Chapter 45 – Opening soon

Only two days were left until the King City Martial Tournament was scheduled to start, but there was still no information about the Yao Family genius, Yao Tianhua. Due to this, the entire Yao Family was anxiously jumping around. Yao Tianhua was a very good and rare seedling that had been born into the Yao Family, although he was somewhat arrogant, the Yao Family thought this was natural. However, now his life or death remained unknown despite all their efforts and they didn’t have any clue on what happened.

Chen Xiang returned from the Black Wing Gang’s Mansion, but he did not see his father in Dan King Hall.

“Granduncle, have you seen my father?” Chen Xiang quickly asked Chen Luzhong.

“He’s alright now, you don’t need to worry about him. He has returned to the Chen Family and is preparing to convene every branch family against Chen Furong!” Chen Luzhong said while laughing, “Your father is not someone who will roll over easily, Chen Furong not only broke the Chen Family rules and regulations, he also injured the patriarch and also meddled in Chen Family affairs. In addition to all of this, he is also helping out the enemies of the Chen Family, due to all of these reasons, Chen Furong is definitely going to be expelled from the Chen Family.”

Chen Furong was helping out the Yao Family to deal with the Chen Family just for his own selfish reasons. The entire Chen Family was furious from this betrayal, Chen Tianhu was treating Chen Furong as the number one enemy of the Chen Family. Only after getting rid of this rotten infection would he truly unite the formidable Chen Family!

Chen Xiang’s complexion turned solemn and asked, “Granduncle, Chen Furong is a disciple of those martial art sects, is our Chen Family prepared to be enemies with those martial art sects?”

Chen Luzhong shook his head and said, “Rest assured, there are still rules inside those martial art sects. If their disciples were to stir up some trouble and die from it, then it’s nobody’s fault but the disciple’s. Humph, dignified sect disciples my ass, they’re just lower level characters who were sent here to manage things in the secular world. If they were killed here, nobody would bother to care.”

If those martial art sects did not have rules to restrain their disciples, then one expert could easily dominate the secular world and ensure total chaos.

Chen Xiang now had a lot of confidence, if that was the case, he would not have any other concerns in his actions.

“Granduncle, Dan King Hall will finally be open for business tomorrow. Tell Meng Lao to be completely prepared. While you’re at it, announce it to the entire Southern Martial Empire as well!” Chen Xiang exclaimed loudly in an excited voice.

Dan King Hall already had a lot of dans in reserve. Moreover they could restrict their sales anytime they wanted. In addition to all of this, there were many alchemists inside Dan King Hall who were constantly refining dans, one of whom was Meng Bo, so Chen Xiang was pretty much assured.

Chen Luzhong was also very excited. His old face was full of joy, he had long possessed the ambition to make his mark in King City, but he did not have enough manpower and could only stay in Wohu City.

To open a dan shop in King City, you had to have the backing of someone with a very strong heritage or background.

This news spread like wildfire, before long, this information had spread and everyone was concerned about Dan King Hall. They all knew that it was managed by the Chen Family, who had hostile relations with the Yao Family. Both of them would try to seize the dan market and would definitely compete with their prices. As a results, many would be able to buy the dans at much cheaper prices, which was a very good thing especially for those poor martial artists.

The Yao Family had a complete monopoly of the dan selling business in King City for many, many years. The Danxiang Herbal Manor mainly sold spirit herbs, so nobody had any alternatives besides buying the high-priced dans from the Yao Family. However, this situation was going to change soon, which would allow everyone to save a lot of money.

Chen Xiang took a bath at night and put on luxurious clothes. While walking towards the Danxiang Herbal Manor, he thought about that charming manor lord and could not help but get a bit excited.

After notifying them of his arrival, Chen Xiang once again came inside that small hall filled with Hua Yueyun’s aroma. To his surprise, she was already there waiting for him. When Chen Xiang saw her enchanting figure, he could not help but stand there in a daze from amazement.

Hua Yueyun was wearing a dress made from purple chiffon, it was also clear she was not wearing any undergarments. The dress outlined her jade like body perfectly, the well rounded bosom, slim waist and slender legs, her every move was capable of ensnaring any man’s mind, from everyangle she was very charming. Many would not ever be able to extricate themselves, even Chen Xiang had trouble breathing. He blushed red all the way to his ears and his heart started pounding like crazy.

