Chapter 44 – Special Gift

[Engulfing Devil Skill]! Hearing this, Chen Xiang got a large shock. He stood there, dazed. He was as still as a statue, people passing by gave him a strange look.

“Do not be surprised. If not for this, my devil skill will not be called a devil skill! The [Engulfing Devil Skill] has three rules. First, never engulf anyone’s True Qi who is stronger than you. Second, never engulf a good person or you will feel guilty, leading to evil thoughts which will eventually turn you into a devil. Third, never let anyone learn that you know this devil skill, otherwise you will be hunted by all the martial artists following the righteous path.“

Listening to Bai Youyou’s ice cold voice, Chen Xiang’s complexion turned more and more solemn. This devil skill was indeed formidable, you could seize others power to use as your own. However, he also knew that if he frequently used this devil skill, it would leave a large negative impact on his cultivation.

“After you cast this once, you have to make sure you refined all of the engulfed True Qi at once, furthermore, you also have to make sure that all of the True Qi is as pure as it can be. Otherwise you will never be able to use the [Engulfing Devil Skill] a second time.” Bai Youyou’s voice was cold as well as deadly serious.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath. In order to cast this devil skill, he had to prepare his heart first.

“I will now pass it on to you. When using this devil skill, you have to be careful that there is no one else present, also bare in mind that the person you use this on will definitely die.” While Bai Youyou spoke, she also transferred information over to Chen Xiang through her divine sense. This information was the casting method of the [Engulfing Devil Skill].

It’s actually possible to engulf and take away other people’s cultivation with this skill. Although the technique was extremely malicious, it was also very profound. As such, Chen Xiang was very eager to learn and understand the depths of the [Engulfing Devil Skill], he wanted to see through all the ins and outs of this technique .

“Do not presume to see through this devil skill. Not to mention you, even I do not have the ability to do so. The creator of this devil skill was a peerless genius, every exercise he ever created was mighty and profound, but equally frightening.” Admiration could clearly be noticed in Bai Youyou’s voice.

Chen Xiang also began to admire this mysterious figure. After learning the devil skill, he started walking towards the location of the Black Wind Gang. Although they were clean on the surface, the Black Wind Gang was one of the underworld forces in King City. They were secretly responsible for a lot of the shady things going on inside King City, and had even set up headquarters here. From this, Chen Xiang was sure that the Black Wind Gang had a large force backing them up, he also suspected this patron to be none other than the Yao Family.

Ever since the disappearance of Yao Tianhua and that Yao Family Elder, most of the underworld forces had been eradicated. However, the Black Wing Gang still remained, from this fact along, anyone could easily determine the reason behind it.

The Black Wing Gang had also tried to assassinate Chen Xiang, there was absolutely no way he would let that go unanswered.

Chen Xiang saw a big mansion in the distance, as loud sounds were bursting out from inside and could be heard from quite far away. After some time, he finally remembered that the Black Wing Gang had been preparing for up leader’s 70th birthday, and presumably the birthday feast was currently being held.

The corner of Chen Xiang’s mouth slightly rose, revealing a cold smirk. The Black Wind Gang had sent people to kill him, and most certainly acquired a lot of benefits, moreover, they definitely thought they had succeeded.

Although there was the rule that no one was allowed to fight inside King City, it was also deemed a special exception for personal matters, much less an attempted assassination!

At this time, the front door of the Black Wing Gang’s Mansion suddenly opened. Dozens of guards came out from inside. When they saw Chen Xiang and his neither magnificent nor luxurious attire, they hastily put away their drinks and asked, “Who are you?”

Chen Xiang glanced at them, it was clear from the look in his eyes that he thought of their existence as little more than ants, with a look of utter disdain he said, “Chen Xiang of Dan King Hall!”

Those dozen or so guards suddenly got surprised for a second. They had long heard of Chen Xiang, but had never seen him in person before. They had not expected for Chen Xiang to arrive here. Today was there leader’s birthday, furthermore the Black Wing Gang and the Yao Family were very close. Now the he had appeared here, the guards could easily guess his intentions.

