Chapter 47 – Exterminated

Wang Yishan roared before his body was covered in a golden aura. It was as if his entire body was on fire. This was the Wang Family’s unique King True Qi and it gave off an incomparably fierce pressure. Wang Yishan took a few steps before blasting his golden fist into the air towards Chen Xiang. A tough and powerful Qi burst out accompanied by a roar. In a blink of an eye, the pressure had been directly thrusted into the face of Chen Xiang.

The aura filled strike rumbled as it dashed forward, leaving behind a trail of explosions that caused all the nearby stones to shatter into several pieces. A deep gully was formed, it was as if the floor had just been ploughed. Seeing this, the crowd shivered. If someone got hit with that kind of power, they would be reduced to nothing but mincemeat.

“With only this level of power you dare claim to be a patriarch!?” My dad could crush you with one hand behind his back!” Chen Xiang smiled contemptuously as he waved his arm fiercely, instantly striking the incoming Qi Aura and scattering it into nothingness.

Everyone could not avoid the sensation of shock. Chen Xiang just waved his hand like he was shooing away a fly, but instead that fearsome Qi Aura was easily swept away in front of the shocked onlookers.

Chen Xiang’s Qi Aura rushed out with just a wave of his hand, and he was able to completely eliminate Wang Yishan’s blow. This in itself was indisputable proof that Chen Xiang’s Qi Aura was many times stronger than Wang Yishan’s.

Wang Yishan’s confidence and arrogance had vanished into thin air after just one light wave of Chen Xiang’s hand. This made him doubt that whether his Qi Aura was able to unleash and display its full potential, but just by looking at the gully formed by his Qi Aura he realized that this was not the case. As he thought about it again, his whole body shook as he realized he was no match for Chen Xiang’s formidable strength.

Currently, Wang Yishan, along with everyone else, stood in a stunned daze. With a flicker, Chen Xiang arrived in front of Wang Yishan with frightening speed which once again sent everyone into shock.

Before Wang Yishan was even able to react, he felt a severe pain explode from his abdomen. He immediately lowered his head and saw an arm cloaked in Azure True Qi. It had cleanly penetrated through his stomach and extended out of his back.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Wang Yishan loudly shrieked. At this time Chen Xiang had already ripped away his arm. He had just used [Azure Dragon Claw], transforming his True Qi into a sharp dragon claw. It sharpness could with ease penetrate a hard bolder, let alone the fragile human body.

True Qi was still wrapped around his arm, revealing not a single bloodstain left from that brutal strike. Looking at the pale Wang Yishan in front of him, Chen Xiang coldly stated “Get away from my sight. This is between me and the Black Wing Gang. You brought this upon yourself when you stepped in between us. For now I’ll spare you dog life and let you take a look at the true strength of our Chen Family.”

Wang Yishan was completely shocked by Chen Xiang’s strength. Although his heart was filled to the brim with resentment, he did not dare say anything in reply. In the end, he reluctantly crawled away as a few people came to his aid, taking him away from the Black Wing Gang’s mansion.

Chen Xiang focused his eyes towards the Black Wind Gang’s Leader. Azure lighting was flashing within his eyes as Slaughter Qi started to soar out from his entire body. After sweeping his gaze through everyone present, he eventually reached the Black Wing Gang’s Leader. Chen Xiang coldly stated “If any you meddle in things which you’re not supposed to, don’t blame me for what happens. You and I don’t have any deep grudges, and I don’t want to take any needless actions which would waste my strength.”

Governor Hua Gaoyun was an expert of the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Although his overall strength was a lot higher than Wang Yishan’s, when he had witnessed Chen Xiang’s performance and skills, Hua Gaoyun was extremely conflicted. Even if he faced Chen Xiang and somehow won, Hua Gaoyun was dead certain that he would not get through it unscathed.

It would obviously not be beneficial for him, and he could clearly see this point. Otherwise he would have never become a Governor of King City. He saw that the Black Wind Gang’s Leader has offended a young alchemist with immeasurable potential. It was simply not worth it, not even adding into the equation that the Chen Family was not to be trifled with.

Without any delay, Hua Gaoyun took his son and instantly left. As for the Black Wind Gang’s Leader, he couldn’t stop the current progression of things. This was because he already knew that after today, the Black Wind Gang would cease to exist in King City.

He could only stand by and watch as everyone he invited left one by one. Although he was extremely angry, he dared not to attack and force them to stay.

“Attack him together, he is just one person!” The Black Wind Gang’s Leader yelled as he rushed towards Chen Xiang wielding a long black spear.

