Chapter 444 – A Huge Reward

The middle-aged could guess what Chen Xiang must be thinking. He chuckled and said, “This is not the reward I want to give you, it will let you see a person!”

“Who am I meeting?” Chen Xiang immediately felt extremely disappointed. What kind of a reward was meeting a person? He may as well receive some real treasure.

When Chen Xiang’s gaze landed on that crystal ball, a gust of gentle aura emanated from the crystal ball suddenly, projecting on the ground. A translucent figure, seemingly false and real at the same time, appeared before Chen Xiang.

Seeing this man, Chen Xiang was momentarily dumbfounded. Meanwhile, that middle-aged man hastily bowed down to greet. “Your Excellency, it’s a bit complicated, please listen to me first.”

In fact, Chen Xiang recognized the man projected by the crystal ball. It was none other than Wu Canghong whom Chen Xiang had met under the Heroes Mountain earlier. When that middle-aged man addressed Wu Canghong as ‘Your Excellency’, it was quite evident that Wu Canghong may very well be the Human King.

[TLN: What author has used is 大殿主, roughly translated as Great Palace Lord, but I changed it to Your Excellency.]

Wu Canghong broke into laughter as he said, “Little Brother, we are really destined, we meet again!”

The middle-aged man had not yet had the time to report the matter before he heard Wu Canghong’s word, which greatly surprised him.

Much to his surprise, Chen Xiang had met their Human King. Furthermore, from the looks of it, their relation was pretty good as well. It was very difficult to be appreciated by the Human King. The middle-aged man was quite familiar with Wu Canghong’s personality, he rarely saw that kind of expression in Wu Canghong’s eyes when meeting others.

Wu Canghong was someone who cultivated in Shinto. And Shinto cultivators were pretty rare. Therefore, he was very friendly with Chen Xiang because he believed that Chen Xiang was just like him. In the future, maybe he could discuss the Shinto cultivation with Chen Xiang.

“You go out first! Let him tell me about this matter himself,” Wu Canghong said. That middle-aged man immediately peeked a glance at Chen Xiang with an incomprehensible look in his eyes before promptly taking his leave from this stone room.

Chen Xiang burst into a mischievous laugh as he said, “Senior Wu, your background is really big! You turned out to be the illustrious Human King!”

Listening to Chen Xiang’s remark, Wu Canghong shook his head as he broke into laughter, “Human King my ass, it’s a title given to me by others. I was just a bit powerful in my clan which later brought about the development of my clansmen, nothing more, nothing less.”

“Tell me, how did you come here? You wouldn’t have won that King’s Martial Arts Assembly, have you?”

Chen Xiang roared with laughter as he nodded and said, “I am sorry, your King’s Vein martial artists were beaten by me…”

Thereafter, he once again narrated the details of King’s Martial Arts Assembly to Wu Canghong.

After Wu Canghong came to know of that Evil Skelton Martial Soul matter, he fumed with anger. “This Wang Quan is looking down on my King’s Palace more and more! It looks like, after managing the Divine Martial Palace for many years, his ambition has grown a lot!”

“As for how to deal with him, it would depend on King’s Palace of the mortal world. I am from Heavenly Realm, I can’t intervene in mortal world’s matter. This is a principle. Although I may not adhere to the rules, this thing is conscious, or else all the worlds would fall into disorder.”

“Then, Senior, so to say, I will not be getting any reward, will I? What a pity!” Chen Xiang said, sighing intentionally.

“Kiddo, are you still not satisfied after getting the Luo Tian Door? I can’t give you anything now and also can’t order the King’s Palace to give you anything. However, I can tell you the location of a hidden herb garden. It might not be a mysterious realm but it’s a bit dangerous!”

Chen Xiang’s eyes immediately lit up. This was a pretty big “reward”. He hastily asked, “Where is that place?”

“It’s in the King’s Mainland! Let loose your mind, I will impart the map into your brain,” Wu Canghong said.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes as he let loose his entire body. Suddenly some extra information appeared in his mind, it was a map. The map was very vast and detailed, pointing to a remote place from the King City. More importantly, the route to it was quite dangerous!