“What are you doing here? Our chief never invited you!” One of the guards said. His tone was neither overbearing nor harsh, he didn’t dare to do so. After all, Chen Xiang was a martial artists belonging to the 7th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Even more so, he was one of the youngest alchemists, the guards status simply could not be even compared with Chen Xiang’s.

One of the guards left to quickly inform their leader, these common guards did not have enough authority to handle this kind of matter. Plus, Chen Xiang was being sly and difficult, he was simply standing in front of the entrance.

Not long after, the noises coming from inside the mansion died down. From his divine sense, Chen Xiang gathered that many people with strengths ranging from the 5th to the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm were currently heading towards his location. Chen Xiang was secretly astonished, he didn’t think this Black Wind Gang Leader to have connections with with such powerful figures, unexpectedly, he also seemed to have rather decent relations with them.

Both of Chen Xiang’s hands were behind his back, he remained standing in a very relaxed manner right in front of the entrance. With a steady gaze, he watched that group of people wearing luxurious gowns coming towards him.

These people mostly had a middle-aged appearance. Although Chen Xiang had been staying in King City for quite some time, he had no contact with other martial arts families. However, he could still guess these people should possess a relatively good reputation and hold decent positions within those families. Perhaps even a few of them would be a patriarch of their own family.

Everyone was watching the proud and clank teenager. Seeing that the calm look on Chen Xiang’s face, the crowd could not help but secretly praise him inside their hearts. For them, it was unbelievable that Chen Xiang was only sixteen years old, the people of the same generation in their families were nowhere close to him in either strength or bearing.

“Chen Family’s Young Master, today is my birthday. If is not an urgent matter, I would like to enjoy this day without interruptions, is it possible we can discuss whatever matter you have another time?” The Black Wing Gang’s Leader was a vigorous and healthy old man. The black leather cloak he was wearing gave him a prestigious look, but a hint of shock flashed past his pair of eagle like eyes when he saw Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang caught that slight change in expression, while thinking about how to proceed, he suddenly smiled. With a clear and resonant voice, he said, “Chief Hei, I came to bring you some good news. Today, as I was heading back to King City, I encountered some people posing as members of the Black Wing Gang and therefore I eradicated them.”

The Black Wing Gang’s Leader’s pupils immediately fiercely contracted, he asked, “How do you know they were not actually members of my Black Wing Gang?

Chen Xiang slightly raised his lips and smiled, “Simple, although they had around three hundred people, they were still killed by me. I don’t think the Black Wing Gang is so weak.”

Early today, the Black Wing Gang’s Leader had received information that a fire broke out inside the forest. They had yet to hear back from those three hundred people they had sent, and now seeing Chen Xiang come back safe and sounds, completely unharmed, Chief Hei’s heart sank down from disappointment.

The Black Wing Gang’s Leader’s cheeks started twitching as he struggled to maintain his smile after he heard Chen Xiang’s words hidden full of mockery.

Several people standing behind the Black Wind Gang’s Leader had faces filled with surprise. Chen Xiang guessed that these people must have known about the assassination attempt, and deduced that they had to be from the Yao Family.

“Was I right Chief Hei? Some forces must have been pretending to be part of your gang, they must’ve wanted to tarnish your reputation.” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I wanted to personally pass this information onto you, consider it a birthday present from me.

The Black Wind Gang’s Leader’s eyes shivered. His eyes and heart were both filled with anger and sorrow. Those three hundred people had been led by his son, they had wanted to present Chen Xiang’s head to their boss as a birthday present, but the Black Wind Gang’s Leader had not though they would all be killed by Chen Xiang!

“Chen Xiang!” The Black Wind Gang’s Leader suddenly shouted, Chen Xiang halted in his steps after he heard the shout.

Chen Xiang twisted his head back, while looking indifferent with a smile on his face, he asked, “Chief Hei, what’s the matter?”

The Black Wing Gang’s Leader’s voice was trembling, he barely squeezed out two words from his mouth, “Many thanks!”

“No problem!” Chen Xiang slightly smiled and then strode off into the distance.


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