Chapter 430 – The Result of the Competition (I)

Chen Xiang gave some demon hearts to Lanlan, increasing the number of demon hearts in her hand. This would also ward off Divine Martial Palace’s suspicion of him killing Wan Xuan and Gongsun Jie, even if they had, they would not be that suspicious.

And in order to make Lanlan believe, Chen Xiang also took out a hundred or so demon heart, which consisted of his part as well the sixty demon hearts from Gongsun Jie, which amounted to one hundred and fourteen.

Seeing this many demon hearts, Lanlan’s watery eyes almost popped out. To make sure it was true, she caressed them a bit and felt the pure energy inside them.

“How did you get them? You killed a hundred or so evil demons?” Lanlan was having a hard time believing it.

Chen Xiang nodded in affirmation. “That’s right, right in front of the Dark Forest Canyon. A very powerful evil demon brought a large group of subordinates with him, however, they were all killed by my array.”

While speaking, Chen Xiang once again took out the demon heart of the Poisonous Scorpion King. Lanlan immediately believed him as soon as he took it out.

“The strength of this demon heart should be close to Nirvana Realm. Your array must have been quite fearsome!” Lanlan suddenly realized that Chen Xiang was very amazing; surprisingly, he also knew how to arrange an array.

Chen Xiang burst into laughter as he said, “I have expended all my top-grade crystal stones to arrange that array! To tell you the truth, I just didn’t want to let Wang Quan’s apprentice enter the finals, that’s the only reason why I am helping you. Didn’t you say that you wanted to spar with me? Maybe we can have an opportunity to fight! However, you have to keep it a secret!”

Chen Xiang didn’t even bat an eye while spewing these lies. Not to mention, he also took out so many things to make Lanlan believe.

Lanlan earnestly nodded. “Thank you! You helped me a lot. Then…then how many are you going to give me?”

Chen Xiang secretly smiled in his heart as he replied, “I will give you fifty, counting your twenty-eight demon hearts, you will have a total of seventy-eight! And I will also have sixty or so with me!”

“Why are you keeping so little? What if you got eliminated?” Lanlan’s eyes were filled with gratification as she looked at Chen Xiang. However, she was still a bit puzzled.

“Hei hei, I just want those guys of Divine Martial Palace to think that I am weaker than you,” elaborated Chen Xiang.

While speaking, Chen Xiang sorted out fifty demon hearts and gave them to Lanlan.

Whereupon, Lanlan generously said, “Thank you, scoundrel! If you need my help in the future, you can come to me despite anything.”

“You are welcome! I am a very good guy, earlier, I was just joking with you, no offense!” said Chen Xiang with a mischievous smile. Lanlan was but a freak in the Blue Blood Family. He may not know how powerful she was, however, he was sure that one day she was going to be a very powerful woman in Kings’ Mainland.

Wolf slave woke up from his stupor only to see Chen Xiang smiling at him as he said, “Wolf slave, you will stay here, maybe someday you can leave this place. Take this, you are now free.

Having received a bag of Hundred Beasts Dan from Chen Xiang, the wolf slave felt extremely gratified. He hurriedly thanked Chen Xiang as he watched Chen Xiang and Lanlan leave.

Having followed Chen Xiang to the Dark Forest Canyon and seeing the devastating aftermath, Lanlan said in surprise, “The dragon roar from earlier should have been you, right! How terrifying, however, I am not afraid of you!”

Chen Xiang pursed his lips as he said, “I am also not afraid of you. If we really fought with each other, you better not go easy on me, or you will be defeated in one stroke. I am not going to show tenderness toward woman!”

Lanlan stuck her tongue out in response before she countered, smiling mischievously, “But of course, I am also not going to soft-hearted. I want to be first, so as to prove that I am the strongest woman of Blue Blood Family!”

A white whirlpool appeared in the sky at once as this round came to an end. At this instance, Chen Xiang saw many evil demons jumping up, flying towards the sky, however, they were sent back flying as they were struck by lightning released from the whirlpool.

