Chapter 451 – Pure Bliss Amidst Peril

Hearing the furious howls coming from afar, Chen Xiang knew Hua Xiangyue had the upper hand. That red-armored giant had been forced to the point that he had gone angry. At this moment, Chen Xiang didn’t dare to move closer, lest he dragged Hua Xiangyue.

Soon after, the roars ceased to exist. After having waited for a short time, Chen Xiang finally saw Hua Xiangyue riding the air at a distance, flying towards him.

Seeing Chen Xiang was alright, Hua Xiangyue heaved a sigh of relief. The same was true for Chen Xiang as well, he too was relieved upon seeing her. This made the two broke into laughter.

“So, you are finally concerned about me! At least, you have a conscience!” Hua Xiangyue patted Chen Xiang’s chest. Then, she took out a big red as blood beat and handed it to Chen Xiang.

Looking at the brilliant red aura emanating from this beat, Chen Xiang immediately took it and said with a laugh, “After all, you are my dear sister, of course, I will be worried about you! Thank you.”

“This is blood lightning pearl, you should have also obtained a small one just like this when you killed that little guy! Since you cultivate lightning, it should be able to improve your lightning energy,” said Hua Xiangyue, smiling charmingly. Afterward, she picked those pieces of red armor.

Chen Xiang said, “What are you planning to do with these pieces of armor?”

Taking all those scattered pieces of armor away, Hua Xiangyue said, “These pieces of armor are pretty good, I can ask Meng’er to help me reforge them into some armor.”

“Let’s go! We caused quite a bit of commotion here, perhaps many powerful lightning beasts would be rushing here. If we encountered a bunch of them, it will be dangerous for us.”

Hua Xiangyue, pulling Chen Xiang’s arm, started running at breakneck speed. Only when they had reached far away from the earlier battlefield did she slowed down. Along the way, Chen Xiang came to notice that Hua Xiangyue’s complexion wasn’t very good. He face was extremely pale. There was a tightly knit frown on her brow as well as if she was enduring some pain.

Suddenly, “Ah~!” Hua Xiangyue let out a tender cry as she fell down on the ground, grabbing her chest. Her face was incomparably pale, a grimace from pain evident on her face.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had noticed that there was something wrong with Hua Xiangyue. However, it never crossed his mind that her condition would be so serious that even with her strength, she fell down on the ground.

“What is it?” Chen Xiang asked, anxious. He was at a loss as to what to do. He didn’t know what happened to Hua Xiangyue.

“I…I have been poisoned!” Hua Xiangyue said, weak and powerless.

A panicked Chen Xiang very quickly calmed himself down. Acting all anxious would do Hua Xiangyue no good. Seeing the panic-stricken Chen Xiang a moment ago, Hua Xiangyue felt warm in her heart.

As Chen Xiang pulled that slender arm on Hua Xiangyue’s chest, he came to notice strands of black qi emerging from her chest. Indeed, it was a kind of poison. More importantly, tiny arcs of lightning were also flashing amid the black qi.

“Why didn’t you say anything!” Chen Xiang scolded in a low voice, glaring at Hua Xiangyue. Then, he took out a small piece of Hell Spirit Grass and put it in her mouth.

After having taken the Hell Spirit Grass, Hua Xiangyue looked a lot better. However, it won’t last for long.

“I have taken a Detoxification Dan, but it was useless! It was the best Detoxification Dan I can refine!” Hua Xiangyue was also very worried at this moment, for she felt poison spreading within her body. Of course, she didn’t want to die.

[TLN: Previously, in quite earlier chapters, like near 40 or something, I have used Dispelling Poison Dan, I have changed the name to Detoxification Dan.]

Hua Xiangyue was a grand alchemist, who was second to none in Chenwu Mainland. If the Detoxification Dan refined by her couldn’t remove the poison, whatever Chen Xiang did would all be useless for sure.

“This should be a kind of poison that can carry True Qi with it. This kind of poison can pass through the True Qi blockades inside someone’s body. In other words, no matter how strong one’s True Qi is, he would be unable to block that poisonous True Qi. Even if a couple of experts help you detoxify it together, they still won’t be able to expel this kind of position!” explained Bai Youyou. He elder sister was a poison expert. Naturally, she had a good understanding of poisons.

