Chapter 463 – Danxiang Taoyuan

Chen Xiang had been to Fragrance City many times, but he never went to Danxiang Taoyuan. Furthermore, it was not a place that anyone could enter. From what Chen Xiang had heard, only the core disciples could enter Danxiang Taoyuan. And the outer disciples could only stay at Fragrance City or outside Danxiang Taoyuan, that’s all.

Having crossed Fragrance City, Chen Xiang arrived at a canyon. On the steep cliffs on either side of the canyon, many lush and verdant vines were hanging down, surrounded by colorful flowers. Chen Xiang had never seen such a beautiful canyon before.

Danxiang Taoyuan was on the other side of the canyon. Chen Xiang had heard Hua Xiangyue mentioned that Danxiang Taoyuan was the most beautiful sect in the Chenwu Mainland. After having arrived at this canyon, Chen Xiang no longer held any doubt.

“Chen Xiang?” Having recognized Chen Xiang, the patrol guards in the canyon exclaimed. They hastily bowed to Chen Xiang in respect.

After all, Chen Xiang was the Honorary Chief Alchemist of Danxiang Taoyuan. Hua Xiangyue had long exhorted that Chen Xiang would be unrestricted in Danxiang Taoyuan.

As many as alchemist there were inside Danxiang Taoyuan, martial artists who could refine dans were far more. Moreover, these martial artists had attached themselves to some alchemists, therefore, they were very respectful to the alchemists. Not to mention, Chen Xiang, who was an alchemy prodigy.

Chen Xiang also bowed in return quickly. Danxiang Taoyuan and the Extreme Martial Sect always had pretty good relations. The disciples of both sects had gone back and forth to the other side and done dealings once or more. Therefore, whenever they met each other, they would be very polite to the other.

After crossing this beautiful canyon, a misty lake presented before Chen Xiang. Next to the lake stood small but very unique buildings. Some only had one floor, other had two to three floors. They looked like a small picturesque village. None would have imagined that the core region of such a huge influence would be so simple.

But very soon, Chen Xiang came to realized the extraordinary part of that lake. The mist rising from the lake was actually dense spirit qi. Furthermore, there were a few streams connected to the lake, and next to each of these streams was elegant houses.

“This is a mysterious realm!” said Su Meiyao.

After similarly sensing the rich Spirit Qi here, Chen Xiang recalled that the Danxiang Taoyuan had that ten thousand years old Spirit Milk. Chen Xiang had long guessed that only a place with rich dense Spirit Qi could give birth to ten thousand years old Spirit Milk.

“No wonder only core disciples were allowed to come in here, it’s the same with the Extreme Martial Sect!” Chen Xiang stated. In the Extreme Martial Sect, only the True Martial Realm disciples were allowed to enter the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm.

Danxiang Taoyuan was truly beautiful. It looked like a paradise; melodious twitters of birds and the sweet fragrance of flowers lingered in the air. Everywhere in sight had flowers blooming. In many places, one could see some spirit flowers and spirit grasses. The Spirit Qi was so rich here that it had transformed into mist, which was scattered everywhere. The roars of waterfalls crashing down the mountain were the only noise in this calm and serene mysterious realm. However, it did not destroy the beauty of this mysterious realm, on the contrary, it added a magnificence of it.

After Chen Xiang came in, he noticed a few patrol teams patrolling here, once more. All of them were True Martial Realm martial artists. Even at the entrance of the mysterious realm stood a few powerful martial artists.

Chen Xiang slowly made his way to the lakeside, looking about at the picturesque scenery here. Smelling the lingering sweet fragrance in the air, Chen Xiang felt that it won’t be a bad idea to go into a closed-door training here.

In the past, when he was in the secular world, Hua Xiangyue had tried everything to recruit Chen Xiang. Now, Chen Xiang was feeling a bit regretful.

“Chen Xiang, right? It’s really rare meeting you here!” a voice suddenly resounded. The voice belonged to a beautiful and refined middle-aged beauty, Mrs. Li.

Chen Xiang was also acquainted with Danxiang Tower’s Mrs. Li. He cracked a smile and said, “Your Danxiang Taoyuan is very beautiful. Our Extreme Martial Sect only has buildings one after another. Although we also have a mysterious realm, it isn’t so beautiful.”

Mrs. Li pursed her lips into a smile. “Then in the future, you can often come and stay here!”

“Right, I am looking for your Dean, where should I go?” asked Chen Xiang.

“The source of the river stream here is the restricted area, that’s also the place where she is staying. Apart from her, no one is allowed to go there. You can only wait for her here,” answered Mrs. Li.

Chen Xiang thanked Mrs. Li as he ran down a small stream, towards the source. At this time, Chen Xiang saw that before the buildings next to these streams, there was a small courtyard as well. However, these courtyards were only surrounded by a common fence. But to his surprise, there were some spirit herbs planted in these courtyards.

A majority of these spirit herbs were high-grade spirit-level herbs for refining True Elemental Dan and White Jade Dan like dans. There were some courtyards that had spirit herbs, particularly for refining detoxification dans…

There were many herb gardens here. After counting a bit, Chen Xiang estimated that there were at least a hundred of them here. Furthermore, there were some bigger gardens far away next to the river.

“The Spirit Qi is so dense here that the spirit herbs grow very quickly after watering them with these water here. No wonder the Danxiang Taoyuan can supply spirit herbs in a steady stream. Furthermore, they have so many alchemists themselves,” stated Su Meiyao.

Danxiang Taoyuan could recruit so many alchemists because they have many spirit herbs. More importantly, they had such a good environment for planting spirit herbs. Therefore, the Danxiang Taoyuan had become the holy land that the alchemists yearned for.

Like the Extreme Martial Sect, the Danxiang Taoyuan had also entered an alert state as the Great Battle of Three Realms approached closer. Many people were busy refining many dans, because, at that time, many dans would be needed, especially the healing dans.

Down the stream, Chen Xiang noticed that the buildings became fewer and fewer, while the Spirit Qi became a bit thinner.

After traveling for an hour or so, Chen Xiang suddenly spotted a huge fountain gushing out and falling into a lake, which was the source of several streams here.

“This spring water is so rich in Spirit Qi. However, just after coming out, it needed some time to erode away for the Spirit Qi in the water to become active. Only then could the mist emerged. Therefore, only after flowing for some time did the mist rise from it! And because of this, the Spirit Qi is thinner here!” Su Meiyao said, marveling.

Now, Chen Xiang realized whey the buildings were erected at the end of the river streams.

The Spirit Qi at the source was thinner. But why is Hua Xiangyue staying here? This question puzzled Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had already spotted a cave on the huge mountain in the front. As he made his way to the cave, he discovered a horrifying power lingering around the entrance.

Previously, Hua Xiangyue had given him a pearl saying that as long as he took that pearl out, he could enter the restricted area of the Danxiang Taoyuan.

Chen Xiang also wanted to see what was there inside the restricted area.

After Chen Xiang took out the pearl, he didn’t suffer any kind of attack from the spells protecting the entrance. He easily went in. After going through a long passage, he arrived in a wide stone room. There many tables and chairs carved out of rock here. It was an audience hall.

Going through a door, Chen Xiang traveled down another passage. As he carefully pushed open the gates carved out of rocks at the end of the passage, a stone room exuding a white gentle aura appeared before him. He could smell the unique bodily fragrance of Hua Xiangyue in the air. He knew that this was definitely Hua Xiangyue’s boudoir.

He took a closer look and saw Hua Xiangyue, who currently had her eyes closed, sitting in a lotus position on a white jade bed that had mist emerging from it. To his shock, she wasn’t wearing anything.


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