Chapter 438 – Devil Lord Evil Skeleton

Ever since Liu Menger had successfully crossed seventh Nirvana Tribulation, she no longer shied away from Chen Xiang. It was just that Chen Xiang was too busy to be intimate with her.

Very soon, Lanlan woke up. Seeing Chen Xiang and the others by her side, she immediately understood that her little life had been saved by these group of people. Just a moment ago, she may have been unconscious, but she was still a little bit awake, she could sense four very strong streams of True Qi flowing into her body.

“Your Lan Family is really something, they actually let a kid like you run away! Moreover, even after looking for so long, I can’t find even a single member of your Lan Family.” Wu Kaiming heaved a sigh.

Lanlan slightly smiled as she thanked in a feeble voice, “Thank you, seniors.”

Touching Lanlan’s cheeks, Hua Xiangyue burst into a tender laugh as she said, “If you want to thank, thank this scoundrel, otherwise, you would have lost your life a long time ago.”

Liu Menger was slightly jealous, even though she knew Chen Xiang and Lanlan were just friends.

“It was Sun Xueren, am I right?” asked Chen Xiang calmly.

Lanlan shook her head as she replied, “I don’t know, I didn’t see anyone. When something pierced my body and I felt I was about to die, someone asked me where I got those demon hearts.”

“When I was just passing by, I felt a very dense Evil Qi, so, I went there to look, only to see this little girl lying on the ground! Only Sun Xueren could be so audacious in the King’s City. Furthermore, this kind of attack was very similar to his,” stated Wu Kaiming.

It was Chen Xiang who gave those demon hearts to Lanlan, owing to which, Lanlan had suffered Sun Xueren’s attack and had almost died. Which made Chen Xiang furious. Nevertheless, he looked extremely calm.

Hua Xiangyue said, “Chen Xiang, to be honest, I and Menger can’t think of any method to deal with that attack of Sun Xueren’s. If Sun Xueren was as strong as us, even we can only choose to escape! If you fought with him, it would be very dangerous!”

Chen Xiang said dismissively, “He is still not as strong as you. The moment he had chosen to fuse with the Evil Skeleton Martial Soul, he was doomed to never enter the Nirvana Realm!”

“Evil Skeleton Martial Soul? I think I have heard my parents mention it once that there was a guy named Devil Lord Evil Skeleton during the Great Battle of Three Realms one hundred thousand years ago. Rumor has it that this Devil Lord Evil Skeleton had forged his flesh and blood into a powerful skeleton by cultivating a devil technique, which let him have an immortal body!” said Liu Menger, surprised.

Chen Xiang nodded. “I have a sense of proportion, you don’t need to worry about me! Junior Sister Lan, have a good rest!”

Seeing Chen Xiang leave, Hua Xiangyue let out a tender snort, “This brat is really obstinate, wasting everyone’s kind intentions.”

When Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen noticed that strange look in Hua Xiangyue eyes when looking at Chen Xiang, both could not understand why such aloof and prestigious ladies like Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger would have such ambiguous relations with Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang returned to his own room, where he sat in repose with his eyes closed, preparing himself for tomorrow’s fight with Sun Xueren. It sure was going to be a life and death battle!

“It turned out to be Devil Lord Evil Skeleton’s martial soul!? I really didn’t expect that this guy’s martial soul could actually still exist!” exclaimed Su Meiyao.

Bai Youyou continued in her ice-cold and stern voice, “I am afraid it’s not that simple. Devil Lord Evil Skeleton was also called Undead Devil Lord. That martial soul may very well be his soul, moreover, he is still saving up very strong power. If he used his divine sense to influence of user of the martial soul, he may even resurrect!”

Listening to the conversation between the two, Chen Xiang couldn’t remain calm! If a devil from one hundred millenniums ago got resurrected, it would be very horrifying.

“That’s right! If one couldn’t resist the temptation, the person fused with his martial soul would be engulfed by Devil Lord Evil Skeleton over time, allowing Devil Lord Evil Skeleton to resurrect again. He was just a bunch of bones itself, as long as he could use Evil Skeleton Devil Skill, his strength will be restored to peak.” Su Meiyao took a long, deep breath.

Chen Xiang said, “If I lose, it’s necessary to make those guys join hands to kill Sun Xueren, in order to eliminate the future trouble!”

Early in the morning next day, after having taken a bath, Chen Xiang wore a set of black tights before arriving at the square inside the Divine Martial Palace and stepping on to the arena. At this moment, the sun had just come up, yet the spectators who came to watch the fight continued to arrive in succession.

Just as the sun rose, more and more people arrive at the square. A majority of them were martial artists from other mainlands. Kings’ Mainland martial artists also did not fall behind in number. This match was sure going to be sensational.

Chen Xiang was just a martial artist who had just entered the Spirit Martial Realm, in contrast, Sun Xueren had entered the Spirit Martial Realm a long time ago. Furthermore, he was in the intermediate stage, whereas Chen Xiang was in the early stage. There was a difference of one stage between the two. Earlier, when Sun Xueren fought with Mo Tian, the martial technique he had displayed had shocked everyone, so much so that everyone believed he was far stronger than Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang looked at Mo Tian, who was standing with Wu Kaiming, Gu Dongchen, and an old man inside a distant pavilion. Noticing the sparkling eyes of Mo Tian, Chen Xiang was secretly happy because Mo Tian’s situation was not as bad as he had thought. Furthermore, Mo Tian was looking a bit younger as well.

In another pavilion, Hua Xiangyue, Liu Menger, as well as Lanlan stood next to window sills. As Chen Xiang’s gaze traveled over many distant pavilions, he saw many familiar faces, like Qing Shan, Qin Zeyun of Scare Light Temple, Xiao Ziliang of Free Immortal Sea, Lian Yingxiao of Lotus Island…and many more.

At this instance, Sun Xueren also arrived. He was following behind Wang Quan. There was an extremely stiff smile on his pale face. And his gray as death pupils also had a sliver of excitement; they were full of confidence.

Wang Quan was smiling even more so because, in his opinion, Chen Xiang standing on the stage was tantamount to serving his own head on a platter; Chen Xiang was as good as dead. He hated Huang Jintian, and thus, very much wanted to kill Huang Jintian’s proud disciples. And if Chen Xiang was killed under public eyes, Huang Jintian was unable to say anything, as such, he was unafraid.

More importantly, Chen Xiang had infuriated him, again and again. Not to mention the fact that Chen Xiang had also made him lose face. He had been waiting for this day for a long time.

“Did you attack Lanlan?” seeing Sun Xueren walking on to the arena, Chen Xiang asked in a cold tone.

“That’s right, she is already dead!” replied Sun Xueren in his stiff voice. Listening to that voice, everyone felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Humph, you believe you can kill her?” Chen Xiang looked towards a distant pavilion, and Sun Xueren also followed suit. Very soon, Lanlan standing with two mature and stunning beauties came into their view.

Seeing this, Sun Xueren immediately clenched his fist. “I will make sure she is dead. Anyone who I attack has to die, Mo Tian is no exception. It’s just a matter of time!”

Chen Xiang retorted in a cold voice, “Your two junior brothers also said the same ridiculous thing, alas, they both died in the end!”

Having listened to Chen Xiang, Wang Quan trembled before he immediately roared in a furious voice, “Start!”


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