Chapter 460 – Sincerely Convinced

Chen Xiang began processing the Baptizing Bone Dan herbs. It was just some auxiliary herbs, which he was finished with very soon.

He was refining this dan for the first time. He had no idea about those three Iron Heart Fruit. Neither he was clear about their characteristics, nor he had any idea about what temperature should the flames be adjusted or when would they show any changes in the flames. Since he didn’t know anything, just the slightest bit of carelessness would cause him to fail.

Therefore, he had to use the Refining Simulation Technique to predict the changed at every step. If he learned about what changes would occur and when they would occur, he could make the necessary adjustments.

Placing the herbs in the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace and pouring in the Heavenly Sun Fire, Chen Xiang accepted this new challenge!

When Chen Xiang had begun learning alchemy, when he hadn’t learned the Refining Simulation Technique, he would always make preparations for the failure. In fact, the Refining Simulation Technique was devised to reduce the failure. Last time, when he was refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, failure was not an option. And this time too, he must successfully refine the dan which he had never refined at his first try.

This time if he failed, he won’t get that herb garden. Therefore, he needed to be successful, which was another difficult challenge for him.

As the rumor stated, the Iron Heart Fruit was very difficult to melt, leaving Chen Xiang no choice but to intensify the flames. Enhancing the temperature of the flame could very easily melt that Iron Heart Fruit that was difficult to melt.

A herb that could grow into such a form would surely be storing a kind of strange energy inside it. And when this herb was combined with other auxiliary herbs to refine a dan, the dan could have even more mystical power which could strengthen its user’s physique.

After intensifying the flames, Chen Xiang used the Refining Simulation Technique. Very soon, Chen Xiang foresaw the complete incineration of the auxiliary herbs because of the excessive flames. Thereby, destroying the entire herbal spirit qi.

This was a very serious problem. Chen Xiang promptly made adjustments and used his powerful divine sense to guard those delicate auxiliary herbs. This way, even if used stronger flames to burn the Iron Heart Fruit, he didn’t have to worry about harming the auxiliary herbs.

Bit by bit, Chen Xiang strengthen the flames. This Iron Heart Fruit was the hardest herb Chen Xiang had ever encountered, it was very difficult to incinerate. Of course, his Heavenly Sun Flames were very powerful as well, especially after sucking Hua Xiangyue’s blood. As he continued to intensify the flames, changes had finally started to occur in that Iron Heart Fruit.

Be that as it may, it still took Chen Xiang more than four hours to bake that Iron Heart Fruit. However, this was the time inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. More importantly, the Iron Spirit Fruit had just begun to melt, that’s all. It still hadn’t been completely incinerated into powder. Difficult as it was to completely extract the herbal spirit qi from baking, in Chen Xiang’s opinion, it was a bit easier than the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. Not to mention, when he was refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, he had just gotten hang of the Refining Simulation Technique. In various regards, the condition at that time wasn’t as good as now. Therefore, Chen Xiang didn’t find refining the Baptizing Bone Dan extremely difficult.

Hua Xiangyue sat in the arbor, playing with her hair. Her pretty eyes were completely focused on Chen Xiang’s handsome face. She found a serious Chen Xiang very attractive. Looking at Chen Xiang, her face was flushed red, God knows what was going on in her brain.

“Four dans can be refined from one set of Baptizing Bone Dan herbs. But now, in my current condition, it seems I can at least refine six dans. This should definitely defeat that old man!” Originally, there was a rather serious look on Chen Xiang’s face. But now, he looked a lot at ease. Hua Xiangyue had also noticed that he was about to solidify the dans.

Chen Xiang had already spent more than an hour to refine the Baptizing Bone Dan. He had taken so much time because he was refining it for the first time. Yet, he had already caught up with Li Baojun!

