Chapter 428 – Furious Smile

As soon as the Furious Dragon Strike was cast, Chen Xiang fell under the influence of the furious dragon might; an inexplicable anger filled his entire body, seeping into his very soul; his blood and body started burning from this inexplicable anger.

The strength in anger could only be summarized in one word—terrifying; as the saying goes, one could always surpass their limits in anger. At present, the same was true for Chen Xiang; unconsciously, he felt an ever-increasing power coursing through his body which needed to be vented!

This was the terrifying thing about the Furious Dragon Strike. Its caster would be infuriated, granting him or her a mighty power like an angry dragon, which was incomparably terrifying.

In other words, it was a thunderbolt-like strike of a furious dragon. Chen Xiang’s Furious Dragon Strike greeted that thrusting spear by a downward cut, thereby erupting with thunder-like dragon roar that shook the nine heavens as a shockwave swept around. This scene was quite shocking, endlessly terrifying Gongsun Jie as well.

These Dragon Martial Techniques became even more fearsome with Chen Xiang’s improvement in strength. This was also what made these Dragon Martial Techniques so powerful.

That long spear of Gongsun Jie was a pretty good brilliant-grade weapon, however, it still paled in comparison to Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade which was a divine-grade weapon! The difference between them was like that between heaven and earth. At this moment, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade weighed closed a hundred million pounds. The power of this downward cut could only be imagined. Having clashed with incoming Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Gongsun Jie’s long spear broke into pieces from the subsequent powerful impact.

Just one cut and Gongsun Jie’s long spear had already been destroyed. In shock, Gongsun Jie soon came to understand that the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Chen Xiang’s hands had already transcended the brilliant-grade weapons. It was a weapon of higher grade. His long spear was no different than a tofu in front of this divine blade.

Chen Xiang’s strength could indeed be enhanced by several times by relying on the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. This was also why Chen Xiang had a full grasp of everything in the mysterious realm, because there were no rules here; he could kill the other party without any care. Under this kind of situation, Chen Xiang could utilize everything in his grasp, from devil techniques to divine blade, which was his true strength.

Immediately after, a massive shield that was as tall as a human and had flames erupting from it, appeared in Gongsun Jie’s hand with a white flash of light. With one glance, it was quite apparent that it was a brilliant-grade shield, something that an ordinary martial artist could hardly get his hands on.

Seeing that kind of fearsome blade technique that Chen Xiang had utilized in anger, Gongsun Jie was completely shocked and had come to his senses. He realized he was not Chen Xiang’s opponent. Of course, he attributed Chen Xiang’s strength to the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Had it been a competition, he still had the confidence to defeat Chen Xiang.

Having his strike blocked by Gongsun Jie’s long spear, Chen Xiang became even more furious. Thereby, he became even stronger, and once again cast a Furious Dragon Strike at that thick and enormous shield.

The divine blade in Chen Xiang’s hand bloomed with dazzling cerulean light along with a thunderous roar of a dragon as the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade clashed with that enormous shield like a furious Azure Dragon.

Immediately after, a thunderous metallic bang soon reverberated in the surrounding. The subsequent impact affected the surroundings yet again. The ground was completely devastated, covered in fissures. The trees all around had been crushed into nothing from the resulting pressure.

Chen Xiang didn’t just stop at one strike, he continued to outpour his anger, chopping with Furious Dragon Strikes continuously. Only through this method could he appease the seething bloodlust in his body.

A series of Furious Dragon Strikes shook the entire mysterious realm with furious roars of a dragon. The entire Dark Forest Canyon had been ruthlessly wrecked by this menacing power; boulders after boulders rolled down the mountains; some of the mountains had even split.

Whereas cracks also began to appear on the enormous shield in Gongsun Jie’s hand. After all, only a divine-grade shield could defend against the outpour of Chen Xiang’s power with the divine blade.

“Aren’t you Wang Quan’s second apprentice? Don’t you possess the fire spirit? Aren’t you the genius of Kings’ Mainland? Why have you shrunk your head behind the shield like a turtle? Weren’t you arrogantly shouting you will kill me? Where is your arrogance from before?” Chen Xiang continued to fiercely slash while roaring in anger.

Gongsun Jie clenched his teeth, his heart bleeding with hatred. He now began to regret contending with Chen Xiang here. Chen Xiang was far more powerful than him because of his divine blade. At this moment, the massive shield that was ranked among the brilliant-grade weapon was soon about to be destroyed.

He wanted to escape, but he couldn’t. If he turned around, Chen Xiang would definitely split him into two with that broadsword at once. Even if he exerted all his strength to defend, he would only be able to withstand for a short while. And looking at Chen Xiang’s current grand and imposing manner, it was quite apparent that Chen Xiang could keep on casting this kind of overbearing blade technique for a long while.

Chen Xiang could currently utilize five thousand highly compressed true element grains present in his body. When he released his True Qi, it was like a raging river, flowing in a steady stream!

“Chen Xiang, you can take the demon heart of that boar-man! If we go on like this, we both will sustain great losses!” Clenching his teeth, Gongsun Jie swallowed his pride and tried to reach peace.

However, Chen Xiang could not take this lying down. Giving out a roar, he once again cast the Furious Dragon Strike, “Shut your fucking trap, from the get-go, the boar-man was killed by Your Father; furthermore, we both won’t sustain grievous injuries. It’s either you or me!”

Soon after, Gongsun Jie’s huge shield was blasted to smithereens with a loud bang. Now, Gongsun Jie only had a layer of flames covering his entire body. Chen Xiang had already realized that Gongsun Jie was a martial artist with multiple veins, and all were fire veins at that. Moreover, the defense of this kind of True Qi fire cover was indeed extremely strong; however, Gongsun Jie could not defend for too long.

“Chen Xiang…I have something to say!” Gongsun Jie was getting anxious. He was human as well, there were times when he was also afraid, he too feared death very much.

Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was just a powerful piece of brilliant-grade weapon in many people opinion, that’s all. Who would have ever thought that it was a piece of divine weapon which was a rarity even in Heavenly Realm. If this kind of divine weapon appeared in the Heavenly Realm, it would lead to a sanguinary slaughter for sure.

However, Chen Xiang was in a Mortal World. With him in the possession of such heaven-defying stuff, no one would be his match, no matter how powerful brilliant-grade piece of equipment one came to possess.

“Say it to your sister! If Your Father was weaker than you, would you still be speaking with me? You are just a bastard who bully the weak but fear the strong!” Chen Xiang showered curses non-stop. Suddenly, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was shrouded in a white mist before the ground immediately began to shake, rising up and down around Chen Xiang like ripples in a lake.

“Dragon…Dragon force!” Gongsun Jie’s facial features had already been distorted from fear. And now, God knows how strong would Chen Xiang be after utilizing dragon force.

At this instance, Chen Xiang was employing the strongest force in his arsenal, the dragon force, and with the divine weapon, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade at that!

“Go bluff and bluster in hell!”

A furious dragon roar reverberated in every corner of the Evil Demon Mysterious Realm. This strike possessed a monstrous imposing manner and the power behind it was extraordinary as well. This strike crumbled Gongsun Jie’s defense in a jiffy, splitting him into two!

The subsequent qi blade ran through a huge mountain, opening a canyon inside. Chen Xiang immediately retrieved the storage ring from Gongsun Jie’s finger. Having checked it and discovering sixty demon hearts with some other things, the anger in his heart finally disappeared. A slight smile appeared on his lips as he left the Dark Forest Canyon with the shit-scared wolf slave.


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