Chapter 447- Returning to the Kings’ Mainland

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had witnessed Chen Xiang’s growth, step by step. Since his youth, the pains and labors he had suffered didn’t go unnoticed to them. Their heart ached when they saw Chen Xiang go through all sorts of hardships just to speed up his growth. And the main reason behind all this was them, all in order to fulfill the contract he had signed with them at the Immortal and Devil Cliff.

However, Chen Xiang had never complained or anything. Which moved them very much. Over time, they came to have peculiar feelings for Chen Xiang, and even they could hardly describe it clearly.

After having rested for two days, he sought Yun Xiaodao and the others to have a meal together before leaving the Extreme Martial Province!

At present, he still had one last reward he had yet to obtain. And that was the very herb garden which Wu Canghong had told him about. He didn’t want to go alone at all, so, he went to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to look for Liu Menger.

Having arrived at the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Chen Xiang didn’t find Liu Menger. An elder told him that Liu Menger had gone to the Icewind Valley, where she would be staying for some time. Apparently, there was a secret place there, where she was helping Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian in cultivation.

In the beginning, Chen Xiang came for Leng Youlan because Leng Youlan had always wanted to take an adventure trip with him. He was also planning to take Xue Xianxian. With their strength, it would not have been a problem to look for the herb garden in the Kings’ Mainland.

Regretfully, he could not find anyone.

Having left the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Chen Xiang came to Fragrance City in the Taoyuan Province. He came here to look for the seductive Hua Xiangyue.

When Hua Xiangyue came to know Chen Xiang came looking for her, she arrived immediately.

“For what do I owe the pleasure? How about I take you to the Danxiang Taoyuan? You can directly come to me there in the future.” Hua Xiangyue was wearing a simple dress, a set of black tights and a ponytail for her hairstyle. Be that as it may, it could not cover that charming and captivating figure of hers.

“For now, let’s not. Rather, I want you to come with me!” said Chen Xiang. To ensure safety, he was planning on taking Hua Xiangyue with him.

Hua Xiangyue was an alchemist and the head of Danxiang Taoyuan. The tycoons of various mainlands would give a face to her. Most importantly, she was extremely strong as well.

Now, Chen Xiang was ordering Hua Xiangyue as if she was his maid.

“You finally came to realize how good I am!” Hua Xiangyue said, laughing charmingly. After the revelation of her identity, the tycoons of all mainlands treated her with great respect, as if they were afraid to offend her. This gave her a superiority complex, especially in front of Chen Xiang, this little man.

All the more reason for Chen Xiang to wonder as to why a woman of her stature would be willing to be his maid? There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with her head. More importantly, she was the empress in the alchemists’ community.

If it was some mediocre woman throwing herself into his arm, it would be rather normal. At present, there were many tycoons who were willing to offer their daughter’s’ hand in marriage to Chen Xiang. Some famous beauties of other mainlands even came to Extreme Martial Sect after having come to know Chen Xiang’s deeds, to get closer to him.

And Chen Xiang was pretty well aware of their aim. All they wanted to get was his Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, as well as to climb up the ladder using a young alchemist like him, allowing them to enjoy various precious dans.

On the other hand, Hua Xiangyue had been trying to get closer to him since the time when he was just a nameless figure!

“If my guess is right, you first went to your Sister Menger, and when you couldn’t find her, only then, you came looking for me!” Hua Xiangyue rebuked, pretending to be angry.

Pinching Chen Xiang, she continued, “Little Rascal, hurry up and tell me, where are you taking this elder sister! My hands are full, you know!”

Chen Xiang cried in pain as he grabbed those slender hands of Hua Xiangyue. “I want to go to the Kings’ Mainland to look for a herb garden! That herb garden is quite far away from the King’s Capital. More importantly, the route is a bit dangerous as well. If I want, I can ask my two martial nephews to accompany me, but Elder Sister, you are more important to me, so, I came to you!”

If Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen came to know this, Chen Xiang would definitely be swore at for “paying more attention to a lover over friends”.

Chen Xiang felt that taking a long trip with Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming would be too boring. However, if a beauty was accompanying him, especially a captivating beauty like Hua Xiangyue, it would be a different matter altogether. He could also take liberties with her, while at it.

How could Hua Xiangyue, after having lived for such a long while, not see what was going on in Chen Xiang’s mind. However, she was still very happy to accompany Chen Xiang.

“Wait a bit for me, let me dress up!” Having dropped this sentence, Hua Xiangyue left hurriedly.

Only after waiting for an hour did Chen Xiang saw Hua Xiangyue with a mask over her face. Half of her captivating face was veiled by the mask. Even her voluptuous bosom was flattened quite a bit. She must have tied a cloth over them tightly.

Hua Xiangyue, holding a sword of very poor quality, nudged Chen Xiang in his abdomen and said with a charming smile, “If we encounter any danger, just stay and watch from the sidelines, let this lady do everything.”

Chen Xiang, aiming at her chest, said with a perverted laugh, “Your rabbits are tied up too tightly and wrongfully. Quickly let them out and let me massage them, what if they are ruined?”

Hua Xiangyue knocked on Chen Xiang’s head with her scabbard; she wasn’t angry at all. She countered with a charming laugh, “You, Little Rascal, are perverted to the core. Believe it or not, I will tell your Sister Menger!”

“What am I afraid of? I have massaged hers, Xianxian’s had also been massaged by me. Both of them enjoyed it very much!” Chen Xiang said, laughing mischievously. Nothing of that sort had happened with Liu Menger, he was just lying to Hua Xiangyue. He wanted to see her response.

“Hmph!” Hua Xiangyue harrumphed in jealousy. She hadn’t thought that Chen Xiang and Liu Menger’s relationship had arrived at this step.

Hua Xiangyue threw a mask at Chen Xiang. The mask was just enough to cover half of the face. Chen Xiang had often seen many people wearing them. With this, they could avoid some unnecessary troubles.

“How did you come to know about that herb garden?” asked Hua Xiangyue as she pulled Chen Xiang and took a leap. They flew out of the window at a breakneck speed, before landing next to a teleportation array. The current Chen Xiang could bear that kind of speed already.

“Don’t ask anymore, let’s just go!” said Chen Xiang. He had been exhorted by that middle-aged man of King’s Palace to keep the matters of King’s Palace secret.

Activating the transmission array, Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue arrived at the King’s Capital. Hua Xiangyue right away brought Chen Xiang to her place of residence.

“Xiangyue, is this yours?” Chen Xiang, sitting on the topmost floor of a four-storied building, asked. A unique fragrance belonging to Hua Xiangyue was lingering in the air. It was quite evident that Hua Xiangyue came here often.

Hua Xiangyue, pouring a cup of tea to Chen Xiang, said, “I came to the Kings’ Mainland a long time ago. Quickly tell me the position of that herb garden, so that I can determining the route.”

Chen Xiang had no idea about the Kings’ Mainland. Whereas Hua Xiangyue had traveled to many mainlands to look for the herbs. Naturally, the Kings’ Mainland had not been spared by her. Therefore, she had quite a bit understanding of Kings’ Mainland. This is also why Chen Xiang didn’t look for Gu Dongchen and the others and came to her.

Chen Xiang took out a sheet of paper and drew a simple map out of his memories. It only had some lines.

Seeing Chen Xiang’s map, Hua Xiangyue frowned and said, “That place sure is extremely dangerous. If you have gone alone, coming out of alive would have been difficult for you!”



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