Chapter 462 – Still a Long Way to Go

A short while after Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Martial Sect, he took another trip to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, looking for Liu Meng’er. However, to his disappointment, Liu Menger had yet not returned, leaving him no choice but to return to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and wait.

“It seems I have to make a trip to the Icewind Valley myself to look for her,” Chen Xiang wondered. Then, he closed his eyes, trying to congeal the Golden Dragon Saliva. He ventured that Hua Xiangyue was in very much need of the Resurrection Dan herbs and the Fruit of Fortune. Although he has had not the faintest of an idea as to what were her feelings for him, he trusted Hua Xiangyue very much. Not to mention, this beautiful and charming woman had helped him so many times.

Now that he had entered the Extreme State, the ripening ability of the Golden Dragon Saliva had been strengthened a lot. Su Meiyao had once said that if and when Chen Xiang’s cultivation reached a certain level, the Dragon Saliva congealed could mature some spirit herbs by a couple millennia in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xiang’s current Golden Dragon Saliva was also pretty good. According to his estimation, he would be able to get five sets of Resurrection Dan herbs and a Fruit of Fortune in just two months.

The herbs of Resurrection Dan had long been planted by him. Moreover, he had also acquired two sets of herbs from the underground herb garden in the Sacred Ancient Land. At present, his focus was on that Tree of Fortune.

He was planting a heaven-level spirit herb for the first time, and a tree at that.

All Chen Xiang knew was that the Good Fortune Dan was used by the Nirvana cultivators to improve their strength. Once a cultivator had entered the Nirvana Realm, he or she needed to compress a lot of his or her True Qi. Ordinary dans had little to no effect on them. Taking a Good Fortune Dan would allow them to save a lot of time in their cultivation.

“Good Fortune Dan is needed by martial artists who had crossed six or more Nirvana Tribulations. Even the immortals who had crossed the ninth tribulations would need this dan to quickly improve their cultivations! You should know that the Good Fortune Dan not only improves one’s True Qi, it helps in improving one’s divine sense and physique as well. This is an all-purpose dan. Even in the Heavenly Realm, it’s rare and in demand,” explained Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang asked, “Is Fruit of Fortune the only main ingredient for refining the Good Fortune Dan?”

“It can be refined in that way, however, there are some alchemists who would add some other heaven-level spirit herbs to increases their chances of success! If it’s you, I think you can directly use this Fruit of Fortune plus auxiliary herbs that are ten thousand years old or older to refine. However, your current divine sense and True Qi is still lacking!”

Since True Qi was used to release the flames, the stronger the flame released, the more the True Qi is needed. And as a heaven-level spirit fruit, the Fruit of Fortune had a very tenacious life force. In other words, any ordinary flames were simply ineffective to this level of fruit.

“Even the immortals of the Heavenly Realm needs it! If in the future, I can have many Good Fortune Dan, wouldn’t I be able to roam in the Heavenly Realm rather aloofly?” Chen Xiang said, excited.

“Not necessarily, those forces of the Heavenly Realm won’t allow a new force with a lot of resources to emerge, either they would rope you in or destroy you! If you didn’t have the backing of the Extreme Martial Sect, Liu Menger, and Hua Xiangyue, the same principle would have also applied in the Mortal Martial World,” Bai Youyou poured cold water of all of Chen Xiang’s excitement.

Last time, when Chen Xiang was participating in the alchemy competition on Kings’ Mainland, he had refined many Five Elements True Elemental Dans. At that time, Wanq Quan was so jealous of him that he wanted Chen Xiang dead, because with that kind dans, Chen Xiang could train many powerful True Martial Realm martial artists, that was something that no money could buy.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were guiding Chen Xiang with zeal and vigor because they wanted to make Chen Xiang ascend into the Heavenly Realm as soon as possible. Only there Chen Xiang could find the herbs which could make restore their strength. However, Chen Xiang still had a long way to go for that.

At present, they began preparing Chen Xiang for the Heavenly Realm. Early as it might look, they believe that with Chen Xiang’s current speed, it was about time.