Upon hearing this, Chen Xiang’s face lost all color. Whereas Hua Xiangyue was looking at him with despair filling her eyes. Hua Xiangyue were extremely clear about her situation. This poison was extremely terrifying.

“Don’t worry, there is still a way to remove it. All you have to do is suck it out. You have Suppressing Devil Golden Body, you are invulnerable to all poisons!” said Su Meiyao. Listening to this, Chen Xiang’s eyes immediately lit up. He hurriedly looked at Hua Xiangyue’s chest and then, reached out to her chest, tearing the garments over Hua Xiangyue’s upper body without further ado.

At the sight of those jiggling beautiful white rabbits on Hua Xiangyue’s chest and those shaking cherries on two snowy peaks, Chen Xiang could not help but took a deep breath. Hua Xiangyue was shocked, she immediately let out a tender cry. She shouted, ashamed, “Little Rascal, what are you doing! You bastard, you are actually taking advantage of me in this dangerous situation…”

“I…I am trying to save you!” Chen Xiang took a glance at Hua Xiangyue’s wound. Just right at the center of those snow-white peaks was a deep ravine, where there was a blackish red dot by the size of a thumb. Black qi and red bolts of lightning were emerging from it.

Just as Hua Xiangyue wanted to curse Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang buried his head in between those marvelous snow-white peaks of her, sucking on her wound. Seeing this, she powerlessly blurted out, “Don’t, you will die!”

Hua Xiangyue began to feel the blood flowing out of her body at this moment. The poison in her body that was spreading at an astonishing speed, was being taken out bit by bit. She knew Chen Xiang was sucking the poisoned blood in her body. At this moment, her heart was aching more than the pain caused by the poison, for she believed Chen Xiang would die for sure. When she herself could not do anything against this poison, what could Chen Xiang, who was far weaker than her, do!

Despite the fact that her upper garments of Hua Xiangyue had been ripped away by Chen Xiang completely, and even his head was buried in her chest, Hua Xiangyue didn’t feel shy at all. On the contrary, all she felt was indescribable grief. She didn’t want Chen Xiang to die for her.

At this moment, Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was asking Long Xueyi to spread her divine sense into Hua Xiangyue’s body, so that he could clearly know where the poisonous True Qi was located. At the same time, it would also let him see up to what extent the poison in her blood had spread. This way, he could accurately suck the poison in Hua Xiangyue’s body.

In order to suck the poison quickly, Chen Xiang was even swallowing Hua Xiangyue’s blood. Well, it was necessary, otherwise, he would have to suck a mouthful first than spit it out, and repeat this process again and again. But this would be far slower than the speed at which the poison was spreading.

A vast quantity of Hua Xiangyue’s blood had been poisoned already. After Chen Xiang sucked away the poisoned blood, Hua Xiangyue’s body was replenishing the blood at an astonishing speed. After all, she was a Nirvana Realm expert. Her rate of recovery was extremely fast. Therefore, Chen Xiang had no qualms about sucking her blood away completely.

What took Chen Xiang aback was Hua Xiangyue’s blood was extremely powerful. When all was said and done, it was the blood of a Nirvana Realm martial artist. After having sucked the blood into his body, his blood fused with it, strengthening his flesh and blood in the due process.

At first, Hua Xiangyue was extremely worried. However, seeing Chen Xiang keep on going for so long, without any kind of repercussion, she heaved a sigh of relief before immediately letting out a tender harrumph.

Now that she wasn’t so worried, she finally felt embarrassed, for her upper body had been laid completely bare by Chen Xiang. Those marvelous and shapely peaks of her had been seen by Chen Xiang completely, furthermore, Chen Xiang’s face was being sandwiched between the two.

Of course, Chen Xiang could feel his cheeks sandwiched by those soft and smooth peaks. He was quite enjoying it.

“Ah…Little Rascal, keep your hands off!” Hua Xiangyue let out a tender shout suddenly, for Chen Xiang’s hand was pressing on one of her snow-white peaks, kneading it.

“You…you are doing it intentionally!” Hua Xiangyue’s face turned very red. However, she couldn’t do anything, whatsoever. All she could do was scold this little rascal. After all, Chen Xiang was risking his life to suck the poison out of her body, in her opinion.

Chen Xiang was only kneading it lightly, which already made his blood to boil. However, he still had a bit of conscience. After savoring it a bit, he stopped. If continued, he was afraid Hua Xiangyue would ignore him later. After all, it was an act of violating her body.


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