Chapter 453 – Ruins

Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi to look around and see if there was someplace that was different from the others.

“So Sister Xiangyue, you have also come here before, right? Didn’t you find anything?” asked Chen Xiang.

“I came here looking for herbs, so, of course, I found many of them. However, these trees and those strange flowers and grasses are mostly found here. I didn’t find any herb garden, whatsoever. Furthermore, there aren’t any mountains here, so all I could do was circle a few times here and there,” answered Hua Xiangyue.

Chen Xiang thought that this place wasn’t that simple. For this place to get a name like Sacred Ancient Land, it sure would have something special about it. He could not help but associate it with Wu Canghong. Wu Canghong was the Human King. If this place was truly the Sacred Ancient Land, it was quite possible for Wu Canghong’s clan to originate for this place.

However, Wu Canghong himself gave Chen Xiang this map. He must have seen the map, but why didn’t he say anything to Chen Xiang at all.

Be that as it may, Chen Xiang still believed this place could quite possibly be the birthplace of Human King family. Calling it Sacred Ancient Land won’t be wrong at all then.

“The trees in here are quite big, one can simply live on these trees.” Chen Xiang looked about for the trees that were far apart. The canopies of these towering trees were simply too big and dense. They were blocking the sunlight completely. The ground was completely dark and dim. Nonetheless, the air was very fresh here.

“That’s what I am saying. There aren’t any good stuff here, even the herbs are fewer. Last time I visited this place, I was very disappointed,” said Hua Xiangyue. As an alchemist, searching of the spirit herbs was a very distressing matter. Sometimes, an alchemist would spend many years searching for just one herb, but even then, he won’t find it.

Therefore, alchemist like Hua Xiangyue had traveled to many places.

Chen Xiang broke into a laugh and said, “Perhaps, you, Nirvana Realm martial artists were too stupid to found that herb garden.”

Currently, Hua Xiangyue had taken up a skeptical attitude. Had it not been for the danger here, she would not have accompanied Chen Xiang.

“Those lightning beasts don’t seem to come in here!”

Hua Xiangyue nodded her affirmation and said, “They can’t venture too far away from the Blood Lightning Mountain Sea. If they have taken the baptism of lightning even for one day, they won’t be able to survive. Therefore, if you are targeted by those guys, as long as you come here, you will be safe.”

Chen Xiang was even more doubtful. He felt that the birth of those lightning beasts in the Blood Lightning Mountains Sea was certainly not accidental.

“In that case, those lightning beasts are protecting the Sacred Ancient Land. Maybe a clan or something is hiding here.”

Hua Xiangyue, shaking her head, said, “I have spent two years here, apart from these towering trees and those strange flowers and grasses, I didn’t see anything, whatsoever.”

After resting for a while, Chen Xiang stretched his tired body. Suddenly, he discovered that his body had strengthened a lot. “Xiangyue, your blood was really sure, it actually strengthened my body so much. I feel that I can enter the fourteenth level of Immortal and Devil Body very soon!”

“What?” Hua Xiangyue let out a cutesy cry and said, “You are in the fourteenth level of the Immortal and Devil Body!?”

Chen Xiang smiled in satisfaction and said, “Impressive, right!”

Hua Xiangyue suddenly recalled the time when Chen Xiang was helping her sucking the poisoned blood. Her face turned red immediately. She felt warm in her heart but she was also feeling a bit ashamed. At that time, that really was an extremely embarrassing situation for her.

“Let’s go! After we have found that herb garden, Sister Xiangyue, you can return first. I will stay here for some time,” said Chen Xiang. He wanted to see what kind of secret this place was hiding. In any case, he also needed some time to plan the herbs for refining Resurrection Dan as well as the Fruit of Fortune.

Hua Xiangyue immediately refused. “Not possible, you have to return with me. It will be too dangerous for you to stay here. At that time, how will I explain it to Meng’er?”

Chen Xiang could only agree. “Alright!”

Since he had come here once, it would be quite easy for him to come here later again, for he had the Luo Tian Door. As long as he recorded the coordinates of this place, he could directly enter here by shuttling through space. While he was thinking over this point, he suddenly wondered whether there were some coordinates of this place marked on the Luo Tian Door, for Luo Tian Door was given to him by the Human King, Wu Canghong.

By now, Chen Xiang had already come to trust Hua Xiangyue. Naturally, he didn’t have to worry about the revelation of Luo Tian Door’s secret. Thence, he took it out immediately.

Noticing Chen Tiang taking out a small stone disc, which also had some spirit patterns as well as ancient characters on it, Hua Xianyue’s curiosity was piqued.

“What’s this?” asked Hua Xiangyue.

“A good thing! Had I known that the Blood Lightning Mountain Sea would be so dangerous, I would not have asked you to take risks with me. Hei hei, but had it been not so, perhaps, I would not have been able to take advantage of you,” said Chen Xiang, a perverted smile on his face. These days, his mind had been preoccupied with that attractive and shapely body of Hua Xiangyue as well as that marvelous feeling of touching her.

“Little Rascal, don’t you dare talk about that again!” Hua Xiangyue gave a tender snort as she punched on Chen Xiang’s chest, but she didn’t use any strength.

Chen Xiang cracked a smile as he began to pour his divine sense into the Luo Tian Door. What took him by surprise was that he really found the coordinate of a place just inside the Sacred Ancient Land. He could not help but scold himself for being so stupid; Wu Canghong was originally a resident of Kings’ Mainland, most of the coordinates recorded should be of Kings’ Mainland, he should have thought of using this Luo Tian Door from the start.

At this time, Chen Xiang took a look at the recorded coordinates of the Kings’ Mainland. Sure enough, there were many places recorded all across the entire Kings’ Mainland. He felt that it was necessary for him to get a complete map of Kings’ Mainland to see what places are recorded by Wu Canghong. Maybe, he would find some good thing.

At this moment, the rings of that rock disc in Chen Xiang’s hand started to rotate automatically as his True Qi was drawn by it suddenly. Immediately, a beam of light shot out from the center of the disc towards the front, before a gate was formed. At the sight of this, Hua Xiangyue was flabbergasted, for she could sense the power of space from it. To her surprise, Chen Xiang had opened a space door.

“This…this is magical equipment?” Hua Xiangyue asked, surprised.

“A senior gifted this to me, impressive, right! Let’s go!” Chen Xiang, pulling Hua Xiangyue, stepped into that Luo Tian Door.

In Hua Xiangyue’s cognition, only some martial artists could open a space door, and that too by using some impressive martial technique and expending almost all of their strength. Even Hua Xiangyue could do this, but she could not traverse a large distance, just a bit. Furthermore, it would deplete a large amount of her True Qi.

After having entered Luo Tian Door, Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue arrived at a heap of ruins, which astounded Hua Xiangyue extremely.

“We…we are still in Sacred Ancient Land?” Hua Xiangyue, gazing at those dilapidated stone buildings, many of which had collapsed. From the looks of it, they seemed to have been destroyed due to an intense battle.

These buildings were very tall. Just a brick was the size of a house. It was quite clear that the people who used to live here were very powerful. They were the first royal family of the human clan.

Looking about, Chen Xiang spotted some humongous trees in a distance. Evidently, they were still in Sacred Ancient Land. Furthermore, at the edge of this ruin, he also noticed many spirit patterns on the ground. Some of these spirit patterns were still exuding a weak energy.

“These ruins have been protected by an array, that must be why no outsiders have been able to discover them,” said Chen Xiang.


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