Chapter 440 – Devil Lord’s Resurrection

The strongest part of Sun Xueren was that giant skeletal arm of his, but now it had been ripped out by Chen Xiang, seriously injuring Sun Xueren in the due process as well. Now, Sun Xueren’s defeat was already set in stone.

This sudden reversal was completely out of everyone’s expectation! Earlier, those Nirvana Realm experts had concluded that Chen Xiang would not be able to cope with that kind of diabolical power. However, Chen Xiang had proved them wrong and told everyone with actions that this kind of diabolical power was no threat to him.

Sun Xueren was struggling on the ground. His face laced with pain. Much to everyone’s dismay, black blood was flowing out from the shoulder where his arm was ripped out, giving jitters to the onlookers.

What was even stranger was that not even a trickle of blood flowed out from the ripped away arm in Chen Xiang’s hand.

Although Chen Xiang had ripped Sun Xueren’s arm, he could not let his guard down, for he could still sense a diabolical power coming from that arm, madly attacking his body, looking for a chance to occupy his body.

The giant skeletal arm should have turned normal after getting ripped out, but it did not. On the contrary, it was madly struggling, wanting to shake off Chen Xiang.

Had it not for Chen Xiang using a lot of Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to resist the evil force seeping into his body, perhaps he would have been defeated by that giant skeletal arm already.

Looking at Sun Xueren writhing on the ground, Chen Xiang put some distance from him bit by bit, for he could feel the arm affecting Sun Xueren’s mind.

Chen Xiang was well aware of the antecedents that this giant skeletal arm. It was an ancient evil soul, left behind by a great devil lord named Evil Skeletal Devil Lord, through which the great devil lord may resurrect. And now, judging from the scene before him, he came to believe it even more so.

Suddenly, a black violent mass of energy broke out from that giant skeletal arm. Chen Xiang spewed a mouthful of blood from the corresponding impact, leaving him no choice but the let go of that giant skeletal arm.

Everyone was even more amazed by the sight of the arm that was ripped away by Chen Xiang returning back to Sun Xueren’s body and quickly fusing with Sun Xueren’s shoulder.

Whereupon, Sun Xueren stood up, sweating profusely. And that pale as corpse face of his now had an incomparably hideous look, giving Chen Xiang a sinister look. Chen Xiang felt as if he was stared at by a devil.

Sun Xueren looked at the restored giant skeletal claw first, and then, suddenly looked up as he broke into a crazed laughter. Listening to that diabolical laughter, everyone’s heart was gripped with trepidation. Even those Nirvana Realm martial artists in the stands had a solemn look on their faces, because Sun Xueren was too evil, but he was also an expert of righteous path.

A top-grade King’s vein martial artist and the eldest apprentice of Wang Quan, after having fused with that horrifying evil martial soul, would surely become extremely strong. And at this instance, even Chen Xiang could not help but acknowledge the formidability of this Evil Skeleton Martial Soul.

But in fact, Chen Xiang wasn’t worried about this, but rather the soul of the ancient devil lord hiding inside that martial soul!

“You almost ruined my good thing, but thanks to you, I also woke up, hahaha…” Surprisingly, Sun Xueren’s voice had changed. It had become very coarse. That kind of low and deep voice gave jitters to the listeners.

Upon hearing this, Chen Xiang’s complexion changed as he continuously retreated a few steps. He didn’t actually expect the Evil Skeleton Devil Lord to actually succeed in seizing Sun Xueren’s body. The Evil Skeleton Devil Lord had resurrected!

“You are in a real trouble!” Bai Youyou said in a serious tone.

“Do you need my strength?” Long Xueyi asked. She could clearly sense how horrifying the strength of that Evil Skeleton Devil Lord was.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and said, “Not for the moment!”

Sun Xueren had already dead, his soul had been engulfed by the Evil Skeleton Devil Lord already.