Just like an angry dragon, Chen Xiang madly roared as powerful Qi Aura waves rippled outwards with Chen Xiang as the origin. Wherever they went, only destruction followed. The bricks it breezed past were crushed into dust. Flowers and trees within the garden suddenly looked like they had been slashed by thousands of blades. Everyone present in the garden started to scream out miserably and their seven apertures started bleeding. As they were covered in scars that sprang up one after another in an endless loop, the entire group quickly fell down on the ground.

This move of Chen Xiang’s burst out vigorous amounts of aura Qi along with a sonic attack. Although the consumption of energy was tremendous, the power and range of the attack was equally astonishing.

Only the Black Wing Gang’s Leader was left standing. Over a thousand of his Black Wind Gang members were now lying on the ground, dead. It was unbelievable that they were taken out just by a single sixteen year old teenager who had such a vicious and fearsome True Qi.

The Black Wing Gang’s Leader felt his heart constrict in terror, only now did he know what kind of person he had messed with.

“HAHAHAHA!” The Black Wind Gang’s Leader suddenly start laughing maniacally.

“What are you laughing about?” Chen Xiang asked as he slowly advanced step by step towards him.

“I’m laughing because the Yao Family will not let off your Chen Family. Your entire Chen Family will perish.” With a grim smile, the Black Wind Gang’s Leader replied. In a flash Chen Xiang came in front of him, forcing out his vigorous True Qi he transformed it into Qi Aura and fired a powerful punch. The Black Wind Gang’s Leader flew like a rag doll, crashing into a house on the distant horizon.

Chen Xiang quickly flew towards him. Entering into the house he gripped the Black Wind Gang’s Leader’s head, shouting in his heart “[Engulfing Devil Skill]!”

This Black Wind Gang’s Leader was in the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. The amount of True Qi in his body was not bad, but he was facing Chen Xiang. In front of this monster, the Black Wind Gang’s Leader was completely helpless and utterly vulnerable.

As Chen Xiang cast the [Engulfing Devil Skill] for the first time, he felt a large amount of True Qi surging into his arm, heading straight to his body. This True Qi was very oppressive and it swirled around in his body. The entire process made him feel uncomfortable, but it was not to an unbearable degree.

The Black Wing Gang’s Leader howled in despair, his heart in endless dismay. He had never dreamed that Chen Xiang could actually draw out the internal True Qi within his body and then absorb it. This martial skill was extremely frightening, if a righteous sect came to learn about it, they would certainly hunt Chen Xiang down.

Chen Xiang had refined his body within the Immortal and Devil Pond. His bones, muscles and meridians were all incomparably tough. It was actually enough to withstand this sudden surge of True Qi, thus stopping his body from exploding.

It was also the reason that Bai Youyou had dared to teach him this devil skill, because this technique required a very tough body.

In just a short moment, the Black Wind Gang’s Leader hard cultivated True Qi had been entirely deprived by Chen Xiang. As a result the Black Wind Gang’s Leader died shortly after. Chen Xiang was also having a hard time, he wanted to suppress and reign in this oppressive True Qi, otherwise it would be very troublesome.

At this moment, Chen Xiang was not thinking about looting Black Wind Gang, but instead hurried to incinerate the Black Wind Gang’s Leader body before swiftly leaving. If a Yao Family expert came he would be in a very big trouble, also he was in a hurry to completely refine this True Qi.

Currently his strength was comparable to the 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm. Reaching this level of power in itself was very frightening. It must be known that in the entire Southern Martial Empire, only a few martial artists had reached the 8th level of Mortal Martial Realm.

In Dan King Hall’s backyard, Chen Xiang arrived and quickly entered a private room deep below the earth. When Chen Luzhong saw Chen Xiang’s dignified complexion, he did not dare ask anything. If only Meng Bo hadn’t gone into seclusion to refine pills, Dan King Hall wouldn’t have been destroyed.

“The Black Wind Gang had been destroyed.” This news soon spread through the whole of King City. In the morning. they had gone to Dan King Hall looking to stir up trouble, but in that very same afternoon, the entire gang was completely eradicated. Not only this, but it was also done by Chen Xiang alone. King City’s residents were all amazed by Chen Xiang’s strength, and at this point they had a new understanding of just how powerful Chen Xiang was.

Although many people had died, nobody came forward to address these things, nor did they want to intervene. Although the Imperial Palace had the Emperor, even they did not dare to provoke these powerful figures as they knew very well about the formidability of these martial experts.


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