Chapter 465 – Searching for Divine Weapon

Having come to know that the master-servant death contract to be so terrifying, Chen Xiang was so scared that fear was clearly written on his face. However, this made it even more difficult for him to understand. To his surprise, the contract was over in a moment of a daze.

“You are the lord and she is the servant, that’s why the contract was completely so easily. But why did this woman do this?” Long Xueyi found it difficult to comprehend. The same was true for Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou.

Noticing Chen Xiang’s expression, a frown appeared on Hua Xiangyue’s brow as she asked, “What is it?”

“Isn’t…isn’t this master-servant death contract?” Chen Xiang asked.

“How do you know this?” Hua Xiangyue blurted out in surprise. “That’s right! If you are dead, I too will die! Since you have taken me as your maid, of course, I would have to live and die with you!”

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh. “Why did you do this?”

“You will understand it in the future! In short, it will not bring any harm to you. Now that I have become your maid, aren’t you happy?” Hua Xiangyue chortled.

Suddenly, a perverted smile appeared on Chen Xiang’s lips as he said, “So, can I do anything to you?” while speaking, Chen Xiang caressed that charming face of Hua Xiangyue with the back of his hand.

“Of course, but you can’t go too far, unless you have the ability to not let me stop you,” Hua Xiangyue said with a chuckle. Her gaze was filled with a teasing look.

Chen Xiang pulled Hua Xiangyue in his embrace at once and said with a perverted smile, “Maid Xiangyue, you better take care of this great master well, or else, I will smack your ass! No, your ass is pretty big, very round, very curvy, very supple!”

Suddenly, the arm that was holding Hua Xiangyue’s waist slipped down, stopping on those shapely buttocks and then, lightly kneading them. He felt really good, so good that he wanted to continue fondling them to eternity.

Hua Xiangyue’s face flushed red. She immediately lashed out in anger, pinching Chen Xiang’s waist, “Little Rascal, get your hands off them, I still have important things to do. I will attend you properly later!”

Kissing her beautiful cheeks, Chen Xiang broke into laughter and said, “Though I don’t know what are your intentions for me, but since you have delivered yourself at my door, how could I not savor a free lunch, it would be a pity not to!”

Hua Xiangyue also gave a peck on Chen Xiang’s cheek before she said with a chuckle, looking at Chen Xiang with a gentle gaze, “My dear master, why does it never crossed your mind that I might like you?”

“Knock it off, anyway, I am already yours. In the future, you will have the opportunity to do anything you like to me!” said Hua Xiangyue, pushing away the dishonest hand of Chen Xiang that was playing with her chest. She had long known that after she became Chen Xiang’s maid, Chen Xiang would definitely do these kinds of things. She had long prepared her heart as well.

Having just tasted, Chen Xiang was infatuated. He was a bit disappointed. However, he knew that Hua Xiangyue indeed had some important things to do.

After bidding Hua Xiangyue goodbye, Chen Xiang circled around the picturesque Danxiang Taoyuan and came to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. At first, he was planning to refine dans, but suddenly he recalled the matter of White Tiger Divine Weapon.

The Azure Dragon Divine Weapon, the Black Tortoise Divine Weapon, and the Vermillion Bird Divine Weapon had already appeared in the world. However, the Vermillion Bird Divine Weapon was with Liu Menger. Last time, when Chen Xiang and Liu Menger had brought the three divine weapons together, they had sensed the location of White Tiger Divine Weapon.

In order to confirm the location of the White Tiger Divine Weapon, he needed to find Liu Menger.

The last time when he came to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was two months ago. If he didn’t find Liu Menger her again, he would be left with no choice but to take a trip to Icewind Valley.

After having entered the Divine Weapon Palace, Chen Xiang, by relying on the token given to him by Liu Menger, flamboyantly made his way to the Liu Menger palace.

After entering the door, Chen Xiang immediately saw a woman dressed in a white palace dress* sitting on the lawn, looking at a sheet spread on the ground. The sheet was crowded with spirit patterns. The woman was none other than Liu Menger. Last time when Chen Xiang had come here, Liu Menger was still studying these spirit patterns.

