Chapter 441 – Heavenly Dragon Subduing the Devil

When Liu Menger, Gu Dongchen, and the others saw the white dragon tattoo on Chen Xiang, they treated it like it was nothing, they only thought Chen Xiang liked dragons, that’s why he got it.

But now, sensing the powerful aura gushing out from that white dragon, they could not help but associate it with a dragon soul!

Beast souls were also a kind of martial souls, the acquired martial souls! They were the souls that remained after some powerful beasts had died. A majority of the beast’s strength was stored in that soul. After fusing with it, one could obtain a very astonishing strength. Furthermore, he or she could also get some of the martial techniques of that beast soul. These martial techniques were also called beast martial techniques!

Upon recalling this point, everyone believed even more so that it was a dragon soul that was fused with Chen Xiang’s arm! A dragon was a divine beast. A beast soul of that level was the strongest of all. Thereby, the beast martial technique that Chen Xiang had obtained was also very horrifying, or so they believed.

Some of the people who had once seen Chen Xiang’s battle understood as to why any martial techniques that Chen Xiang employed always were in the form of a dragon!

At this moment, Chen Xiang was using Long Xueyi’s strength. He knew that he could not defeat that resurrected Evil Skeleton Devil Lord with his own strength. It might seem that he was completely suppressing the Evil Skeleton Devil Lord, but that was just temporary.

His dragon force was limited. Furthermore, it’s rate of consumption was astonishingly fast. As the matter stood, he couldn’t even cause any injuries to the Evil Skeleton Devil Lord. Evil Skeleton Devil Lord had also noticed this point, that was why he was very calm.

Therefore, Chen Xiang could only borrow Long Xueyi’s strength and cast the strongest killing technique—the Heavenly Dragon Seal!

The Heavenly Dragon Seal did not just use the caster’s strength when cast out, it also borrowed the strength of the heaven and the earth. That was also the reason it was so powerful. The stronger its caster was, the more strength of the heaven and the earth he could borrow

Long Xueyi’s strength was very unique. It could very easily fuse with Chen Xiang’s strength and become a lot stronger. Furthermore, Long Xueyi’s strength itself was nothing to scoff at. In addition, her spiritual energy was also very strong. As a result, the Heavenly Dragon Seal cast was even stronger.

Only with this move could Chen Xiang completely kill the Evil Skeleton Devil Lord who was in his growth phase!

Watching the rising winds and scudding clouds, many people who had seen Chen Xiang’s fight knew that Chen Xiang was about to cast a very powerful move. Last Time he had even destroyed the Fragrance City’s square. That scene was still fresh in Gu Dongchen and the others’ minds.

Very soon, everyone came to learn of that frightening move and were ready to jump!

Wang Quan wanted to block them, but there were a couple hundred Nirvana Realm martial artists watching. If he did this, he would be stopped by those Nirvana Realm experts for sure. Furthermore, he was confident about Sun Xueren. When he saw Sun Xueren’s other arm also turning into the skeletal claw he knew Sun Xueren had evolved, he was even more powerful!

Chen Xiang was stalling until he had gathered enough of heaven and earth forces. He was mainly gathering the Spirit Qi and lightning. The Heavenly Dragon Seal he was casting this time wasn’t the same as before. It was a special move to deal with the devil.

“If you cast the Furious Dragon’s Retribution, it’s sufficient. But if you want to cast the Subduing Dragon Seal, it is still lacking!” Long Xueyi pointed it out as she continued to pass the casting method to Chen Xiang’s mind.

Dark clouds had covered the sky. But they were mainly gathered above the arena, forming a whirlpool of dark clouds, which gave no small pressure to Sun Xueren. He too had heard of this move. Even if he had fused with the Evil Skeleton Devil Lord, he still could not fathom from where Chen Xiang learned such a powerful dragon martial technique.

“That’s it!” Long Xueyi shouted in a lovely voice as a flash of white light erupted from Chen Xiang’s right arm. In fact, Long Xueyi was instilling her own energy into Chen Xiang.

While Chen Xiang was pounding Sun Xueren, he was reading the incantation as well!

