.”

Gongsun Jie was stupefied for a moment. Chen Xiang had killed the boar-man in the short moment he was inside the dreamland. This kind of strength astounded him. Nonetheless, he wasn’t afraid.

“Chen Xiang, you stole my prey, you better hand it over obediently, or else…”

Chen Xiang coldly laughed as he walked over. “Or else, what? You will kill me?”

“That’s not the way of doing things. I saw that boar-man first; furthermore, I also lead him here. In the first place, that thing belonged to me. Since you are not willing to hand over that demon heart, I can only snatch it back,” stated Gongsun Jie coldly as he took out a long spear covered in yellow flames.

As Gongsun Jie pointed the long spear at Chen Xiang, scorching flames gushed out from it. The heat emanating from it dried the leaves on the nearby trees as they fell on the ground.

Feeling this intense heat, Chen Xiang was greatly astounded immediately. He didn’t expect Gongsun Jie to actually be in possession of a fire spirit. After all, only someone who was in possession of fire spirit could employ yellow flames.

Gongsun Jie smiled in disdain upon noticing Chen Xiang’s countenance. “Your flames are nothing in my eyes. Even some old men who had been using flames for their entire lifetime would willingly throw in the towel facing my flames.”

He knew Chen Xiang was a fire expert. He was feeling all proud at this moment as he believed Chen Xiang was afraid of his flames.

A yellow fire spirit was ranked third from the bottom in the ranking of fire spirits. In contrast, Chen Xiang’s Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit was ranked at the top, it was king among the fire spirit. However, Chen Xiang had controlled the Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit very well, so as to prevent its mighty aura from bursting out.

Elder Dan had once repeatedly exhorted him and Wu Qianqian that they could not reveal the matter of fire spirit to the others, otherwise, they would be targeted by the forces of “Fire God Temple”.

Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue were also well aware of this. Whereas Liu Menger was only able to successfully fuse with the fire spirit because Chen Xiang had helped her. As for Hua Xiangyue, Chen Xiang had a suspicion that she too was in possession of a fire spirit.

Seeing Chen Xiang remaining silent, Gongsun Jie said, ridiculing, “You are afraid of this flame! Let me tell you, my flames can be so strong because I have obtained a fire spirit. You are an alchemist, so you should know of fire spirits, right!? That is akin to an extreme treasure for alchemists.”

Certainly, Gongsun Jie also knew that the fire spirits must be kept secret. However, he believed that Chen Xiang was a dead person, therefore, he wasn’t afraid of anything. Chen Xiang, on the other hand, sneered in his heart, “With just a yellow fire spirit, you still dare to quibble before my Heavenly Sun Fire. You just wait and watch, how I wrap you up for good.”

“So what? The competition isn’t about whose flames are better!” Chen Xiang slightly smiled as a pure and rich water-attributed True Qi spread from his body, only to see a  fair number of water vines that were as thick as a thigh suddenly appeared underneath Gongsun Jie’s feet.

Since the opposite party was using flames, Chen Xiang used the water vines to deal with him even though he perfectly knew that his Black Tortoise True Qi won’t be able to suppress the flames of fire spirit.

Very soon, the water vines had crawled around Gongsun Jie’s body completely, even his long spear that was enshrouded in flames wasn’t spared; the water vine had wrapped around it as well. Immediately after, a mist began to appear as the water was being burnt off by the scorching fire energy. Meanwhile, Gongsun Jie also secretly began to curse Chen Xiang.

“These kinds of dirty tricks won’t work on me!” roared Gongsun Jie as flames suddenly broke out from his body, evaporating Chen Xiang’s water vines in the blink of an eye.

By then, Chen Xiang had already jumped to Gongsun Jie’s side after having taken out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and fiercely slashed downwards thereafter.

Gongsun Jie had always been paying attention to Chen Xiang’s movement while dealing with the water vines by releasing the flame. Seeing Chen Xiang quickly slashing at him, he immediately defended by holding the spear horizontally.

A massive shock wave with a loud crash erupted the moment Chen Xiang’s azure dragon lightning force and Gongsun Jie’s flame force fiercely clashed with one another. The confrontation of two such powerful energy burst forth with a thunderous resound along with heat and light, just like a dazzling sun. In that instant, the entire dark forest canyon was illuminated by the subsequent glow.

At the same time, the first set of qi waves spread towards all direction like billowing tides, setting off a storm that even uprooted those giant trees. In just a short while, the ground around Chen Xiang and Gongsun Jie had been leveled out; even a thick layer of soil had been stormed away from the aftermath.

At this moment, it was quite apparent how terrifying power these two could erupt with!

Whereupon, Chen Xiang was pushed back from the after-shock. His hand holding the blade slightly numb. Evidently, Gongsun Jie was far stronger than Wan Xuan that he had previously encountered.

At this instance, Gongsun Jie was also under no small pressure, because Chen Xiang was also insanely powerful. Previously, he had seen Chen Xiang’s fight in the tournament, he knew Chen Xiang had concealed his strength very well. However, he had quite a bit of confidence in his own strength, as such he believed Chen Xiang was weaker than him because his bloodline could bestow him the strength that was a lot more powerful than any ordinary man that he could come to possess.

A frown crept upon Chen Xiang’s forehead holding the blade’s hilt. The strength of king’s vein was indeed extraordinary. Had it been any ordinary martial artist who had just stepped into the Extreme State, he would simply unable to defend against that blade strike of his, and perhaps, even escape from the water vines with extreme difficulty.

Gongsun Jie was also not feeling any better. That previous blade of Chen Xiang made him feel as though the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade weighed tens of thousands of pounds. Furthermore, the lightning power accompanied it was also rather fearsome.

The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was a divine weapon that would only get heavier the more its user infused his strength into it. Whereas Chen Xiang had only employed Azure Dragon True Qi in the last strike of his, that’s all.

Gongsun Jie couldn’t show any sign of weakness, as such the long spear in his hand quivered as an intense flame once again gushed out from it as he thrust it straight at Chen Xiang. Apparently, he had chosen to launch a preemptive strike at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang’s eyebrows twitched. Immediately after, a vivid Azure Dragon suddenly emerged on the blade of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, which immediately turned fiery red, then golden…its color changing successively, and very quickly at that.

This time, Chen Xiang had employed the Universe True Qi, the strongest form of True Qi created by fusing the five True Qi in his body. This True Qi was many times stronger than a single attributed True Qi, its power could not just be judged by adding one plus one.

A furious howl resonated from the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. The moment the furious howl erupted from it, fierce gales gushed out from the blade, raising a cloud of dust as they swept straight at Gongsun Jie, submerging him inside.

Furious Dragon Strike! It was one of the moves among the Dragonslayer’s Seven Killing Cut. It was the fastest strike in his aresenal, and he could utilize it in succession until all of his True Qi was expended.



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