Chapter 46 – New Enemies and Old Debts

Chen Xiang just entered into the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, so now he is trying to stabilise his new found power. This will allow him to more smoothly cast “Engulfing Devil Skill” in the future.

The next day at noon, Chen Xiang left the forest and returned to King City. He was curious on how the sales of Dan King Hall were going.

Chen Xiang, while walking down the avenue, saw Dan King Hall from quite some distance away, but he did not expect it to be so busy. This made him feel strange so he quickly walked towards it.

When he arrived at the entrance, he saw that the whole shop was in a bit of a mess. Chen Luzhong was full of anger while directing others to clean it all up.

Dan King Hall was attacked, Chen Xiang was extremely sure of that.

“Granduncle, I’m back.” Chen Xiang quickly stepped inside. After seeing the pale face on Chen Luzhong he frowned and asked “Granduncle, who attacked you!?”

Chen Xiang was completely furious. He decided that as long as he managed to get a name out from Chen Luzhong’s mouth, he would immediately go and get revenge. He would make them pay a heavy price for what they have done.

“I was wounded by Chen Furong. And the Black Wing Gang members are the ones responsible for the destruction of the store. Not only that, but they also wounded the workers, thankfully Meng Lao and the other alchemists were in seclusion for refining dans so they are all fine!”

After saying so, Chen Luzhong hastily grabbed Chen Xiang “Where do you think you’re going?”

When Chen Xiang learned that it was the Black Wing Gang who did this, he was seething with fury inside. Not only did they send assassins before to kill him, which is a debt that must be repaid, but now they even attacked the store!

Chen Xiang coldly replied “Granduncle, let me go. I must get rid of the Black Wing Gang once and for all. I’ll go and settle old grudges and new debts all together! You go ahead and inform father that he needs to be completely prepared for a war with the Yao Family. If our Chen Family wants to have a stand in King City, we need to make an example out of the Yao Family and completely frighten all other forces.”

“You want to go alone? No, I will also with you!” Chen Luzhong said.

“No, you need to go and first speak with Meng Lao. Dan King Hall will continue to remain open. At this time, if anyone comes to trouble us, they must be mercilessly slaughtered.” Chen Xiang then walked away. Although Meng Bo and Chen Luzhong’s individual strength was incomparable to Chen Furong’s, if they fought together Chen Furong would have to pay a steep price to defeat both of them.

Along the way, Chen Xiang overheard many things about Dan King Hall. Many people were very disappointed. Dan King Hall’s prices were much cheaper than the Yao Family Dans and once they started selling dans it would have a large negative impact on the Yao Family. As such, the Yao Family wanted to bully Dan King Hall into closing.

Although it meant there is no morals involved, and the methods were downright brutal, nobody could complain about them. This is because the Yao Family is one of the powerhouses in King City and no one wanted to be their enemy.

“Yao Family, just you wait and watch how I will destroy you!” Chen Xiang complexion gradually turned gloomy as his anger skyrocketed.

At the Black Wing Gang mansion entrance, many guards were present. When they saw Chen Xiang heading towards them, they hastily drew out their weapons.

“If you don’t want to die, all of you leave at once!” Chen Xiang stood emotionless at the Black Wing Gang Mansion entrance. He clenched his fists, which suddenly became covered with a buzzling azure aura. Amidst the azure aura, lighting was bursting out one after the other emitting a horrifying crackling noise, it was truly frightening.

Everyone didn’t want to die, they were all overawed by the sheer amount of True Qi emanating from Chen Xiang’s fists. They knew they were nothing but ants in front of Chen Xiang so they immediately ran away.

The gate was tightly shut. Chen Xiang stood in front of it as lighting flashed past his eyes. With a shout, he circulated the Azure Dragon Lighting True Qi on both of his fists and then fiercely hurled them towards that door. It was as if two giant dragons were pounding on the gates.


That thick door instantly disintegrated into powder. Smoke billowed about as all the guards present were stunned. Trembling, they realized that if it was their body there, it would have also been turned into dust like the gate.

