Chapter 433 – Mysterious Rewards

During the fight, Chen Xiang could neither use any weapon nor could he employ those devil techniques. Most of his strength was somewhat restricted. Whereas his opponents were all unfathomable figures.

Two days before the semi-finals began, people from many other mainlands arrived at the Kings’ Mainland through the teleportation arrays to watch the finals of this Martial Arts Assembly.

Since the establishment of teleportation arrays, there have been frequent exchanges between various mainlands. This was a very good thing for the whole Mortal Martial World. At this time, various mainlands were bound by a common enemy because they detested the King’s Mainland for its conduct; earlier when their disciples came to compete, they were all sent back, seriously injured.

Apart from the participants from King’s Mainland, only Chen Xiang was able to enter the finals; he was the only outsider who was able to do it. Therefore, many people from other mainlands came to support him. They were even willing to pay exorbitant fees for teleportation in order to support Chen Xiang.

“Young Martial uncle, someone is here to see you!” said Gu Dongchen, knocking on the door.

After Chen Xiang opened the door, Gu Dongchen suppressed his voice and said, “The one who came to see you is Mo Tian. You have to be careful, we are not clear of his antecedents.”

Chen Xiang nodded and arrived at the hall.

Ordinary as Mo Tian looked, his strength was no doubt extraordinary; him killing Wang Quan’s apprentice and still dare to rub it in on Wang Quan’s face, clearly indicated that he had a very rich and powerful background.

Seeing Chen Xiang arrive, Mo Tian slightly smiled, “You don’t have to introduce yourself, I only came here to tell you something.”

A puzzled look covered Chen Xiang’s entire face. “Please say.”

The smile on Mo Tian’s face immediately disappeared and was replaced by a worried look as he said, “Chen Xiang, to tell you the truth, in a right situation, I cannot defeat Sun Xueren! As the eldest apprentice of Wang Quan, he is extremely strong. I had a little run-in with him in the mysterious realm.”

Chen Xiang was taken aback. He didn’t expect Mo Tian would come here to tell him this.

“There are three strongest forces in the Kings’ Mainland, Blue Blood Family, Wu Clan, and the Divine Martial Palace, of which Divine Martial Palace is known to many, but Blue Blood Family and Wu Clan are very inconspicuous.”

Chen Xiang nodded in agreement; he had been informed of all this by Wu Kaiming earlier.

Mo Tian said, lowering his voice, “Lanlan is from Blue Blood Family, and I am sent by the Wu Clan! The winner of King’s Martial Arts Assembly will get one more reward besides the Divine Martial Palace’s Fruit of Fortune. I am not sure what this reward is but my Patriarch told me that this reward could make even the Nirvana Realm martial artists go crazy! Therefore, in order to win, the Divine Martial Palace is willing to do anything, because they are the organizers!”

Surprisingly, Mo Tian came from Wu Clan. Earlier, Chen Xiang felt it strange as to why Wu Clan hadn’t sent anyone, he never thought this Mo Tian would be hiding so deeply, even in day to day life; even Wu Kaiming wasn’t aware of his real identity.

“My mother is from Wu Clan, but I am not a lineal descendant of Wu Clan. However, I do have Wu Clan’s blood flowing in me. You don’t need to be surprised by this! All the finalists should know about King’s Martial Arts Assembly’s secret, that’s why I came to tell you this!”

Chen Xiang asked, “Why are you so unconfident about yourself?”

Mo Tian shook his head as he pursed his lips into a smile. “Sun Xueren is in the intermediate stage of Spirit Martial Realm, more importantly…he had also fused a very powerful martial soul with his arm. After having fused with that martial soul, he can transform his arm into a powerful weapon!”

Apparently, there were two kinds of martial souls, one was something you cultivate out by yourself and another one was fusion type. As for its mystery, Chen Xiang hadn’t experienced it and hence, knew nothing about it clearly.

“When competing, it’s a life and death battle! At that time, I will persist for some time so that you can see his martial soul’s form. Last time, before he could use it, I fled! Otherwise, I won’t be standing here and talking to you.” Mo Tian was very much afraid of doing nothing in regards to that martial soul.

Chen Xiang asked, confused, “Why do you want to do this?”

Mo Tian smiled and said, “Because I think you are nice, you can actually kill Wang Quan’s two apprentices! If I’m not mistaken, you must have given a large part of demon hearts to that Blue Blood Family missy! This girl is also very strong, however, she doesn’t have any patience, looking for evil demons is not her strong point.”

Chen Xiang didn’t admit; he just smiled. “At present, I still don’t know if I can win against that Blue Blood Family missy.”

Mo Tian spread his hands in response. “It depends on you. I just hope that after you have gotten the mysterious rewards, you can tell me what it is. I am very curious.”

“This is not a problem.” There was a slight smile on Chen Xiang’s face but he was feeling a heaviness weighing down on him because Sun Xueren was far stronger than he had imagined. Originally, he used to think that Sun Xueren was just as strong as Wan Xuan and Gongsun Jie, but it was nothing of that sort.

After Chen Xiang sent off Mo Tian, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen appeared in Chen Xiang’s room.

“Did you hear everything?” asked Chen Xiang, shrugging his shoulders.

“Of course! I never thought this kid would actually be from the Wu Clan! Even I wasn’t aware of it. Although I didn’t confirm it, I believe him,” replied Wu Kaiming.

Gu Dongchen nodded and said, “That’s right. Seeing Wang Quan having no scruples about anything, I knew that there was something special about this King’s Martial Arts Assembly. I am really curious about that last reward!?”

“Although the King’s Martial Arts Assembly is organized by the Divine Martial Palace, it’s a grand meet of entire Kings’ Mainland. As for what that mysterious reward is, I can’t think of anything!” said Wu Kaiming. He had not returned to the Wu Clan for some time, as such, he could be considered as someone who had cut ties with the Wu Clan. So, if he returned, he would surely become the target of much criticism.

“Maybe that old madman knows, but we can’t return at this point. We will think about it after you have defeated that little girl,” said Gu Dongchen.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed by. Chen Xiang and Lanlan were first to fight. The Divine Martial Palace’s square was already jam-packed. Because the square was inside the Divine Martial Palace, anyone who wants to enter had to pay an entry fee, allowing the Divine Martial Palace to make a fortune.

“That Little Rascal is going up. I really have not expected his opponent to be a cute little beauty. Maybe he would not be able to attack her!” said Huan Xianyue as she broke into a melodious laughter.

“That’s unlikely, his final target is that Fruit of Fortune,” Liu Menger had a pretty good understanding of Chen Xiang.

After Lanlan went up the stage, a group of people among the audience were secretly depressed on behalf of Chen Xiang; facing such a cute little girl, it sure would be awkward when it was time to exchanging blows.

“Chen Xiang, don’t blame me, I must win!” stated Lanlan seriously.

“If you lost, will you hate me?” asked Chen Xiang.

“If I lost, there would be nothing to discuss, nor would there be anything to hate. I can only say that I am not good as you, and it’s just a matter of course,” replied Lanlan.

Chen Xiang considered Lanlan as one of his friends, and the same was true for Lanlan. It sure was rare to have a good hearty fight with a friend.

In order to have no regrets later, Chen Xiang and Lanlan had decided to not go easy on each other during the fight just because they were friends because they believed that it would be an insult to their friendship.


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