Chapter 448 – Slave?

The more dangerous the place is, the more spirit herbs we might find in that herb garden. Chen Xiang was currently in need of those high-grade herbs.

“How dangerous?” asked Chen Xiang. He secretly rejoiced that he didn’t go alone. Otherwise, it would have been troublesome.

“When we arrive there, I will tell you! If there is indeed a herb garden there, I am sure that the spirit herbs there would be extraordinary. Who on earth did build a herb garden there? How long ago was it built?” Hua Xiangyue was perplexed. “I have looked for spirit herbs in the vicinity of that place and found many spirit herbs. All of which were comparatively rare. The best spirit herbs I have found were high-grade earth level herbs!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Xiang was extremely excited. He said in a low voice, “It was left behind by Dan King Li Tianjun!”

“What?” Hua Xiangyue cried in shock. “Is that true?”

“I am not lying! To be honest, I have found two such herb gardens already!” Chen Xiang stated as he broke into mischievous laughter.

“No wonder a kid like you had so many herbs! So it was like this!” Hua Xiangyue continued, sighing in lament, “If you had found your Sister Menger, you wouldn’t have to come to me, right?”

Chen Xiang said, a smile on his lips, “Of course not! I would have made you accompany me even then.” He originally wanted to invite Leng Youland and Xue Xianxian with him. Fortunately, he couldn’t do, otherwise, it would have been troublesome if they arrived at that dangerous place.

“This herb garden is in the Kings’ Mainland and hidden at such dangerous place, it wouldn’t be that world’s first mysterious realm, would it?” Hua Xiangyue’s eyes gave out radiant splendor, gazing at the map.

Chen Xiang, shaking his head, said, “It’s not the top mysterious realm. It’s just a herb garden.”

Many among the expert alchemist were aware of the matters of Dan King Li Tianjun, because he was a legendary figure in the mortal world. Not only was he famous in the Mortal Martial World, it was true in other worlds as well. Back then, when he was being hunted down, he had escaped to various worlds, where he left his precious alchemical knowledge.

“How can you be so sure?” Hua Xiangyue asked as a frown crept up on her brow.

“The person who had given me this map told me that it was just a herb garden!” Chen Xiang, pursing his lips, said. Although Chen Xiang knew where the topmost mysterious realm was, he was still not planning to tell the others.

Hua Xiangyue knew that there was a mysterious expert behind Chen Xiang, one with very high attainments in alchemy techniques. So high that they had surpassed even hers. For now, she could only believe that Chen Xiang had been informed by that mysterious figure.

“Let’s go, I am in a hurry! I have things to do!” Hua Xiangyue, wearing the mask and burning the map, brought Chen Xiang out of the building.

Hua Xiangyue was just like Su Meiyao. Both were quite captivating. That kind of charm was completely natural, and none could resist it.

Now, Chen Xiang, taking those jade-like hands of Hua Xiangyue, was slowly walking down the street. They currently looked very much look like an affectionate couple.

“Little Rascal, how are you planning to divide with me?” When Hua Xiangyue felt Chen Xiang pulling her hand and rubbing his thumb on the back of her hand from time to time, feeling her smooth beautiful hands, she could not help but snort in her heart repeatedly.

“Your share sure is there, but let’s talk about it when we arrive there!” Chen Xiang continued with a laugh, “Don’t we look like husband and wife who likes to travel around the world?”

Hua Xiangyue just let out a light harrumph in response. However, they sure looked like one. Furthermore, she didn’t abhor Chen Xiang feeling her hand.

“Hurry up, I really have something important to do!” Hua Xiangyue started pulling Chen Xiang, increasing their speed. Were it not for the fact that they were in the King’s Capital, she would have used her fastest speed a long time ago.

Chen Xiang asked in a low voice, “What important thing? Can you tell me?”

“Who are you again? Why should I tell you?” Hua Xiangyue said, laughing charmingly.

Hua Xiangyue continued to pull Chen Xiang through the streets and out of the King’s Capital just like this, chatting and laughing. Had it not been for many Nirvana Realm experts in the city, Hua Xiangyue would not have been acting in such a low-key manner, because the matter of herb garden must be kept secret. After all, this was the Kings’ Mainland. If the forces of Diving Martial Palace saw them, they would recognize them for sure.