“Young Master Chen, is little miss pretty?” Hua Yueyun asked in a charming voice with a cheeky laugh. Her jade like foot treaded lightly on the soft rug as she walked towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang fiercely swallowed his saliva, and then sat down, immediately pouring himself a cup of tea and downing it in a single breath. This dispersed the heat that had arisen in his body a moment ago, however he still did not dare to look at that seductive enchantress again.

“Young Master Chen’s control over his desires is very impressive. This little miss is full of admiration. If possible, little miss is willing to attend to Young Master Chen for her lifetime, I want to become Young Master Chen’s maidservant.”

Hua Yueyun faintly whispered. She looked completely sincere like a pure maiden incapable of telling any lies. She took out a snow white dress, and covered her enticing and perfect jade like body. She now realized that she would just bring disgrace upon herself in front of Chen Xiang.

She was partially standing bare naked in front of a man, and was only to tempt him slightly. Afterwards, he didn’t even take another look at her, which gave a rather large blow to Hua Yueyun’s self-esteem.

“Elder Sister Yueyun, please spare this little brother and stop messing around! You are so beautiful and strong, why bother with this little brother?” Chen Xiang smiled. These days, Danxiang Herbal Manor had been selling herbs at a cheap price to Dan King Hall, as such, Chen Xiang was very grateful. He did not know this Danxiang Herbal Manor Lord had this sort of hobby and liked to tempt innocent young boys.

Hua Yueyun slightly pouted. After a light snort she said, “Young Master Chen, I sincerely want to be your maidservant. I have long been attracted by your charm and could not bear to tear myself away from you…”

What charm, Chen Xiang did not believe a single word coming out of Hua Yueyun’s pretty lips. He knew this had been Hua Yueyun’s goal all along, and it had nothing to do with his charm. It was only because she fancied his talent in alchemy and wanted him to enrol in the alchemy based sect, Danxiang Taoyuan.

Chen Xiang said with a hollow laugh, “Manor Lord Hua, I have a fiancee and if I accept you as my maidservant that little girl would definitely be jealous.”

“I know you’re just looking down on me.” Hua Yueyun had a self-deprecating smile on her face, “So what did you come here for?”

Chen Xiang took out a small piece of the Hell Spirit Grass and handed it over to Hua Yueyun, he seriously said, “Yueyun, this is my thanks for providing your help to Dan King Hall. I hope to continue this relationship in the future, and also want you to raise the price a little higher when you sell your herbs to the Yao Family.”

Hua Yueyun unceremoniously took that thumb sized Hell Spirit Grass, albeit it was only a little, it was still very precious. With a big smile on her face, she said, “Young Master Chen is really generous. This little miss will definitely do whatever you order her to do, if this Danxiang Herbal Manor belong to me, I would have given you all the spirit herbs for free.”

Chen Xiang was startled for a moment. Look at the face of that stunning Yaoxing, he was unable to help himself and secretly thought of taking her as his maidservant. However, he was worried that this woman had some ulterior motive.

“Dan King Hall will open tomorrow, and it is completely managed by my granduncle. I want to start my preparations for the King City Martial Arts Tournament, so I will not be present. If it is convenient for you, can you come by Dan King Hall and advertise for us?” Chen Xiang laughed.

“No problem young master.” Hua Yueyun was acting completely like a maidservant and Chen Xiang wasn’t able to last much longer. He quickly talked about a few nonsensical stuff with Hua Yueyun before he swiftly departed.

Watching Chen Xiang flee like a dog with his tail between his legs, Hua Yueyun’s pretty eyes lit up. She tenderly spat and said, “He really is a tough brat, he’s even able to defend against my killer techniques. The more he wants to escape, the more I want to grab hold of him.”

As always, Chen Xiang went outside to practice. His goal was to make the Chen Family reside in King City and turn it into the most powerful martial arts families. Only after this, would he be relieved and head over to those large sects. As for Dan King Hall, he didn’t care much about it because it would be personally looked after by Dan King, Meng Bo, and Chen Luzhong. Furthermore, it was tacitly support by Hua Yueyun and the Danxiang Herbal Manor behind the scenes so he was able to focus simply on elevating his own strength.


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