“This is given to me by a guy named Li Tianjun. He is one crazy guy who is mad about alchemy, and very stingy to boot! He once stayed in Kings’ Mainland for some time, where he planted a herb garden. However, now, he has already arrived at the Heavenly Realm, therefore, that herb garden has been deserted already. He also didn’t leave any behind, so, he told it to me! In fact, I was cheated by him at first, and that’s the only reason I got this useless herb garden.”

Dan King Li Tianjun! Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao were greatly taken aback all of a sudden. Earlier, he was rumored to have died already. Now, it appeared that he was quite alive and kicking.

In the past, when Chen Xiang was making his way to the Extreme Martial Sect, he had obtained a herb garden, which was also left behind Li Tianjun. Then, once again, he had encountered the second herb garden in Lu Family’s Herb King Mountain. And from there, he had gotten the clue of the top mysterious realm!

World’s first mysterious realm, where all kinds of rare and precious herb could be found. In the past, Li Tianjun had been hunted down because of this! Chen Xiang had a detailed map. A year or so after Chen Xiang had obtained that map, there were indications of the occurrence of a solar eclipse. However, at that time, Chen Xiang had missed it. Therefore, he was waiting for next time. At that time, his still wasn’t strong enough to traverse through various mainlands. But now, it was different. He had been waiting for the solar eclipse to approach because the mysterious realm would open only then.

“That guy had also said that he was quite famous in the Mortal Martial World. And now, he is still doing rather well in the alchemists’ circle of Heavenly Realm! This guy is a genius. He is quite proficient in alchemy, refining equipment, as well as in arranging arrays. And he is quite powerful, and also somewhat crafty!” said Wu Canghong.

Chen Xiang broke into laughter and said, “When I arrive at the Heavenly Realm, I have to thank him! The herb gardens left behind by him had brought me no small amount of benefits. I had chanced upon two of his herb garden earlier.”

“I will sure to tell him this! Well, I hope that next time I see it will be in the Heavenly Realm! I am looking forward to that day,” Wu Canghong said, laughing. And waving his hand at Chen Xiang, his figure slowly disappeared.

Chen Xiang left the stone room himself, a smile on his face. After that middle-aged man saw Chen Xiang, he asked, “How did you know his excellency?”

Chen Xiang, pretending to be mysterious, replied, “It’s a secret. He asked me not to reveal it. I want to return now!”

Although he had to retrieve that reward himself, Chen Xiang thought that it was a pretty good harvest already.

Seeing the expression in Chen Xiang’s eyes, that middle-aged man led Chen Xiang respectfully to a hall. In the hall, there was a teleportation array.

The middle-aged man promptly activated the transmission array after Chen Xiang stood on it. Immediately after, Chen Xiang disappeared and appeared before the entrance of that huge palace of Divine Martial Palace.

Where Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen was waiting for him. They were worried that Wang Quan had secretly assassinated Chen Xiang.

“I am alright, let’s go back!” Chen Xiang broke into a laugh as he assured them. After Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger, who were standing in the pavilion far away, heard it, they too left with ease.

“Scoundrel, when are you coming back? I am still not convinced about my defeat, I still want to fight with you!” Lanlan, followed by an old man, shouted aloud from afar.

Hearing this, Chen Xiang could not help but burst into laughter as he said, “You want me to look for you for a fight? Why don’t you pay a visit yourself? Why would I come and look for you? But even if you come, we have to see if I am in the mood!”

“Hmph, even if you don’t want to, you have to! This lady here is the strongest woman of the Blue Blood Family!” Lanlan harrumphed charmingly, sticking her tongue out at Chen Xiang. By the sight of her wry face, Chen Xiang and the others suddenly couldn’t help but laugh.

Mo Tian hadn’t arrived. He had already left with his clansmen.

It was also the first time Chen Xiang had ever seen an elder of Blue Blood Family. It was that smiling old man sitting next to Lanlan.

Bidding goodbyes to Lanlan, Chen Xiang and the others stepped into the teleportation array. With the conclusion of King’s Martial Arts Assembly, Chen Xiang’s name had spread far and wide across the entire Kings’ Mainland.

“I will come back!” When Chen Xiang stepped into the teleportation array, he said in his heart, as there still that “huge reward” he needed to retrieve himself.


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