Chapter 449 – Blood Lightning Mountain Sea

Blood Lightning Mountain Sea, as the name dubbed it, there was nothing but mountains in Chen Xiang’s sight, endless and endless sea of mountains, which were shrouded by thick dark clouds. The entire area was extremely dark. However, it was dyed red from time to time from the intermittent flashes of lightning, all of which were as red as blood. The entire range of mountains, under this bloody red light, looked extremely eerie.

Hua Xiangyue landed on the ground, her face extremely serious. She pulled Chen Xiang closely as she started walking gingerly.

“What is it?” asked Chen Xiang. Hua Xiangyue was in no way weak. She was an expert who had crossed seven nirvana tribulations. Last time, when she had released that Perishing Golden Body of hers, Yue Jianglin of Proud Sword Sect didn’t dare to utter as much as a single word.

Judging from how cautious Hua Xiangyue was acting, it was quite evident that the danger level of this place was extraordinary.

“We have to cross this Blood Lightning Mountain Sea to reach that herb garden! This Blood Lightning Mountain Sea is spread over a vast area, so vast that the entire area is bigger than the area of two Chenwu Mainlands combine. Furthermore, these mountains have formed a very huge circle, surrounding a large piece of land. This area is at least five to six times bigger than a mainland. And rarely anyone trespasses on this land as this Blood Lightning Mountain Sea is extremely dangerous.”

[TLN: Think of the Blood Lightning Mountain Sea as the circumference of a circle.]

Chen Xiang had long known that Kings’ Mainland was very vast. However, he never thought that this place would be so bizarre and dangerous.

“So to say, thus Blood Lightning Mountain Sea had created a barrier, protecting the center!” said Chen Xiang.

Hua Xiangyue nodded her affirmation. “Right, there are creatures in here called lightning beasts. These creatures are different from demon beasts! The demon beasts can evolve into spirit beasts, profound beasts, and then, take a human form. However, these lightning beasts can’t! They grow stronger by engulfing the blood lightning throughout the year. Their mind is filled with the urge to eat lightning and destructive thoughts. They are very violent creatures. Many are on par with the Nirvana Realm cultivators!”

Chen Xiang drew a cold lump of air. He now came to know what Hua Xiangyue was afraid of.

“Let’s go! If and when, we encounter any kind of danger, you must escape.” Hua Xiangyue, pulling Chen Xiang’s hand continued, “Stay close to me, I have gone in once, I know the route.”

Chen Xiang was moved. “Sister Xiangyue, you are really good to me!”

Hua Xiangyue said, harrumphing tenderly, “Of course, but you just don’t seem to appreciate it.”

“When did that happen? Didn’t I say I will give you those herbs? That’s a little token of my regards, it’s you who don’t appreciate it!” rebuked Chen Xiang.

“Keep them for yourself, I don’t need them!” She may have said this but she was pleased in her heart. Indeed, she needed them very much, but she knew it was difficult to get such life-saving herbs were hard to come by. Chen Xiang might need them in the future, if and when he encountered any misfortune.

Chen Xiang did not say anything. The decision he had taken would never be changed, no matter what. Not to mention, it wasn’t anything difficult for him, it was just a matter of time. The Fruit of Fortune he had awarded had been handed to Su Meiyao for planting a while back. And after having poured a large amount of Golden Dragon Saliva, it had already grown into a small tree.

Hua Xiangyue sure was familiar with this place. Wherever she went, it wasn’t struck by that red lightning. Only after entering this place did Chen Xiang came to realize the danger of this place. These red lightning bolts were brimming with a vast amount of energy. Whenever they struck down, a huge mountain would surely be destroyed. Furthermore, the energy would also seep into the ground, causing the mountains to shake.

Dense as these red bolts of lightning were, they rarely struck the ground. However, if someone were to fly high in the sky or get sensed by the red lightning, he or she would be out of luck.

Chen Xiang wasn’t afraid of lightning strikes at all. After all, when he had started cultivating the Azure Dragon Divine Exercise, he needed to attract the lightning into his body sometimes. However, this blood lightning was far more different than ordinary lightning. Chen Xiang didn’t know if he could endure them.