“This… This is the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm! I’m absolutely sure that was Aura Qi!” One of the guards immediately shouted with shock after seeing how Chen Xiang entered the mansion.

According to the rumors, Chen Xiang was in the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Yet now he was clearly at the 7th level, it was too much to take in. All the guards secretly let loose a deep breath, had they tried to block him, it could have only resulted in certain death.

After entering inside the mansion, Chen Xiang’s entire body was covered in a soaring Evil Qi. He had been practicing Slaughtering Heart, and now all the killing intent was boiling over. All the previously accumulated Slaughter Qi gushed out, deterring many retained and maidservants and forcing them to kneel. Thier whole body felt weak as they lied down. This is what makes Slaughtering Heart so formidable, merely the Qi only is capable of deterring the other party.

“Who has come here to cause trouble with the Black Wing Gang!?” Chen Xiang halted his footsteps when he heard the shout.

“Dan King Hall’s Chen Xiang! Underlings of the Yao Family’s stooges, today I will make sure the entire Black Wind Gang disappears from King City!” Chen Xiang said in a heavy tone.

Chen Xiang saw a blade of light flashing from the front. A person armed with a broadsword was leaping from quite a while away and aiming at his head.


Chen Xiang just snorted in disdain, lightly waving his hand. An Azure Aura rich in Lighting Qi Aura madly gushed out from his hand. It shoot like a speeding star towards the man leaping up in the air. One could only hear the sound of an explosion, the man didn’t even have the chance to cry before his whole body suddenly bursted into a mist of blood.

The Lighting Aura Power is extremely frightening! Many of the Black Wind Gang Members after seeing the blood mist drifting in the air and the shattered blade became petrified. For them, it was the first time seeing such a frightening attack. With just one move, an expert of the Black Wind Gang was crushed, moreover not even a slag was left after the attack.

Chen Xiang is in the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Skills of such experts are not common to begin with, not to mention how Chen Xiang has been using Divine Exercises to cultivate. Moreover, he also has the Five Element Attributed True Qi!

“You walked right into my trap Chen Xiang! Today, I will not allow you to leave here in once piece. You just killed my son and I’m gonna present your head as a sacrifice for him!” A resentful voice came soon after.

Chen Xiang was standing in the middle of a large garden. He was surrounded on all sides by black robed men. At this time, the Black Wind Gang leader appeared, and at his side were a few people standing in luxurious attire.

It was quite a surprise to Chen Xiang that the King City Governor, Hua Gaoyun, was actually present. A single teenager stood besides him, it should be his son.

Chen Xiang sneered “So your son is allowed to kill me, but I’m not allowed to kill him? Not to mention he even brought along three hundred people with him, yet he was still killed by me. They were just a big pile of trash, no one is to blame for his death except himself!”

“Worthy of the rumors, Chen Family young master. Could it be that you do not know about your own family’s situation? Your wastrel father has been wounded and Dan King Hall was destroyed. Yet you actually dare to show your face here!? You’re simply seeking death!” One middle aged man dressed in a Golden Huafu sneered and retorted.

Chen Xiang’s body shook as mesmerizing lighting aura surged out. His eyes were filled to the brim with hate as he glared towards that middle aged man, saying “What did you just say!? My Father is trash!?”

“So what if I said that. Remember this great master’s name, Wang Yushan! I’m the Patriarch of the Wang Family!” That middle-aged man said proudly.

The Wang family is one of the martial art families of King City, but Chen Xiang didn’t have any strong impressions of them. But in return, the families that lie outside King City do not even appear in their sights, therefore they naturally didn’t pay any attention to the Chen Family.

“Humph, so it was only a family of dogs licking the Yao Family’s boots. I do not even consider you a threat.” Chen Xiang sneered. These puny families trying to flatter the Yao Family was not much of a surprise to him.

“Little bastard! How dare you insult the Wang Family! I’ll definitely waste you today!” Wang Yishan flew into a rage. Although Chen Xiang’s speech was ugly, it was still the truth.


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