Chapter 450 – The Blood Lightning Demi-Human

With a loud thunderclap, Chen Xiang hurriedly smacked a palm. The vigorous energy over his palm burst forth with an intense shockwave that promptly scattered the red lightning bolts fired by that red-armored boy.

Chen Xiang had no idea whether these creatures were lightning beast or not as they looked much like humans. Moreover, they could speak as well. Only their act of engulfing the blood lightning bolts in this Blood Lightning Mountain Sea stated otherwise.

What was most fearsome about them was their strength; they were dreadfully powerful. The bigger guy was even on par with Hua Xiangyue.

The red-armored boy was slightly taken aback. He never imagined that this weak looking human before him would actually be so powerful. That powerful shockwave not only scattered his attack, the shock had also messed up the energy in his body completely.

“Chen Xiang, can you deal with that little guy? I will draw this big guy away. If I fight with him here, it will certainly affect you as well,” Hua Xiangyue asked Chen Xiang with her divine sense.

“I should be able to! How about you?” answered Chen Xiang.

“Don’t you worry, although these guys look similar to human after having evolved from lightning beasts. They are still stupid, nonetheless.” Hua Xiangyue smacked out a palm. It appeared very light as if it held no power, however, the power that broke out from it suddenly shook the mountains and move the earth. Bolts of red lightning broke out from that red-armored giant, after having his chest attacked with that terrifying smack.

The red-armored giant immediately became furious and roared like crazy. He kept on waving his palms arbitrarily, attacking Hua Xiangyue in a brutish manner. Although those strikes were faster, they were disorganized. Hua Xiangyue could easily dodge them with her agility. While at it, she could also lead him away from here. This way, she could also fight freely.

The red-armored giant appeared to be extremely hot-tempered. He was very quickly angered by Hua Xiangyue. He kept on waving his palms arbitrarily. Bolts of red lightning were shooting out of his mouth as he chased after Hua Xiangyue, leaving this place. It took longer to describe, but all this happened in a very short time.

Now, Chen Xiang knew that these red-armored men were evolved from lightning beasts. They might stand on two feet, they might speak as well, but they sure were a bit stupid. All they knew was to attack randomly, relying only on their strength.

Nonetheless, they were fairly powerful!

Particularly that red armor of theirs. Chen Xiang had somehow landed an attack on him, but all it did was make that red-armored boy roar in anger; nothing more, nothing less. One must bear in mind that had it been a brilliant-grade weapon, it would have been damaged for sure.

“This guy’s armor can mitigate a lot of power. It’s not very tough on its own, it’s just that a very unique energy is attached to it, which dissipates most of your power when you attack lands on it! Any kind of weapon would be ineffective against him!” explained Long Xueyi.

Upon hearing Long Xueyi, Chen Xiang put away the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. This move of Chen Xiang astounded that red-armored boy. He broke into laughter as he said, “The human weapons are useless against me, I didn’t expect you to so perceptive!” While speaking, he showered those fist covered in red armor at Chen Xiang. His punches were ladened with violent lightning energy. As they rumbled towards Chen Xiang, they also burst forth with lightning explosions.

All Chen Xiang could do was escape as far away from him as possible. If he stayed close to those punches, he would suffer successive explosions even if he avoided them.

“This guy thinks he is so clever.” Chen Xiang was having a good laugh in his heart. Although the red-armored boy’s attacks were incredibly fierce, they lacked any kind of control, whatsoever. Even if Chen Xiang was far away, the red-armored boy kept on pounding at the ground like an idiot, thinking he could deter the enemy this way.

While Chen Xiang was dealing with the red-armored boy, he was also looking for an opportunity. At the same time, he was also trying to understand the attack pattern of the red-armored boy. If the red-armored boy was facing some lightning beasts who didn’t have high wisdom, he would be extremely powerful for sure.

However, Chen Xiang was a human. He knew a great deal about martial techniques. These martial techniques could be used to restrain the enemy under all kind of different circumstances. Even if someone wasn’t exceptionally powerful, in many circumstances, he or she could restrain someone who was stronger than him or her with these martial techniques.

“This guy should have bones too, right!” Gathering the universe True Qi over his palm, Chen Xiang reached out at a terrific speed, grabbing that huge red palm that was hacking down just like a giant ax, holding on it ever so tightly.

A thunderous crash immediately resounded across the sky. Just as Chen Xiang grabbed the wrist of that red-armored boy, it cut off the energy surging out from the red-armored boy’s arm. The red-armored boy was unable to release that violent energy, even an itsy-bitsy bit, which caused an explosion in his arm.

The red-armored boy let out a furious wail. His arm had actually been blown away by his own energy. His pieces of armor were scattered on the ground, and the ground was dyed with his blood.

“So, you weren’t that intelligent at all!” Chen Xiang ridiculed as he took a step forward. Whereas that crazed red-armored boy let out a roar in anger as he punched towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took that giant fist head-on with his palm. When Chen Xiang’s palm clashed with that punch, the earth around them collapsed completely as a loud thunderclap echoed in the sea of mountains.

“Puff!” Chen Xiang spewed a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying from the aftershock. He could not help but admit that the violent energy released by that red-armored boy was extremely terrifying. It was an energy converted from the lightning energy.

However, that palm strike of Chen Xiang was also extraordinary. Just as Chen Xiang crashed into the ground, he heard the terrified wail of the red-armored boy. The red-armored boy’s arm was hanging down his shoulder because all the bones in his hand were gone!

Transforming Bone Devil Palm, a palm that could melt the bones instantly. Just now, Chen Xiang had used this very devil technique. He had also put his entire strength into it, melting those sturdy bones of red-armored boy completely.

At this point, the red-armored had lost both of his arms! However, he could still spew red lightning bolts from his mouth. All his anger was poured on Chen Xiang in the form of red lightning bolts. Wherever those lightning bolts landed on the ground, giant pits appeared one after another.

Chen Xiang could very easily dodge the attack of the red-armored boy now. Just in a few steps, Chen Xiang was by that red-armored boy’s side. Chen Xiang struck his palms ever so quickly, hammering them on that sturdy armor of red-armored boy.

The Transforming Bone Devil Palm’s energy was extremely unique. It could seep through those pieces of armor and into the body of that red-armored body, melting those sturdy bones inside.

Just a couple strikes had caused grievous injured to that red-armored boy. At first, the red-armored boy could still stand, but now, he was lying on the ground, coughing up blood violently.

“Hmph, if you had stayed on the hilltop, maybe you won’t be in this state now. The big guy is going to accompany you soon.” Chen Xiang burst into a cold laugh.

Immediately, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appeared in Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang, infusing the blade with that terrifying dragon force, vigorously hacked down, shaking the ground slightly.

A shrilling wail of red-armored boy immediately followed before that red-armored boy’s head was separated from his body.

After having eliminated the red-armored boy, Chen Xiang wiped the sweat on his brow. But suddenly, a ball of red light emerged from the red-armored boy’s neck. A pellet flushed out from that beheaded neck, along with a fountain of blood.

This ball of red light slowly rose into the air. At a glance, Chen Xiang could see that this pellet was the crystallized form of red lightning. It sure was good stuff!

As Chen Xiang reached out to grab it, he felt the red crystal ball slightly tremble before a tingling current broke out from it.

“This thing can strengthen my Azure Dragon True Qi!” Chen Xiang was extremely delighted.

Meanwhile, there were quite a bit of movements stirring far away. Even a few mountains had disappeared. Apparently, the fight between Hua Xiangyue and that red-armored giant was still not over yet.


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