The thunder clapped and lightning flashed in the sky as the wind tore through the ground. Even the ground was slightly shaking. The entire scene gave the impression that the entire world was coming to an end, scaring the hell out of everyone.

The black whirlpool over the martial arts stage started rotating like crazy, sucking the dark clouds surrounding it into the whirl. Meanwhile, Chen Xiang’s spiritual energy and the vigorous True Qi madly rushed into the sky, sucking even those lightning strikes into that whirlpool.

As everyone raised their heads, many people gulped nervously by the sight of the sheer mass of energy contained inside that huge whirlpool. They immediately gather their strength underneath their feet; ready to jump at a moment notice. Once that horrifying energy struck down, they would jump into the sky.

Wang Quan and the other Nirvana Realm experts noticed that although that mass of energy was huge, it wasn’t that strong. They believed it wasn’t strong enough to destroy the arrays surrounding the arena.

“Heavenly Dragon Seal, Subduing the Devil!” As Chen Xiang finished chanting, a dragon roar reverberated in the sky before that ball of light in the sky which had all kinds of energy stored in it flashed with a white light.

“Roar~” A dragon roar pierced through the nine heavens. At that moment, a disastrous aura came crushing down, covering the entire King City. Horrifying tremors ran through the ground. Those cultivators who had long prepared to jump, leaped into the sky instantly.

At this moment, a white dragon emerged from that whirlpool. That huge white dragon was as natural as though it was living. It was releasing a holy white aura. Its majestic bearing gave a newfound chill to everyone.

The dragon roars continued one after another as the huge white dragon came rushing down from the sky, crashing into the arena. At that moment, all the arrays on the martial arts stage were broken completely. The few Divine Martial Palace elders immediately laid a barrier, nonetheless, they were late by a step. After that dreadful energy crashed into Sun Xueren, it burst forth with a powerful qi that seeped deep into the ground, before exploding. A wave of energy spread in all direction, enveloping the square, as well as the faraway pavilions; many cracks had appeared on them.

The martial arts stage was affected most tragically. After having been enveloped in a white aura, explosions rang to no end. It seemed as if many huge white dragons continued to emerge from that whirlpool and rushed straight towards the ground, madly crashing into that arena.

About thirty white dragons congealed from energy, giving out majestic dragon roars struck the ground like lightning. Almost half of that huge square that was as big as a small city was split. All the faraway pavilions were also trampled from the shockwave.

That kind of strength was far stronger than an early stage Spirit Martial Realm cultivator! How could it not, it was an attack cast using the strength of both Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi. Not to mention that an all-powerful spiritual power was cast. The attack was created using the forces of the heaven and earth. It was endlessly powerful!

Soon, the heaven and the earth calmed down. The earlier attack was so powerful that they felt as if the world was coming to end. Even those Nirvana Realm powerhouses dreaded that dragon martial technique of Chen Xiang; if Chen Xiang was in Nirvana Realm, it would be even stronger for sure!

The martial arts stage no longer existed! However, Chen Xiang and Sun Xueren were still there. Although Chen Xiang was also standing on the arena, he wasn’t affected by the attack, for it was him who had cast that spiritual power.

As for Sun Xueren, he was lying on the ground. Those giant skeletal arms of his had already disappeared, reverted back to their original appearance. His entire body looked like a mummified corpse. His face was completely pale as if he was scared shitless.

“In the future, I would never go to watch this guy’s fight, ever! It is simply suicidal!” A man crashed down from the sky. Had they not escaped a moment ago, perhaps they would have been blown away already.

“Yeah! Last time I was a bit slower to react and was buried in the rubble!”

“That guy is a complete freak!”


At this moment, many people sighed with emotions. Had it not been for those arrays on the martial arts stage, perhaps everything would have been destroyed completely!

With Sun Xueren’s death, Chen Xiang took a long, deep breath. Nearly all of his True Qi had been consumed.

Wang Quan’s facial muscles twitched as he walked onto the stage. Just as he touched Sun Xueren’s corpse, that corpse transformed into ashes and scattered with the wind!

By the sight of this, everyone was started!

“You…you won!” Wang Quan shouted in a hoarse voice. His entire body quivering with anger.


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