Chapter 461 – Tensed Situation

The array that was protecting the garden disappeared. As Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue walked into the herb garden, their sight was filled with rare and precious herbs. A majority of which, Chen Xiang wasn’t in short supply, like herbs for Building Foundation Dan, Five Elements True Elemental Dan, Hundred Beast Dans, these low-grade profound-level dans. What he was in lacking was the herbs for middle-grade and high-grade profound-level dans.

“The Resurrection Grass and Nine Elemental Flower, take them. What else do you need, tell me!” Chen Xiang generously offered.

“I don’t want them, keep them for yourself!” Hua Xiangyue heaved a sigh. There were only two each of Resurrection Grass and Nine Elemental Flower, that’s all.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips, “Alright!”

“Penta Crystal Dragon Fruit, I have not seen it for a long time!” Hua Xiangyue gazed at a fruit on a tree with surprise. Although there was only one, it was regarded as the most important thing by Hua Xiangyue.

Chen Xiang cracked a smile and said, “This is one of the main ingredients for refining Five Elements Profound Dan, right!”

Hua Xiangyue nodded in acknowledgment. “Last time, you were only able to stride into the Extreme State because you ate Five Elements Profound Fan!”

[TLN: Chapter 396, even I had to look for it, I venture you will try to remember it as well.]

Chen Xiang had gotten that Five Elements Profound Dan from Wang Quan. It indeed played a crucial role in Chen Xiang’s entering the Extreme State.

“Profound Lightning Grass! With its Profound Lightning Seed plus with the Lightning Element Fruit that you bought from the auction earlier, you can refine Heavenly Lightning Pellet. The Heavenly Lightning Pellet is an attack-type middle-grade profound-level dan!” Su Meiyao said.

Hearing Su Meiyao’s remark, Chen Xiang lightly caressed an approximately one foot tall grass. But just as he did, flashes of lightning glittered on its surface, which caused Chen Xiang to jump back in fright.

“True Purple Figwort, Nine Fruits Flower, Golden Fameflower, this are but the herbs to refine Innate Nine Elements Dan, which is quite similar to Five Elements True Elemental Dan, it can allow its consumer to obtain a vast amount of True Qi very quickly.” Hua Xiangyue was wandering about the herb garden. Needed as the herbs in here were for her, they were all in random, incomplete set per se. Furthermore, there were very few in number. Also, she could not bear to take Chen Xiang’s things.

A vast majority of herbs here were either low-grade profound-level herbs or spirit-level herbs. Middle-grade and high-grade profound-level herbs were very few in number. As for earth-level herbs, there were only two, which were for the Resurrection Dan.

However, as far as Chen Xiang was concerned, it was a pretty big harvest. Currently, he started to move these herbs into the herb garden inside his ring. Surprisingly, the ring could still accommodate these many herbs.

There were also many auxiliary herbs in the herb garden, all of which were ten thousand years older. These could be dug up and saved, there was no need to plant them again.

With the help of Hua Xiangyue, the herb garden was emptied out very soon.

“Do you want the soil? This is spirit soil!” Hua Xiangyue asked. There was with a frown on her brow. She was very clear what was so precious about this soil.

“I don’t need it. Do you want it?” Chen Xiang wasn’t lacking spirit soil, he already had a lot of it.

“Since you don’t need, I am taking it!” Hua Xiangyue’s hand was already in motion. Using that ultrastrong strength of her, she made a large quantity of soil float in the air before storing it inside her storage ring.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips into a smile and said, “Sister Xiangyue, you went through so much trouble to come here with me, and yet gained nothing. Also, you have been taken advantage of by me, I am really sorry!”

“Go to hell, you scoundrel, you still talking about that embarrassing thing!” Hua Xiangyue let out a tender snort as he stepped on Chen Xiang’s foot. Recalling Chen Xiang fondling her breast, she was fuming in anger.

Just like this, Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue frolic about as they left this underground herb garden. Chen Xiang knew that his hands would be full later, for he had to plant many herbs, refine many dans, train his own forces, improve his cultivation. This was all in order to be ready for the approaching Great Battle of Three Realms.