After having made their way out of the city, they came to a secluded place, where Hua Xiangyue, dragging Chen Xiang, treaded the air, shooting through the sky. They were extremely fast, which made Chen Xiang marvel again and again. Furthermore, Hua Xiangyue wasn’t emitting any kind of fluctuations, whatsoever. Just like this, Chen Xiang was dragged at a breakneck speed above the clouds.

“If I don’t accept such a captivating woman, the heavens won’t tolerate it!” Chen Xiang’s heart started palpitating. Hua Xiangyue had always been wanting to become his maid. As long as he nodded, this captivating woman would be his slave!

Thinking of this point, Chen Xiang’s heart started to race in excitement. He felt that this matter didn’t need Xue Xianxian’s approval. After all, taking a maid was his decision.

The herb garden was quite a bit far away. It would have taken him far longer than the time it took him to complete the last race. However, all it took half a day for Hua Xiangyue to complete one half of the journey.

Only when Hua Xiangyue thought Chen Xiang won’t be able to hold on did she stop. Even if Chen Xiang had reached the Extreme State, moving at such speed and for so long, he was exhausted. Had it been an ordinary person, he would have long collapsed under that kind of pressure.

Realizing that Hua Xiangyue was pressed for time, Chen Xiang felt ashamed an uneasy. “Xiangyue, I am sorry, I have delayed your important things.”

“Hmph, why are acting all polite with me now? In the future, if you need any kind of help, you can come to me anytime, regardless of anything!”‘ Hua Xiangyue handed a cup of scented tea to Chen Xiang. The flowers for the tea were personally planted and processed into the scented tea by her, not everyone could drink it.

After drinking the tea, Chen Xiang felt refreshed. According to Su Meiyao, middle-grade profound level spirit flowers were at the very least used to create this scented tea. They might not be valuable for the alchemy, but they could be used to create the scented tea.

Now, Chen Xiang was thinking of taking her as his maid. However, he found it rather difficult to voice it out. He found it absurd actually; the honorable chairwoman of Danxiang Taoyuan, the very alchemist who is well respected by tycoons of various mainlands actually wanted to be his maid!

“Then, if you need my help in anything, you can also tell me, regardless of anything! Although I am weaker than you, in some aspects, I am better than you!” Chen Xiang said, laughing.

“I need a few sets of Resurrection Dan herbs. Of course, if you can give me that Fruit of Fortune, it would be for the best!” Hua Xiangyue charmingly laughed.

Chen Xiang stared at her blankly. He sure could give them but it would need some time. What he was curious about was what Hua Xiangyue wanted to do with the Resurrection Dan! Generally, only when one is crossing the Nirvana Tribulation, or going to do something very dangerous, they would need it.

Seeing Chen Xiang in pondering, Hua Xiangyue patted him on the shoulder. “I was joking with you! Last time, you have given so many to Meng’er, you should not too many of them, right! You will need what’s left, they would be very helpful to you in the future. Of course, if you trust me, I can refine Resurrection Dan for you.”

Hua Xiangyue believed that since Chen Xiang had chanced upon two of Dan King Li Tianjun’s herb garden, he must have some. Just now, she was just kidding. These herbs would be lifesavers for Chen Xiang.

“I will give them to you! However, I need some time,” stated Chen Xiang, a smile on his lips. He had decided that after he had given these herbs to Hua Xiangyue, he would take her as his maid.

It never crossed Hua Xiangyue’s mind that Chen Xiang would agree. “No need, you can keep them! I am not so poor.”

“Hold on, we are about to enter the Blood Lightning Mountain Sea. We can’t fly there because the entire sky has red bolts of lightning everywhere. Furthermore, the mountains here are very tall, and dark all around the year.”

Chen Xiang nodded. Pulling him, Hua Xiangyue continued to fly high up in the sky. After a short while, Chen Xiang heard deafening thunderclaps coming from the front before round after round of bolts of lightning filled his sight.


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