Chapter 435 – The Fearsome Martial Soul

Rubbing his fist, Chen Xiang swiftly walked towards Lanlan. Only now did he realized that Lanlan’s attack and defense would be halved under her invisibility state. Having stopped the Chen Xiang’s crazed attack filled with dragon force, Lanlan had suffered no small injuries.

Not to mention dragon force, even if Chen Xiang had utilized just universe True Qi to attack, it would still be terribly powerful!

Just that last punch of Lanlan may have injured Chen Xiang, but her own injuries were even more serious because her punch was very powerful, however, half the power of her punch was returned with the counter-shock from Chen Xiang’s dragon force, doubling the attack on her.

At this moment, she secretly regretted using her invisibility talent. Had she gone head to head with Chen Xiang, she might have a greater chance of winning.

Of course, had it not for Chen Xiang been able to see her heart, Chen Xiang himself didn’t know how miserable he would have been oppressed by her. Lanlan was in no way weak, it was just that she had underestimated Chen Xiang. She had never though Chen Xiang would be able to see through her invisibility technique.

Lanlan raised her head with difficulty. On her black and blue face, a resentful look was quite evident. She nibbled her lips as she had no choice but to watch the oncoming Chen Xiang.

“Junior Sister Lan, I’m sorry!” Chen Xiang broke into a laughter as he waved a palm towards the lying Lanlan, bursting forth with a sudden gust of wind that blew towards the powerless Lanlan and blew her down the arena.

The throwing off Lanlan marked Chen Xiang’s win. And Chen Xiang’s sudden reversal also came as a surprise to the onlookers. When everyone was still terrified by that invisibility technique of Lanlan’s, Chen Xiang had broken Lanlan’s innate ability and subsequently defeated her.

Be that as it may, everyone was still inexplicably terrified of Lanlan because only Chen Xiang was able to deal with her invisibility technique, a vast majority of the audience couldn’t, even those Nirvana Realm martial artists couldn’t. At this time, they recalled that red-eyed ability of Chen Xiang; evidently, Chen Xiang was able to see Lanlan after he had employed that technique.

After an elder announced Chen Xiang as the winner, it was Mo Tian and Sun Xueren turn to fight. Whoever won in this match would face Chen Xiang in the finals; therefore, everyone also wanted to see how powerful they were.

Carrying Lanlan in his arms, Chen Xiang arrived at the pavilion where Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming was in and fed a small piece of Hell Spirit Grass to her. At the same time, he applied a concoction refined from some Hell Spirit Grass on her face so that she could recover quickly.

“Humph, I giving them back to you!” Lanlan handed a storage pouch to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang didn’t need to look to know that there were demon hearts inside.

They truly trusted each other, and as such, saw each other as their best friends. Taking the demon hearts, Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Junior Sister Lan, do you hate me?”

Lanlan let out a harrumph before speaking, “I lost to you not because I was not as strong as you, but because I didn’t consider that you can see through my invisibility technique. Quickly take care of your injuries as well, you are also injured.”

Chen Xiang smiled before swallowing a few White Jade Dans. He was cultivating Suppressing Devil Golden Body, and his own body was also in the thirteenth level of Immortal and Devil Body. His recovery speed was very fast, eating a few White Jade Dans would cure him easily.

Lanlan was in no mood to watch the match anymore and left the Divine Martial Palace, for she had lost pretty miserably, and remained unconvinced at that. However, she did promise Chen Xiang that she would come to watch the finals.

At this instance, Wang Quan’s eldest apprentice, Sun Xueren, stepped onto the stage. And as luxurious clothes he might be wearing, he looked no different than a very luxuriously dressed up corpse. His pale and stiff face, along with his ice-cold gaze terrified the onlookers.

Chen Xiang suspected that Sun Xueren was definitely cultivating a certain kind of martial exercise that turned him into this.

Mo Tian also walked up to the stage. Many people didn’t know Mo Tian’s identity, but Chen Xiang knew he was from Wu Clan. And since he could arrive at this step, his strength was extraordinary for sure.

He was someone who had killed one of Wang Quan’s apprentice, and still dared to show it off in front of Wang Quan; this was all because he had Wu Clan standing behind him!

“What on earth Sun Xueren’s martial soul is?” Wu Kaiming’s curiosity was also piqued. He had a pretty good idea about Wu Clan disciples, and someone who could force Mo Tian to admit that he didn’t have a bit chance of winning sure was extremely strong.

Standing next to Gu Dongchen and the others, Chen Xiang watched closely.

A martial artist could breed an innate martial soul in the Extreme State Soul Martial Realm, and then cultivate it to the extreme, and could get a very strong power through the martial soul or fuse the martial soul with the martial technique.

An innate martial soul was also called natal martial soul and was bred out by the martial artist himself! Whereas a fused martial soul was called acquired martial soul. The fire martial soul that Chen Xiang had previously sold was a kind of acquired martial soul.

The acquired martial soul was also very fearsome. That kind of martial souls was as precious and as powerful as fire spirits!

At this time, Chen Xiang, who was keeping an eye out on Wang Quan, noticed a ruthless look on Wang Quan’s face; his fists also happened to be clenched tightly. At a glance, Chen Xiang was sure that Wang Quan had ordered Sun Xueren to kill Mo Tian.

Having lost three of his apprentices, Wang Quan was only suppressing the grudge in his heart. Once he had the chance, he would take revenge for sure.

Whereas Mo Tian had admitted killing his apprentice in front of a lot of people. Though he could not do anything, whatsoever, as the honorable hall lord of Divine Martial Palace, he felt constantly aggrieved.

“Start!” shouted Wang Quan coldly.

From the start of the match, Mo Tian had always been standing at the edge of the arena. From just one glance, it was quite evident that he was ready to step down the arena and throw in the towel any time.

Sun Xueren surely noticed Mo Tian’s intentions. However, as Wang Quan had asked him to kill Mo Tian, he could not allow Mo Tian to admit defeat.

Mo Tian didn’t attack; in fact, he didn’t dare to approach Sun Xueren. Seeing this, the onlookers broke into boos, but Mo Tian didn’t take it to his heart. He knew he couldn’t defeat Sun Xueren, all he could do was let Chen Xiang finish everything.

“Humph!” Sun Xueren lightly harrumphed. However, listening to that harrumph, everyone felt an inexplicable fear. Suddenly, a mass of black shadows appeared from underneath his feet before it started rotating at high speed.

A strange seen suddenly appeared. Mo Tian, who was originally standing at the edge was slowly being pulled towards Mo Tian with the rotation of the black shadows underneath Sun Xueren feet.

And no matter how Mo Tian retreated, no matter how he jumped back, it was all for naught; he was being pulled by Sun Xueren bit by bit.

“Go to hell!” shouted Sun Xueren in a rigid voice as he stretched his left hand out. Whereupon, black qi, filled with death and bloody stench, immediately gushed out of his arm. When the spectators around the arena sensed it, they felt as if they were about to die.

The black qi dispersed with a shake of Sun Xueren’s left arm, but the next scene caused the onlookers’ scalp to tingle. Sun Xueren’s left arm had transformed into bones, very thick bones as if they belonged to a giant beast. And his palm had also turned into a huge powerful bone claw. The tips of the claw were extremely sharp and a black evil qi was gushing out from them; it appeared extremely terrifying.

At this moment, everyone was petrified as they watched that terrifying giant skeleton claw rushing towards Mo Tian’s head, holding their breaths. Chen Xiang eyes were also open wide; his divine sense was extremely strong, and thus, he could sense the fearsome power on that claw.

This was the acquired martial soul that Sun Xueren had fused with his arm!?


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