“Don’t be surprised, I am still Sun Xueren, but I am the new Sun Xueren!” Sun Xueren broke into a hideous laughter as his other arm suddenly shook. Black qi spread all over the place as a giant skeletal arm appeared.

The onlookers could not help but gasp in shock by the sight of Sun Xueren having two giant skeletal claws.

Wang Quan’s face, which was down-casted and furious, was now beaming with joy. Although he had noticed that there was something wrong with Sun Xueren, he felt it was not that big of a problem. As long as Sun Xueren could defeat Chen Xiang, Sun Xueren would become the champion of the tournament. As far as he was concerned, it was nothing but good.

“Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, huh! I will engulf your soul and extract this divine exercise from your memories, hahaha…” Peals of Sun Xueren’s laughter rang in the arena as he leaped towards Chen Xiang. His current speed was far faster than before.

Chen Xiang was already prepared. The moment he saw Sun Xueren taking the action, he prepared himself for defense as he congealed a lot of Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi and infused it into the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor. At this instance, the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor had already emerged, covering his entire body. However, because of his clothes, it was not visible to the onlookers.

That giant skeletal claw came swooping at Chen Xiang’s chest, in response to which Chen Xiang waved his hand out to defend, so that his elbow would slam into that skeletal claw. Sparks flew everywhere from the subsequent impact. The Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor was very powerful. That impact had pushed Sun Xueren a few steps back.

Judging the blackened look on Sun Xueren’s face, Chen Xiang knew that his Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi was working on Sun Xueren. It could suppress him.

“Devil Lord, so what if you have resurrected again? This time, I will send you to your grave thoroughly!” Chen Xiang’s fists suddenly glowed with a holy white aura, it was what came out of the fusion of the dragon force and the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi.

Chen Xiang took a leap before a qi blast took place underneath his feet, propelling him with a crushing force. At the same time, Chen Xiang brandished his fist like crazy, creating a veil of after images, that pounded at Sun Xueren with a momentum that seemed it could topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

By the sight of this, a solemn look took over Sun Xueren’s face. The punches were already upon him, all he could do was use those giant skeletal claws of his to protect his head and not let his head suffer those horrifying punches.

With just one punch, the entire arena was shaking fiercely. But Chen Xiang had now fired tens of punches at the same time, crazily pounding on those stiff skeletal arms.

Everyone had already noticed that Sun Xueren was a bit weird as if he had turned into another person. By the sight of an extra skeletal arm, everyone was secretly worried for Chen Xiang. But they had not imagined that Chen Xiang would still be so powerful and crazily pound on those giant skeletal arms of Sun Xueren using dragon force, to the point that Sun Xueren was unable to launch any counterattack.

Chen Xiang’s punches were quite fast. Every second, he would rain down a few dozen punches, producing shock waves after shock waves, shaking the entire Divine Martial Palace continuously. Everytime that kind of loud bang resounded, it was followed by a turbulent qi wave spreading in all direction, slamming into the barrier around the arena.

If this barrier had not been there, the square would have been destroyed a couple hundred times already!

Suddenly, peals of thunders rang in the distance. The clear sky was suddenly covered in churning dark clouds as lightning flashed amid the clouds again and again. Nevertheless, Chen Xiang continued his violent assault on Sun Xueren, leaving Sun Xueren unable to launch any kind of counterattack.

Now, all Sun Xueren could do was defend. If he slacked even once, his head would be smashed into a pulp by Chen Xiang, like a tomato for sure.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang let out a roar. It was a dragon’s roar, in fact. The clothes covering his upper body were suddenly blasted into smithereens, while the place where his right arm connected with shoulder shone with a white light. It was the white dragon tattoo!

“Is…is his arm fused with a dragon soul?” someone cried in shock.

The sky had turned very dark from the dark clouds. Whereas an aura filled with a very odd energy erupted from the white dragon tattoo on Chen Xiang’s right arm. That kind of ancient and powerful aura was incomparably foreboding, making everyone feel as if that dragon tattoo was alive!


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