Hua Xiangyue led Chen Xiang through the mountains for three days. All along the way, nothing happened. Nonetheless, Hua Xiangyue remained vigilant all the time.

Chen Xiang didn’t say anything along the way as well. Only when they were resting would he flirt with Hua Xiangyue a few times.

“Sister Xiangyue, I want to start refining middle-grade profound level dans, if you find anything, please help me get them,” stated Chen Xiang.

“Hmm, you sure have come a long way so quickly!” Hua Xiangyue praised Chen Xiang, nodding. Over these days, she had been taken advantage of by Chen Xiang quite a few times. Not only had Chen Xiang caressed her face, he had laid his hands on her thighs from time to time. Even those curvaceous buttocks of her had been felt a few times.

After having rested, just as they took a few steps, they ground suddenly started shaking wildly. Many large pieces of boulders came rolling down the mountain. Flashes of red lightning had also filled the entire sky as peals of thunder deafened everything. The scene before them was simply terrifying.

Chen Xiang raised his head to look, only to see bolts of red lightning madly coming down on a tall mountain, causing the ground to shake violently.

“A lightning beast is engulfing blood lightning there!” Hua Xiangyue’s stunning face turned serious as she looked at those glittering red snakes in the sky.

The dark sea of mountains was dyed in glaring red. Flashes after flashes made the mountains extremely appalling. Furthermore, the deafening rumbles and roaring of the ground rang to no end. If someone with a weak heart was here, he would have fainted already.

“Hurry up! We have to escape this place quickly!” Hua Xiangyue cried in an anxious voice. Just then, a red flash of lightning blazed in the sky before Chen Xiang was sent flying as he felt a warm energy coursing through his body.

At this moment, the red lightning in the sky had disappeared. Much to their surprise, the one who had bolted down from that tall mountain turned out to be a red-armored giant. Furthermore, a small figure donning a red armor also stood behind him.

These two red-armored figures looked extremely scary. From head to toe, their entire bodies were covered in thick red armor. From time to time, thin red arcs of lightning would glitter around their bodies as well.

The biggest of the two was as tall as three men combined, while the smallest figure was still two heads taller than Chen Xiang.

Apparently, it was Hua Xiangyue who sent Chen Xiang flying using her strength. And the place where Hua Xiangyue stood had red arcs of lightning running amok. Much to Chen Xiang’s astonishment, these arcs of lightning had gathered into an array. From the memories, Chen Xiang recognized the array to be a sealing-type array.

“Hua Xiangyue is in danger!” Just when Chen Xiang wanted to rush over, Hua Xiangyue let out a tender snort before slamming her foot on the ground lightly. The ground shook momentarily as spider web-like cracks spread from her position, spreading towards all direction. And that array created by those arcs of lightning was subsequently destroyed.

“You go deal with that little brat, leave this woman to me!” the bigger red-armored giant caught the smaller red-armored man and threw him towards Chen Xiang.

Upon seeing this, Hua Xiangyue took a leap gracefully, smacking a palm towards that smaller red-armored man. However, the bigger red-armored giant promptly waved his arm, releasing a red bolt of lightning.

“Chen Xiang, be careful! Be careful of his blood lightning!” Hua Xiangyue exhorted. At this moment, she was being attacked continuously by that red-armored giant with red lightning, forcing Hua Xiangyue to defend herself. That kind of lightning bolts were extremely fast and utterly powerful. Every time she blocked them, shockwaves would immediately burst forth. At one glance, it was quite evident how powerful they were.

Chen Xiang could see that the red-armored men were father and son. Surprisingly, the father was on par with Hua Xiangyue. As for how powerful the younger one was, it remained to be seen.

“I have not eaten a human for a long time. Rumor has it that eating human flesh and drinking their blood would allow us to become stronger!” said the red-armored figure, standing before Chen Xiang, laughing in a gruff voice.

Chen Xiang promptly took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and said, a cold smile on his lips, “Want to eat me, dream on! Don’t underestimate the humans!”

Just as Chen Xiang’s voice faded away, tens of red lightning bolts emerged from that red-armored figure, and came flying at Chen Xiang, just like a hail of bloody red arrows!


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