Chapter 452 – Sacred Ancient Land

The things which Hua Xiangyue was worried about didn’t happen. Chen Xiang groped her ravishing peak a bit and stopped afterward, which gave her a little sense of disappointment. She never expected that Chen Xiang would actually forbear such a powerful temptation.

After four hours, Chen Xiang lifted his head finally and wiped the blood off his mouth. At the same time, he fixed his gaze at those towering snow-white rabbits of hers. His eyes burning with raging flames, wishing to be burned away by Hua Xiangyue.

Hua Xiangyue let out a cutesy harrumph as she turned around hastily. She took out a long piece of cloth at once and wrapped it around her chest, and then put on a set of tights.

“Are you still not satisfied?” Turning around once again, Hua Xiangyue stared at Chen Xiang grudgingly.

“Nope!” Chen Xiang replied honestly. There was a perverted smile on his face.

“Hmph!” Hua Xiangyue gave a light snort before asking gently, “You have sucked so much of my poisoned blood, are you really alright?”

Seeing those glittering beautiful eyes of Hua Xiangyue, full of concern, Chen Xiang broke into a laugh and assured, “I am invulnerable to all poisons, I am completely alright, don’t worry!”

Recalling that shameful act from just a moment ago, Hua Xiangyue spat on the ground. “Damn you, Little Rascal, you took so much advantage of me!”

“How about I let you take recompensation,” said Chen Xiang, laughing. He started to undress.

“What can you even compensate me with.” Hua Xiangyue tightly pinched Chen Xiang’s waist. She pinched so tightly that Chen Xiang screamed in pain. At present, Hua Xiangyue had already recovered her strength.

Having pinched Chen Xiang’s waist for a bit, Hua Xiangyue’s anger had finally vented off her anger. She then continued pulling Chen Xiang, shuttling through the dangerous Blood Lightning Mountain Sea.

“Xiangyue, yours are definitely bigger than Sister Menger’s!” Chen Xiang said all of a sudden. The scenes from just a moment ago were deeply etched into his mind already. Especially the feeling of having his cheeks sandwiched by those two towering and shapely peaks. He had not played so much even with Xue Xianxian’s. All Xue Xianxian let him do was grope them a bit; that’s all.

Of course, Hua Xiangyue’s were bigger than Xue Xianxian’s. The sensation of touching them was simply exquisite, he praised them again and again.

“Little Rascal, you aren’t allowed to speak of this anymore!  And, you can’t tell about it to anyone, especially your Sister Meng’er, you absolutely can’t tell her,” said Hua Xiangyue in a sweet voice.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “What? Didn’t you show them to me back then yourself? Although at that time, you were wearing a translucent dress, I still remember it. Not to mention, I was just sucking your poisoned blood, I wasn’t sucking them, anyhow.”

Hearing this, Hua Xiangyue’s face turned red at once. She gripped Chen Xiang’s wrist ever more tightly, so tightly that Chen Xiang gave out screams as if he was a pig that was on its way to the slaughterhouse.

“Ah…ah, the poison in my body is flaring up,” screaming this suddenly, Chen Xiang intentionally fell down on the ground, giving a fright to Hua Xiangyue. Her face turned pale at once as she anxiously held Chen Xiang in her arms. She was completely terrified.

“Little Rascal, what happened to you? You are scaring me!” Hua Xiangyue’s current appearance was just like Chen Xiang’s from a moment ago. At the sight of this, Chen Xiang was delighted in his heart.

“Help…help me suck the poison,” begged Chen Xiang painfully.

“Where should I suck?” asked Hua Xiangyue, anxious. At present, she didn’t fear death, as long as Chen Xiang was alive, everything was fine for her.

Chen Xiang, pointing at his mouth, said, “Here…”

Only when she noticed the strange gleam in Chen Xiang’s eyes did she reacted. Clasping Chen Xiang’s wrist, she inspected the condition of Chen Xiang’s body just to be sure. As expected, she didn’t find any poison at all. Furthermore, Chen Xiang’s condition could not be any better.