In contrast, Li Baojun was refining with ease as he had refined the Baptizing Bone Dan many times. Be that as it may, a mountain of pressure was pressing on his heart. He was worried that he would lose to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was competing with an alchemist at the level of Li Baojun, who could refine the heaven-level dans, for the first time. Although it was a competition using low-level dans, the foundation of the two alchemists could be discerned from it.

At this moment, Li Baojun’s forehead was drenched in sweat. He was tensed because while he was alchemy, he was also paying attention to Chen Xiang’s movements.

“Finally!” Having finished first, Li Baojun promptly took out five Baptizing Bone Dans. Those dans radiating brownish red brilliance looked strangely beautiful.

Seeing that he had refined five dans, a complacent smile appeared on Li Baojun’s old face immediately. He believed that it would be very good already if Chen Xiang managed to refine one Baptizing Bone Dan on his first try.

Seeing Li Baojun finished refining, Hua Xiangyue immediately came over. Li Baojun had refined eight Five Elements True Elemental Dans, three Building Foundation Dans, and five Baptizing Bone Dans. This was already pretty good. At least in the Mortal Martial World, only a few people could achieve such a result. Hua Xiangyue believed that she herself was just a tad bit better than Li Baojun.

A short while after Li Baojun had finished refining the Baptizing Bone Dan, Chen Xiang also opened his eyes. Spotting this, Hua Xiangyue hurriedly rushed over to him and used a fragrant handkerchief to wipe the sweat on his face. She was very clear about what kind of toll it would take to refine a dan which he had never refined using the Refining Simulation Technique.

“Hei hei, I didn’t take long, did I?” stated Chen Xiang.

“You don’t need to worry about it, you didn’t lag by too much. Comparing the results of the previous two dans, you are in the lead. But if the Baptizing Bone Dans you have refined are fewer in number, you will definitely lose to me! You need at least three Baptizing Bone Dans to defeat me!” Li Baojun cracked a faint smile. He also knew the Refining Simulation Technique. So, he knew very well that when refining unfamiliar dans using the Refining Simulation Technique, the number of dans refined would not be much because it was very difficult to control.

Hearing Li Baojun, Chen Xiang promptly open the lid and took out six Baptizing Bone Dans!

“Senior  Li, please check them!” Chen Xiang slightly smiled. His eyes flickered with joy. He was feeling rather satisfied for defeating a high-level alchemist like Li Baojun.

At the sight of six glittering brownish red dans, Li Baojun was shocked silly. He suspected that Chen Xiang had long learned to refine Baptizing Bone Dan, otherwise, how could he refine so many on his first try.

Of course, he didn’t know that when Chen Xiang would refine dans, his would try not to waste even a bit. Therefore, no matter under what circumstances, he could put the herbs to a complete use and refine as many dans as possible.

Hua Xiangyue was only a little surprised. She was already numbed to Chen Xiang’s surprising deeds. She said with a cute laugh, “It seems I don’t need to participate.”

Li Baojun slumped down to the ground on his ass and heaved a sigh facing skyward. All of a sudden, he had grown a lot older. He never thought that he, who had delved in alchemy for so many years, would lose to a greenhorn kid. Furthermore, he would lose so miserably. He had been thoroughly defeated by Chen Xiang.

Taking out all the dans he and Chen Xiang had refined just now, Li Baojun handed them to Chen Xiang and said, “Take them, you win! You have passed the test, this herb garden is yours. For this herb garden to have a master like you is for the best.”

After taking the dans, Chen Xiang gave his thanks.

“Senior Li, what are you planning to do next? You have been here for far too long, you should leave. Although the Three Realms Great Battle is about to begin, you should go out and take a look at the world. It might not be a bad thing,” said Chen Xiang.

Li Baojun nodded in agreement as he said, “I will leave. After having competed with you, I have learned many things. Next time we meet again, I will definitely beat you.”

Having said this, Li Baojun left this underground herb garden through a one-time teleportation array.


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    1. Probably because his master left the garden for a worthy successor besides him. He only stated he had been there since the garden was made and waited after all.


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