[TLN: 宫装, I didn’t have a proper translation for it, I went with whatever I can think of, but if you have some Chinese shows related to royalty, you might have seen the harem members or princess wearing these dresses. For a clear picture, click here.]

Seeing this striking empress with such grace and elegance, Chen Xiang’s corners of rose slightly, revealing a strange yet evil smile.

“Little Rascal, what’s the matter, speak quickly! Don’t you know that the entire mortal world is in a state of alert now? Why are you still running around?” Liu Menger turned around and said. Her face filled with jealousy as she wrinkled that lovely nose of hers and said, “I can smell that enchantress, Hua Xiangyue’s fragrance on you.”

Chen Xiang also took a few whiffs before he spoke with a mischievous smile on his face, “But why am I smelling a sour smell, good gracious, have you broken a jar of vinegar!”

[TLN: Breaking a jar of vinegar, meaning burning with jealousy]

“Hmph, Hateful Little Rascal, did you go looking for that enchantress when you didn’t find me,” Liu Menger rolled her eyes at Chen Xiang as she put away that sheet on the ground.

Making his way next to her, Chen Xiang sat down. Then, he took out a book and waved before her as he said with a smile, “Guess what is this? The complete Refiners’ Scroll, hei hei!”

Liu Menger’s eyes immediately lit up. She had always been wanting to ask Chen Xiang about it. However, whenever she was with Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang would always make her angry. She simply did not think about it.

Liu Menger immediately reached out. However, Chen Xiang hastily put it away and looked at her with a wicked intention.

Liu Menger pouted her lips in anger before she let out a soft harrumph. With her mature charm in action, she looked extremely cute, infatuating the onlooking Chen Xiang completely. He could not help but rush over and tightly hug Liu Menger’s soft body.

Liu Menger had already figured that Chen Xiang would surely harass her first. However, she too had no other way. She herself could not bear to retain her bearing of an empress before Chen Xiang. Very soon, she and Chen Xiang were rolling on the lawn, kissing fervently.

Chen Xiang hadn’t been intimate with Liu Menger for a long time. And the same was true for Liu Menger as well. At this moment, she was like a delicate flower, accepting Chen Xiang’s irrigation and caring. Sweet butterflies were flying in her heart.

“Tell me the truth, have you ever cross this line with that enchantress!” Liu Menger, lying on Chen Xiang’s body, looked at Chen Xiang with a skeptical gaze.

“Not yet, but I have seen her big rabbits… hei hei, she is but my maid now,” caressing Liu Menger’s face, Chen Xiang replied with a mischievous laughter.

When he spoke of big rabbits, Liu Menger let out a tender snort as she punched Chen Xiang’s chest, “What did you do to her?”

Chen Xiang sat up, letting Liu Menger lie in his arm. On one side, he was caressing her smooth and supple hands, while on the other, he was stroking her jet black hair. Slowly, he narrated Liu Menger about the time when he went to the Sacred Ancient Land with Hua Xiangyue.

“At that time, I had no choice, otherwise, your dear sister would have ended up dead. I have but saved her life.” Chen Xiang heaved a sigh as he continued, “To tell you the truth, I was so embarrassed at that time!”

“You were embarrassed!” Liu Menger looked at him with contempt. She also had no idea as to what were Hua Xiangyue’s intentions were, however, she knew that Hua Xiangyue wasn’t someone sinister. Over many years, Hua Xiangyue had helped her many times. Had it not been for Hua Xiangyue, perhaps she would not have been able to cross so many nirvana tribulations.

Caressing those slim and slender legs of Liu Menger over the chiffon, Chen Xiang smiled. “I want to look for the White Tiger Divine Weapon, aren’t you curious what that thing look like?”

“Of course, I am curious! It’s just that you, Little Rascal have been busier than me, I never found the opportunity to travel with you together.” Liu Menger picked herself up from Chen Xiang’s embrace. As the topmost refiner of the Chenwu Mainland, she was most interested in these divine weapon.

Chen Xiang broke into a smile and said, “When we return, I will give you that Refiners’ Scroll! If I give it to you now, I am worried that you will be completely engrossed in it and would not even think about leaving.”

Liu Menger gave a fierce look to Chen Xiang before she rushed into a room, where she started dressing, preparing to depart with Chen Xiang.


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