Chen Xiang and Lanlan spread their wings and flew into the sky. Having stayed here for so many days, they had long been wanting to leave this place.

“It’s really nice to see sunlight again!” Having appeared at the stage on the summit of the mountain, Chen Xiang saw Wang Quan once again. Surprisingly, Wang Quan dared to come here after hiding for ten days.

Chen Xiang secretly smirked. Wang Quan only came here because he wanted to see his apprentices enter the finals; nothing more, nothing less. However, he didn’t know that two of his apprentices had already been sent to hell by Chen Xiang.

The participants continued to appear one after another. However, there were only ten participants remaining, that’s all. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, both knit their brows into a frown seeing so few participants alive. The Elders of Divine Martial Palace also had a forlorn look on their faces, for several of their Divine Martial Palace true disciples had still not come out.

Wang Quan was anxious even more so; three of his apprentices had still not come out!

Chen Xiang had also not imagined that so many people would die inside. However, having experienced the fearsome might of Poisonous Scorpion King, it was not that surprising at all. Had he not used the array, ten of him may not have been able to defeat that Poisonous Scorpion King. Furthermore, almost all the energy of the illusion array had been consumed when attacking the Poisonous Scorpion King.

No one would know what went on inside, no matter what. Even if somebody killed someone, no one was going to admit it as well, or else, it would be no different than serving his head on a platter. Chen Xiang secretly reckoned that it was not only him who had killed and robbed the others.

The twenty competitors who went in were all very powerful, there were some who were not Divine Martial Palace true disciples, but they were King’s Vein martial artists. Perhaps, one of them had killed the other apprentice of Wang Quan.

“Four hours have already elapsed, if we don’t close the entrance now, then it would be troublesome!” said one of the Elder as he patted Wang Quan’s shoulder. Who would have thought that Wang Quan would actually lose three of his proud apprentices inside!

Wang Quan furiously glared at Chen Xiang and the other. He suspected that someone among these ten participants had killed his apprentice. Fortunately, he had prepared in advance, the demon hearts he had given to his apprentices were all marked. If someone had killed and robbed his apprentices, Wang Quan could be able to tell through those demon hearts.

The down-casted Wang Quan clenched his fists as he said, “Close the entrance, let’s start scoring them!”

“Lanlan, you go first as you were first to enter,” shouted an Elder. Chen Xiang was secretly pleased as he was going to be the last. He remembered that the five who entered later than him hadn’t come out.

“I have acquired seventy-eight demon hearts!” Lanlan’s words surprised the Divine Martial Palace Elders. The same was true for Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, and the others.

Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue also furrowed their brows. They had heard that the evil demons inside were not that easy to kill; it was quite possible that she had killed and robbed the others, maybe that’s why she had so many demon hearts.

However, no one had ever imagined that such a cute little girl would actually be so ruthless. Nonetheless, it was indeed the fasted method to acquire a lot of demon hearts!

Much to Chen Xiang’s surprise, Lanlan actually remained calm as he took out seventy-eight demon hearts, so as to let the people of Divine Martial Palace inspect.

Chen Xiang’s palms were sweating. If Divine Martial Palace identified that those demon hearts belonged to Gongsun Jie, then, Lanlan would be in big trouble.

Of course, Divine Martial Palace didn’t dare to say anything to Lanlan. After all, she hadn’t broken any rules. At most, Wang Quan would act hostile towards her; that’s all.

Having inspected her demon hearts, several Elders and Wang Quan shook their head as they did not recognize those demon hearts. Apparently, these demon hearts were not robbed from Wang Quan’s apprentices.

However, they were still confused as to how Lanlan acquired so many demon hearts.


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  1. MC should have been bit smarter with this o3o
    i mean really he gave her 50 cores? thats more than enough to make others think its fushy even more as she even added her own 20 cores? x.x MC should have given her max 30 core imo to keep it calm 😛


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