Chapter 457 – A Shocking Difference

Hua Xiangyue was very confident about Chen Xiang. She had watched Chen Xiang in many alchemy competitions, and every time he would achieve the best result.

What Hua Xiangyue was more curious about was that alchemical furnace of Chen Xiang’s that looked as if it was carved out of ruby. She used to believe that reason that Chen Xiang’s alchemy skills were so brilliant was due to that alchemical furnace. But after she saw Chen Xiang refine dans in the air, she no longer believed as such. However, she still felt that there was something about that alchemical furnace.

When processing the herbs, Chen Xiang and Li Baojun’s speed was almost the same. Just this point extremely surprised Li Baojun. Nonetheless, he still didn’t believe that Chen Xiang could defeat him.

Having placed their herbs in their respective furnaces at the same time, Chen Xiang and Li Baojun seriously started refining dans.

And in the next moment, Chen Xiang activated the time array inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, accelerating the flow of time inside. In this way, the flow of time inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace was different than the flow of time outside. The difference of flow of time between inside and outside was 10:1.

Even without the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, if Chen Xiang had just used the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, his speed of refining would still be far from the normal by just relying on the Heavenly Sun Fire as well as his alchemy talent.

Right now, his divine sense inside the alchemical furnace felt as if a long time had passed, but outside, just a very short time had elapsed.

In the next moment, Chen Xiang opened the lid of the alchemical furnace and took out ten pieces of Five Elements True Elemental Dans!

At the sight of this, Li Baojun’s pair of old eyes were almost about to fall out, for both of them had started not too long ago and in the meantime, Chen Xiang had already refined a set of dans, just in this short period of time! This kind of speed was unbelievable.

Hua Xiangyue too was horrified by that kind of heaven-defying speed.

“Bang!” a muffled bang rang out from Li Baojun’s alchemical furnace. As everything happened before everyone’s eyes, he was so ashamed that his old face turned very red, for he was shocked by the unreasonable speed shown by Chen Xiang.

“Impossible!” Li Baojun shouted. He hastily ran over and checked the jade box next to Chen Xiang’s alchemical furnace. As he inspected the ten Five Elements True Elemental Dans carefully, a look of disbelief showed up on his face. Chen Xiang’s quality and quantity were both very good. However, the most shocking was still his speed.

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, didn’t pay any attention to Li Baojun and started choosing the herbs from that basket.

“Can you be a little serious!” Chen Xiang said to Li Baojun. Hearing this, Li Baojun felt as if he had been lashed by a whip. Only now did he came to realize Chen Xiang wasn’t an ordinary little rascal.

Li Baojun took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, otherwise, he would lose the first round, which for him would be a galling shame and humiliation. He was someone who could refine heaven-level dans, and he was actually defeated by a little rascal who could only refine low-grade profound-level dans!? If this news spread, how was he going to face anyone!

Having relied on the time acceleration of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, Chen Xiang’s speed of alchemy had reached a very frightening degree. However, this was because he was going all out, not to mention, that he was in the Extreme State now, and as such, the Heavenly Sun Fire in his body had reached a new level.

“That’s strange, my flames are a lot stronger! In these ten days, they have become stronger! Could it be because of Hua Xiangyue’s blood?” When Chen Xiang was refining just a moment ago, he felt that there was something wrong with his flames. Although it was a good news, he could not understand why.

“If that’s the case, then, Hua Xiangyue definitely has a fire spirit. The fire spirit is fused with the flesh and blood of its possessor. You have sucked so much of her blood, therefore, a lot of her fire spirit’s energy was sucked into your body and subsequently fused with your Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit,” explained Su Meiyao.

Previously, Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian had given it a try. And to their surprise, their two fire spirits could be fused. Moreover, they became stronger!

At this time, Li Baojun’s heart was in turmoil because whenever he recalled Chen Xiang’s refining speed, he wasn’t able to refine dans with a calm heart. He had personally checked Chen Xiang’s dans. They were indeed Five Elements True Elemental Dans, out and out. And whether it was their quality or quantity, they were of the best kind.

From a comprehensive perspective, Chen Xiang had already reached the peak in refining profound-level dans. In this regard, he was indeed not a match of Chen Xiang!

Very soon, Chen Xiang had refined another set of dans. As for Li Baojun, not only had he not refined one set, he had blasted his furnace once. This was a pretty big blow for Li Baojun.

Even so, at the end of the day, Li Baojun was an old man who had lived for many years. Very soon, he calmed himself down and had finished refining one set of herbs. However, he was only able to refine eight Five Elements True Elemental Dans. Whereas Chen Xiang was able to refine ten from one set of herbs.

Many years as Li Baojun had been guarding this place, there was still a limit on how many Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs he could get. And from the beginning, he was a high-level alchemist; naturally, he won’t go and refine these kinds of low-level herbs.

In contrast, Chen Xiang was someone who had planted many Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs and refined the Five Elements True Elemental Dans many times just to speed up his cultivation. Therefore, Chen Xiang was very familiar with refining this dan. In this regard, he had a pretty big advantage.

Half an hour later, Chen Xiang had already refined eight sets of Five Elements True Elemental Dans. Whereas Li Baojun was only able to refine two sets. However, Li Baojun maintained a level head, he wasn’t disturbed by this.

Hua Xiangyue, who was watching from the sideline, was secretly enjoying after watching Chen Xiang leading by so much because, in the beginning, Li Baojun was underestimating Chen Xiang too much. And now that Chen Xiang was leading by so big of a difference, she was sure that Li Baojun was ill at ease in his heart.

If it was her, maybe she won’t be able to win so easily like Chen Xiang.

Time went by just like that. Chen Xiang was completely immersed in refining dans. He simply didn’t notice the flow of time. Taking out the Five Elements True Elemental Dans set after set, he too was delighted. Tedious as the alchemy was, he always felt happy when he took out the dans.

Twenty-eight sets! That was the number of sets Chen Xiang was able to refine. Watching the two hundred and eighty Five Elements True Elemental Dan jampacking that jade box, Chen Xiang was filled with pleasure. Whereas Li Baojun was only able to refine twelve sets, out of which, one set of herbs had exploded. Altogether he had refined eighty-eight dans. His quantity was far less than that of Chen Xiang’s. Therefore, he had completely lost in all aspects.

“Hei hei, if you have given me your herbs, I would have been able to refine a dozen or so dans extra. Now, it’s should be pretty obvious who is the winner and who is the loser, right!” said Chen Xiang, laughing pridefully. Hearing this, Li Baojun’s old face turned red. Earlier, he was completely confident in his win, he believed he could make Chen Xiang lose in a very ugly manny. However, who would have known that he would lose to the point that he didn’t have any face left.

“There are still two rounds left! I was negligent this time. Moreover, I had also underestimated you. Next game, I will definitely win,” proclaimed Li Baojun. He regained his confidence. He felt that as a high-level alchemist, he should not get discouraged by such a small setback.

Chen Xiang only smiled. “Are you going to give me these dans?”

“At the end, if you are the winner, I will give all of them to you.” Li Baojun did not care about these low-level dans. For him, they were completely useless.

In the next round, they were going to compete in refining three most commonly used low-grade profound level dans. Chen Xiang was worried that Li Baojun would ask him to refine some unconventional dans which he hadn’t refined yet. However, he was still unafraid. He had the Refining Simulation Technique. Moreover, he had already mastered the technique to refine low-grade profound level dans. Even if he hadn’t refined those dans before, he could easily handle them.


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