Chapter 429 – Chance Encounter With Lanlan

Gongsun Jie’s storage ring had a total of sixty demon hearts inside, among which fifty were the ones that he brought with him. Chen Xiang handed these demon hearts to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou so that they could slightly alter them in the shortest time, so as to prevent Wang Quan and others from recognizing them.

Gongsun Jie had come in here for so long and yet he was only able to gather ten demon hearts, that’s all, which made Chen Xiang secretly despise him.

It was completely in line with Chen Xiang’s guess. The Divine Martial Place had handed fifty demon hearts to each of Wang Quan’s four apprentices, in order to ensure that they could enter the finals.

Of course, Divine Martial Palace and the others underestimated Chen Xiang’s true strength, they would have also not expected that Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan would actually be so reckless that they would go all out with Chen Xiang.

After having killed two of Wang Quan’s apprentices, Chen Xiang had acquired a total of one hundred and sixty-five demon hearts. This number was extremely shocking. If Chen Xiang took all of them out after having left this mysterious realm, the Divine Martial Palace would definitely get suspicious, therefore, he did not intend to take the demon hearts acquired from Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan out.

Using the illusion array, Chen Xiang had killed a dozen evil demons and a certain number of lesser evil demons. Also, using the mass of energy inside these lesser evil demons, he had congealed a dozen demon hearts; counting the previous demon hearts, he had amassed a total of thirty-two demon hearts. Then he went again and killed the Poisonous Scorpion King along with his twenty subordinates, acquiring twenty-one demon hearts yet again. Finally, he killed a boar-man and acquired another demon heart. Counting the previous demon hearts, he now had a total of fifty-some demon hearts, all of which he had acquired himself.

Chen Xiang had divided all the demon hearts he had acquired into three parts, one part which he had obtained himself, and the other two consisted of which that he obtained by killing Gongsun Jie and Wan Xuan. He believed that the fifty-four demon hearts that he had acquired should be enough to pass this round.

However, he was still feeling a little uneasy. He was worried that some lucky bastard would acquire many demon hearts and maybe, just maybe he would be eliminated. If he took out all one hundred sixty-five demon hearts at once, then, the Divine Martial Palace would get suspicious for sure.

On his way with the wolf slave, Chen Xiang was feeling a bit annoyed. Now, he really hoped that he would encounter his fellow competitors so that he could ask how many did they get.

There wasn’t much time left for the end of this round. Leaving the Dark Forest Canyon, Chen Xiang wandered around the dark forest with the wolf slave.

Suddenly, a blue flash of light flashed past his eyes. Lost in his thoughts, Chen Xiang reacted immediately as he stretched his hand out and grabbed a soft yet powerful hand.

“Lanlan!” Having caught the soft and tender fist, Chen Xiang was slightly taken by surprise. This punch was actually aimed at the wolf slave next to him.

The wolf slave hurriedly hid behind Chen Xiang after being taken aback. Had Chen Xiang been just a bit slower, the wolf slave’s head would have been smashed to a pulp by that jade-like fist.

“Hmph, scoundrel, what are you up to? That’s but an evil demon!” Lanlan pursed her lips, staring continuously at the wolf slave like she was looking at a prey. Which scared the hell out of the wolf slave.

The wolf slave had been terrified of humans ever since he had seen Chen Xiang’s strength. The scenes of the fight between Chen Xiang and Gongsun Jie still lingered in his mind.

Watching the cute and beautiful girl dressed in blue-skirt suddenly appear, Chen Xiang relaxed secretly. He had been looking for his fellow competitors to ask how many demon hearts they had acquired.  He didn’t expect that Lanlan would actually deliver herself to his doorsteps.

“Heh heh, he is my slave now!” said Chen Xiang with a laugh, “Give me a face and let him go!”

Lanlan stuck her tongue out. Seeing the absolutely obedient look of wolf slave towards Chen Xiang, she also chose to believe it. She wasn’t stupid and understood that taking an evil demon as a slave was a very good thing for Chen Xiang. She too had been wanting to take a slave one as well, but she couldn’t, no matter how.

“We are going to be leaving soon, how many demon hearts did you get?” asked Chen Xiang as a smile crept up on his lips.

“I didn’t get much. The evil demons are really meager in number, furthermore, they are hiding pretty well. I could not find them! You tell me first, how many did you get?” seeing Chen Xiang had taken an evil demon as a slave, she reckoned that Chen Xiang had obtained many for sure.

Chen Xiang burst into laughter before he replied, “Fifty-three, what about you?”

Lanlan burst into tender shouts, “What? Fifty-three? You smelly bastard, how did you get so many? This one here only got twenty-eight!”

Lanlan put on a pout, her cute little face filled with worry; she was worried that she would be ousted from this round. Seeing that a guy like Chen Xiang could get fifty-four demon hearts, she was suddenly not that sure about the final rankings.

Touching his nose, Chen Xiang said, smiling, “I arranged a large array where the evil demons frequently appear and disappear, and then waited there after placing a thing that the evil demons liked to eat inside. Heh heh, I don’t need to tell you about what happened next.”

Lanlan slammed her foot in jealousy. “Humph, what a nasty trick… I also had the same idea, but I could not arrange an array, more importantly, neither did I know the place which is frequented by evil demons, nor did I know how to lure them.”

Chen Xiang burst into a laughter. This intelligent girl’s thinking was indeed right on target, however, she just couldn’t do the same.

“Now do you realize how fearsome I am! I wonder how many did others get!?” Chen Xiang was still a bit worried about being eliminated. He had already arrived at this step just for that Fruit of Fortune. If he still got eliminated, he would regret it for a long time.

Seeing Chen Xiang who had acquired fifty-some demon hearts still being worried, Lanlan was sadder even more so, for she only had twenty-eight. She could not wait to ruthlessly pinch Chen Xiang; he was still being worried even after getting so many, this only made her even sadder.

“Scoundrel, I’m finished this time. I am the strongest woman in the Blue Blood Family. If I am eliminated here, I would lose a lot of face!” Squatting on the ground, Lanlan started drawing circles; she was low in spirits.

“Strongest woman?” The corner of Chen Xiang’s eyes started twitching.

“The strongest girl, but I will definitely be the strongest woman in the Blue Blood Family for sure,” Lanlan immediately corrected herself immediately after noticing Chen Xiang’s suspicions.

Chen Xiang suddenly discovered that this Lanlan wasn’t so bad. As thick-skinned and impetuous she might be, she had her principles. Furthermore, she even dared to go against the Divine Martial Palace; earlier, she had cautioned him of the Vajra Griffin and also helped him by testifying.

“Little Missy, I will tell you something, but you have to promise you’re not going to disclose it. I can make sure that you pass this round.” A mysterious smile appeared on Chen Xiang’s lips.

“I promise you! Do you think I am a woman with loose lips?” As confused as Lanlan was feeling, she still chose to believe Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang slapped the wolf slave, making him unconscious before erasing a part of his memories, lest he revealed somethings.

Having arranged a silencing barrier, Chen Xiang said in a serious manner, “To tell you the truth, I have a hundred or so demon hearts with me, I can give you some, increasing the number of demon hearts in your hands. And once this round is over, we can meet at a secret location and you can hand those demon hearts back to me.”

“Wh…what? A hundred or so!” Lanlan cleaned her small ears, thinking that there was something wrong with them and she didn’t hear it correctly.


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