Chapter 445 – Elder Dan’s Decision

Having returned to the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang came to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard without further ado and then, slept, just slept.

When Chen Xiang woke up, a silhouette dressed in black and a white muslin on its face suddenly entered his gaze, scaring the hell out of him. He was so scared that he let out a sharp scream.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You scared me to death!” Chen Xiang shouted snappily. At first, he had been scared by Elder Dan, however, now, he was rather happy to see her because he finally got to see Elder Dan after so long.

Elder Dan harrumphed lightly and said, “Where is the herb garden?”

“I moved it because of some things. Therefore…at that time, I thought I may have to escape, however, due to my vigorous effort to turn the tide, I was able to save the situation and avoided getting hunt down,” explained Chen Xiang.

Taking out a White Jade Lotus Seed, Chen Xiang gave it to Elder Dan and said, laughing, “Little girl, this is for you, consider is a repayment for giving me the Five Element True Elemental Dan’s herbs last time, it really helped me a lot!”

Elder Dan was taken aback momentarily before taking it. She would never say no to anything given by Chen Xiang.

“Very conscientious of you! Tell me the truth, have you learned the Refining Simulation Technique?” Elder Dan asked. Although she sounded cold, Chen Xiang could feel that her attitude towards him had turned for better. There was a kind of inexplicable gentleness. He couldn’t help but act in a well-behaved manner.

Chen Xiang nodded his affirmation as he replied, “Yes! I didn’t expect that you would even know about this!”

Elder Dan, storing the White Jade Lotus Seed, turned around and said, “Of course, I would know about it. Don’t think that I would not know anything since I had gone into seclusion for training!”

“Little Girl, why didn’t you greet me, or addressed me as martial uncle for that matter. Just now, I gave you such a precious thing and you still haven’t thanked me!” Chen Xiang said, laughing.

Elder Dan countered, speaking in a cold voice, “Don’t you want to look at my appearance?”

Chen Xiang was immediately tempted. “That’s all I have been dreaming of. You mean to say you will show me now?”

“As I have said, as long as you can defeat me, I will be yours. However, you still have a long way to go!”

Chen Xiang immediately snorted and said, “Then, why all this bullshitting? Do you like teasing me!?”

Elder Dan suddenly heaved a light sigh and said, “You have three years, in these three years you have to refine a low-grade earth level dan for me. Then, we will have an alchemy contest, and as long as you won, I will accept my defeat!”

Her sigh was full of complex emotions, which Chen Xiang found difficult to understand. He came to realize that Elder Dan must have encountered something.

“Why?” Chen Xiang, pondering for a moment, asked.

The current Elder Dan gave off the impression that she could not wait to marry him. But he used to think that Elder Dan was just speaking dismissively. How could she possibly become his just after getting defeated, he was skeptical about it and treated it as a nonsense.

“I am preparing for my eighth tribulation! Therefore, if you want to see my face, this is your last chance!” Elder Dan’s voice was filled with helplessness.

Chen Xiang immediately felt a twinge of pain upon hearing. He felt a bit sad and very dejected as well.

“You can choose to not cross the tribulation, can’t you? Haven’t many people done the same?” said Chen Xiang. Mysterious and cold as Elder Dan was always, Chen Xiang felt that he could get along with her. He regarded her as a good friend. Furthermore, both were alchemist; so, Chen Xiang could not bear to part with her.

“No! I don’t want to act timid in my life, ever. You know, if I shrank once, I will shrink twice. Then, I won’t have the guts to face the Nirvana Tribulation ever again. That’s why many Nirvana Realm martial artists die of old age! My strength has arrived at a bottleneck, I have already done all level of preparations,” Elder Dan replied in a stern voice.

Refining a low-grade earth level dan in three years!? At present, Chen Xiang’s divine sense and flame had already reached the threshold. What left was finding the herbs, which was rather difficult. If Elder Dan failed to cross her tribulation, it would be impossible for Chen Xiang to see what Elder Dan looked like.

“My master can…”

“I’ll go to him. However, even if I knew what I will be facing in the Nirvana Tribulation, a certain level of danger is still there. It’s impossible to have a complete assurance. Therefore, I am giving you three years for you to prove that you can be as good as me!” Elder Dan said in a serious manner.

Chen Xiang felt depressed. “Even if I can have you, so what? You still have to cross your tribulation, don’t you? Furthermore, I don’t want to marry you, haven’t I said that Xianxian has to agree first. I just want to take a look at your face!”

After three years, Chen Xiang would be in his thirties. If he could refine earth-level dans by then, that would make him the topmost genius of the world. Elder Dan thought that if she could find a man with such a talent as a support, it wasn’t unwise at all. And as she herself was an alchemist, the two would get along far better.

“Hmph, anyway, you have to treat this contest seriously. It may be my last alchemy contest. Furthermore, I haven’t had a man until now, I want to let a man worthy of me to look at my face before I die!” said Elder Dan.

Chen Xiang heaved a long sigh. “Sigh, if I came to like you, wouldn’t it make me sad if you want to cross the tribulation!”

“But, it’s also possible for me to successfully cross the tribulation!” said Elder Dan.

In order to ease up the atmosphere, Chen Xiang deliberately laughed and said, “It seems that I can only give it a try. As long as you become mine, you will be at my mercy! Hei hei, I always wanted to strip you clean…”

Elder Dan, noticing Chen Xiang’s perverted gaze focused on her chest, tenderly snorted, “I will see you again after three years!”

As suddenly as Elder Dan came, she left as quickly as well. Chen Xiang heaved a sigh, shaking his head. He knew that he had slept for a long while already. At this time, rubbing his hands, he said as his lips rose into a perverted smile, “Beautiful Sisters, are you ready?”

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, in order to encourage Chen Xiang into getting the Fruit of Fortune, promised Chen Xiang that they will kiss him if he could get the Fruit of Fortune.

It was one thing to say at that time, but acting on it was another. Now, it was the time to follow up on it. They were feeling a bit reluctant. Although they could break their promise, they didn’t want to cheat Chen Xiang. Not to mention, it was not the first time for Su Meiyao already.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou came out of the ring. They were wearing the very same beautiful dresses bought by Chen Xiang. Su Meiyao was wearing an elegant bluish-purple one piece, that was decorated with embroidery. When that kind of beautiful dress was worn by such a charming and seductive woman, it added much to her elegance and charm, giving her a graceful bearing.

Bai Youyou, on the other hand, was wearing a pure white one piece, which boosted her elegance and charm even more so. She was completely surrounded by a noble and dignified air. And those ice-cold pupils of hers were staring at Chen Xiang with an inexplicable tenderness.

As soon as Chen Xiang thought of kissing this elegant and cold beauty, Chen Xiang’s blood started boiling, filling him up with excitement and anticipation!

“Hmph, who do you want first?” Su Meiyao, seeing Chen Xiang staring at them with a dishonest gaze, spat down on the ground.

Chen Xiang very much wanted to say, ‘Both of you, come together!”

Imagining kissing the two peerless fairies at the same time, an evil fire rose in Chen Xiang’s lower abdomen.


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