“Little Rascal…you…hmph!” Hua Xiangyue pinched Chen Xiang’s waist at once. Then, she threw Chen Xiang back on the ground. Hearing those screams of Chen Xiang filled with emotions, she was sure Chen Xiang was playing her. Furthermore, he still wanted to cheat her into kissing him.

Rubbing the place where he was pinched, Chen Xiang mischevious laughed and appeased Hua Xiangyue, “Sister Xiangyue, don’t be angry, I was joking with you!”

“Joking my head! How can you do this to me, I was very worried about you!” Hua Xiangyue stamped her foot on the ground. “Little Rascal, you are really bad!”

Chen Xiang grinned stupidly. “Of course, I know that! I too am very concerned about you, I am sorry!”

“Don’t play any more tricks, let’s hurry up!” Hua Xiangyue, after wiping the dust on Chen Xiang’s face, continued pulling Chen Xiang.

“Sister Xiangyue, why do you want to be my maid? I never understood this point, apart from joking, why would a woman of your stature want to do this?” asked Chen Xiang. He had asked these questions a few times, but every time, Hua Xiangyue brushed him off with perfunctory answers.

“I will not tell you this for now. Do you want to take me as you maid now?” Hua Xiangyue asked, laughing.

“Hmm, are you going to agree?” Chen Xiang had already planned everything. He was just waiting until he had prepared gifts for her.

Hua Xiangyue mischievously smiled, “Don’t worry, my proposal will remain effective perpetually!”

Chen Xiang got immediately excited. “After you become my maid, will you listen to my every command, like…?”

Sensing the powerful fluctuations coming from those slender arms of Hua Xiangyue, Chen Xiang didn’t continue anymore.

“Of course, I will listen to you, but only if you are stronger than me. Currently, you can’t eat me!” Hua Xiangyue’s face flushed red as she unconsciously recalled those previous acts.

Chen Xiang said, “Just wait for sometime, I will take you as my maid soon, let me do some preparations.”

“What preparations? I can become your maid right now!” Hua Xiangyue asked, extremely curious.

” I am not telling you for the moment!” A mysterious smile appeared on Chen Xiang’s lips. In order to take such a stunner, he must prepare some decent gifts. After all, Chen Xiang was someone who was very keen on face-saving.

This Blood Lightning Mountain Sea was extremely dangerous for sure. If an Extreme State expert went in alone, it would be quite difficult for him to even come out. Had it not for Chen Xiang, even Hua Xiangyue might have died from poison.

There were far too many species of lightning beasts in here. The very first lightning beasts they encountered that had evolved to the point that they resembled humans were extremely strong. Not only could they utilize the dreadful power of red lightning bolts, they also possessed a kind of strange poison.

When Chen Xiang was fighting with the red-armored boy, he had been attacked with poisonous lightning attack a few times, but as he was invulnerable to poison, he didn’t feel anything.

On their way, Hua Xiangyue and Chen Xiang were exceptionally cautious. Yet they had encountered many lightning beasts, sometimes in groups as well. They were extremely powerful. In order to avoid any mishap from happening, all they could do was evade them, again and again, trying not to cause any conflict with these lightning beasts.

After ten days of shuttling through the Blood Lightning Mountain Sea, Hua Xiangyue and Chen Xiang finally arrived at the region surrounded by the Blood Lightning Mountain Sea. This place was very rich in Spirit Qi. Furthermore, many ancient towering trees were also growing here. Anyone of those trees would require over a hundred men to hug its trunk together. This kind of trees contributed most to the entire forest. Moreover, there were many strange flower and grass also growing here.

“This is called Sacred Ancient Land. I heard that many Nirvana Realm martial artists had come here, but apart from these ancient trees and beasts, they didn’t find any legendary sacred land!” said Hua Xiangyue. Currently, she and Chen Xiang were resting atop a towering tree.


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