The Chenwu Mainland was the frontline of the Mortal Martial World. As a disciple of Extreme Martial Sect, he was under a lot of pressure. At that time, so long as the Extreme Martial Sect disciple was powerful, he would have to deal with those demons and devils.

“Sister Xiangyue, when is the Great Battle of Three Realms about to start?” asked Chen Xiang.

Hearing this question, Hua Xiangyue could not help but heave a sigh. This was something which every expert of the Chenwu Mainland was worried about. Because that would be the day when the Chenwu Mainland would be plunged into misery.

“There is still some time to prepare. You must survive the battle!” Pulling Chen Xiang’s hand, Hua Xiangyue held it very, very tightly. Worry was clearly written on her face. The complex look in her eyes puzzled Chen Xiang.

“Mhmm, I give you my word!” Having promised, Chen Xiang took out that disc and look through the coordinates recorded in it. Very soon, he found a teleportation point close to the Kings’ City.

Seeing Chen Xiang take out this thing, Hua Xiangyue’s heart was gripped with fear. Earlier, when she went through this thing with Chen Xiang, it led to a very dreadful place where they encountered a dragon!

“Don’t worry, this time we will be directly leaving this ghastly place!” said Chen Xiang, a smile on his lips. Having assured Hua Xiangyue, he opened a space door and entered it, pulling Hua Xiangyue.

In just a blink of an eye, they emerged in a forest. The trees in the forest were very common. The spirit qi in here was also thinner than the spirit qi in the forest they were in before.

“Where are we?” Hua Xiangyue was shocked. Now only did she came to realize how amazing the disc in Chen Xiang’s hand was. With this, he could pierce through space and go to a faraway place anytime and from anywhere.

Chen Xiang broke into a laugh and answered, “We are just outside the Kings’ City. We can return to the Chenwu Mainland very soon.”

Although there was a teleportation point recorded in the Luo Tian Door for the Chenwu Mainland, Chen Xiang’s current strength was limited. He was still unable to open a space door that could traverse through such a long distance.

Hua Xiangyue and Chen Xiang, with a mask on their faces, entered the Kings’ City and returned to the Chenwu Mainland through the teleportation array right after; to be precise, returned to the topmost floor of the Danxiang Tower.

“We are finally back, I never thought I would actually encounter so many things on a trip with you, Little Rascal!” Hua Xiangyue spoke with feelings. More importantly, it was more fun to go with Chen Xiang than going by herself. Whenever she went alone, she would get bored to death. Furthermore, she would be aimlessly searching for herbs all day.

Chen Xiang broke into a laugh and said, “Next time, I will take you and Meng’er together, hei hei!”

Seeing that perverted smile, Hua Xiangyue rolled her yes at Chen Xiang. “You have a wife, behave yourself!”

“I have been behaving very honestly, otherwise, you would long have been eaten by me,” said Chen Xiang, laughing honestly.

“Go away, I am very busy.” Hua Xiangyue harrumphed tenderly.

Chen Xiang suddenly came to her side and gave a peck on her cheek before jumping out of the window.

“Little Rascal…” Hua Xiangyue shouted in a cutesy voice. As she caressed the place kissed by Chen Xiang, a charming blush appeared on her face. She was kissed by a man for the first time.

Chen Xiang, who was in a wonderful mood, flew out of the Taoyuan Province and returned to the Extreme Martial Sect very soon.

“Sigh, Qianqian, where are you? I am bored to death here!” Chen Xiang heaved a sigh as he murmured to himself. The Extreme Dan King Courtyard had always been deserted. Except for Chen Xiang, this place was devoid of anyone.

With no choice at hand, Chen Xiang could only look for Yun Xiandao and the others. But he was disappointed once again. He didn’t find anyone. All of them were going through brutal training under Gu Dongchen’s arrangement.

Not only Yun Xiaodao’s group, all the disciples of Extreme Martial Sect were training three times harder than before. This was all in order to be prepared for that Great Battle of Three Realms.

At this moment, the news about the Great Battle of Three Realms could not be concealed. It had already spread far and wide across the Chenwu Mainland. Knowing that the demons and devils would enter the Chenwu Mainland, the Chenwu Mainland had already gone through many changes. Everyone was on their tenterhooks.


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