“Young Martial Uncle, open the door! You have shut yourself in for over a month, everything is about to get mildewed!” Gu Dongchen exhorted to open the door.

In fact, Gu Dongchen had come a several times looking for Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang simply didn’t open the door. Only Chen Xiang could deny an honorable dean of Extreme Martial Sect entrance at the door.

“Little Featherhead, you are a dean, but you still seemed to be at leisure and free! My disciple, who is in the early-stage of the Spirit Martial Realm is busy, yet why are you goofing around?” finally opening the door, Chen Xiang spoke in a rude manner.

Gu Dongchen pursed his lips and said, “Where have I had the time to be so free? I have been training those little rascals of King Courtyard all day, also, I have to pay attention to the overall situation, stabilize the entire Extreme Martial Province! Junior Brother is about to cross Nirvana Tribulation, I am neck deep in work!”

“Then, why are you still bothering me?” Chen Xiang invited Gu Dongchen in.

“I wanted to buy a bit of your Five Elements True Elemental Dans, you can offer your price!”

Gu Dongchen, with a bitter smile on his face, continued, “I am at your door, ready to let you butcher me, are you still not happy?”

“Two million crystal stones for one, don’t bargain with me,” Chen Xiang said as a sinister smile crept up on his lips. Since Gu Dongchen had delivered himself to get slaughtered, why would Chen Xiang not butcher him ruthlessly?

Hearing the price, a forlorn look immediately appeared on Gu Dongchen’s face. He shook his head as he heaved a sigh. “How good it would have been if I had a beautiful daughter? Maybe you would have given me the dans for free!”

“Give me a hundred dans at first!” Gu Dongchen said.

“Pay me with True Elemental Dans,” said Chen Xiang. He was in need of a lot of True Elemental Dans. When he was going to train his own force, he would use dan sea technique; smash everyone to death with his dans. He was going to build a small army of three thousand True Martial Realm experts.

Having sorted and paid True Elemental Dans to Chen Xiang, Gu Dongchen hastily left. As high price as Chen Xiang had asked, he knew that in the entire Mortal Martial World, it would be very hard for him to buy so many Five Elements True Elemental Dans at once.

Because of the development for so many years, some of the spirit herbs had become scarce. This was also the reason why there were so few alchemists. Therefore, the current Mortal Martial World was far worse than when it was a hundred millennia ago.

And the True Martial Realm experts were the backbone of any sect; the more the better. And this required a large number of dans.

Chen Xiang believed that if he opened a shop, it would be a big hit, for his Building Foundation Dans, Five Elements True Elemental Dans, and the Elemental Spirit Dans were rare and sought-after. However, he himself was in need of them.

“Sigh, I have to consolidate my cultivation now. If I could raise my cultivation, the Golden Dragon Saliva’s potency would surely become very strong.” Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of lament.

“Your mad teacher is very good to you. Bear with it! It is already very difficult for you to reach this stage in such a short time and using so many dans. Furthermore, your current strength is good enough, it should allow you to survive the Great Battle of Three Realm,” said Su Meiyao.

Even so, Chen Xiang still had many things he had to do. Although he could no longer cultivate True Qi, he still could train his body, cultivate in Shinto, plant herbs. Each of them could improve his strength.

Over these two months, as Chen Xiang had expected, the Tree of Fortune had grown. Furthermore, it had also borne a fruit. He had already gathered five sets of Resurrection Dan herbs.

“Hei hei, it’s about time for me to take that enchanting Hua Xiangyue my maid!” Chen Xiang broke into a perverted laugh as he continued, “Bringing such an enchanting slave wherever I go, it sure is going to be eye-catching.”

“You will only get yourself killed by the jealous gazes of all the men!” Su Meiyao laughter mischievously as she said. She had no objection regarding Chen Xiang pulling in Hu Xiangyue, for she felt that an alchemist like Hua Xiangyue could also bolster Chen Xiang’s forces.

Chen Xiang felt that he truly was a spirit herb treasure house. However, that herb garden in that ring was getting crammed more and more.


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  1. I believe it was said that he needed to consolidate or take it slow as he very recently entered Extreme State and a bit forcefully through his master’s help.

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