Chapter 49 – Leng Youlan

Chen Xiang had just entered the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and his divine sense was already coming in handy. He could tell that there was actually two experts of 7th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm on the tournament stage, one of whom, was an around twenty year old boy cloaked in a shining golden aura.

The other was a very beautiful girl with soft white hair that was tied into a ponytail. Slim and slender, she looked very beautiful and mature as well, yet also cold and proud. Actually, she was wearing the same type of clothes as Chen Xiang! Black tights, sketching out her perfectly hot figure. However, the quality of her outfit far exceeded that of Chen Xiang’s

This girl was attracting a lot of attention because of her strange white hair, mature appearance, sexy figure, and extremely beautiful but cold and proud face. Even Chen Xiang glanced towards her many times.

“The rules are being announced! The first round will be held today. Forty people will be divided into eight groups of five. The winner of each group will go on to the quarterfinals!” An old man shouted, he was an Yao Family Elder. “Five will fight on stage at a time, the last man standing will be the victor of the group and advance!”

The rules were quite common, five people would fight a battle royale on stage, eliminating each other one by one while the last one standing would be crowned the victor.

The Yao Family Elder mainly explained the tournament rules to state that they are allowed to use dirty tricks and tactics, but not allowed to kill.

Afterwards, the eight groups were soon formed, and Chen Xiang was not grouped with either of the two 7th level Mortal Martial Realm practitioners. In his group, there were four guys, each around nineteen to twenty year old and at the pinnacle of the 6th Mortal Martial Realm. It seemed like they were just about to breakthrough to the next level. Chen Xiang guessed that the Yao Family had intentionally put him such a group to get him eliminated during the first round of the tournament.

At this time, Chen Xiang also learned the identities of the two 7th level Mortal Martial Realm practitioners. The girl was called Leng Youlan, and she was the daughter of a famous general of Southern Martial Empire. Yet despite her mature looks, she was only fourteen years old, this made Chen Xiang secretly snarl.

The other teenager was called Song Nanming. He was the eldest son of the Emperor. Basically, he was the crown prince of Southern Martial Empire. This year he just turned twenty, and was at pinnacle of 7th level of Mortal Martial Realm. The inherent talent was also good, but in Chen Xiang opinion it was still poor compared to Leng Youlan, because she was only fourteen years old.

Chen Xiang’s group was the last to fight, but also the most unbalanced. Not only was Chen Xiang only sixteen years old, but the other group members were nineteen or twenty. Everyone could see that this was intentional. If it was one on one, Chen Xiang would have the highest possibility to win. But if all five people fought in this melee knockout, Chen Xiang may very well be defeated.

If it was before, when Chen Xiang was only at the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, he might have been somewhat worried. But now he was in the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and had a lot more strength. Just by stomping his feet on the ground, his feet could shake the whole field. Plus, with the divine exercise and his five elements True Qi, his strength was comparable to that of a 9th level Mortal Martial Realm warrior!

Chen Xiang did not actually expect he would breakthrough to the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm just a few days after he entered the 7th level. This was all thanks to the [Engulfing Devil Skill] that was taught to him by Bai Youyou. At that time, he also understood the dangerous lure of devil skills!

Cheng Xiang stood among the audiences, watching the first five people as they fought on the tournament stage. He was observing their respective fighting styles and his eyes shone whenever they casted their martial skills. He could clearly see the True Qi flowing in their meridians thanks to his extraordinary divine sense. As such, it was a piece of cake for Chen Xiang to steal and learn their techniques unlike normal people. This was something he could easily imitate and use in the future.

All five people were squeezed near the center of the stage. No one wanted to fight near the edge, as once someone steps out, they are eliminated. At this time, they were chaotically fighting in the middle of the stage. This type of chaotic battle also required one to have a certain strength and endurance for them to last long enough to be the last man standing. Sometimes an individual would find themselves facing all other four fighters! Moreover, they all attacked and simultaneously resisted others. From these facts, one could see the participants capability to use and respond to a martial skill.

Although the audience exclaimed with gasps of shock and admiration whenever those five people cast their martial skills, Chen Xiang felt nothing but disdain. Although flashy, there were far too many shortcoming, as such he did not try to steal and learn them.

The first round was soon finished, the victor’s strength was good, with vigorous True Qi he lasted until he was the last one left. The other four were not defeated, but rather had to step down as their True Qi had been completely consumed.

These boys and girls were in 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. In many people’s eyes, they were geniuses and quite powerful. But Chen Xiang knew their basics were not good, their foundation was unstable. Their True Qi was not vigorous or pure enough. Although their martial skills were good, they were not able to unleash the full power of their martial skills, and they also had horrible accuracy.

“Well I suppose they are too sheltered. All their lives, they have been treated as treasures and supported by their families, having not suffered the bitterness of true practice.” Chen Xiang muttered coldly in his heart. However, not many could practice like him, bitterly practicing until the moon started falling.

The next round was the Southern Martial Empire’s Crown Prince, Song Nanming’s, turn. He was a martial artist in the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, but the others were only in the 6th level. In fact, at the beginning of the round, two quickly fell down from an explosion. Song Nanming then used his advantage of being in 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm to swiftly overcome the other two. The entire audience cheered with excitement after he won.

Next, it was the great general’s daughter, Leng Youlan’s, turn. When she stepped on stage, many men in the audience lost their breath as they stared lustfully at her figure. Leng Youlan was wearing black tights. With her slim, slender and flexible legs, her appearance really did not match her age. The mature and graceful body emanated a cold and proud temperament. It was hard for anyone to imagine that this girl was only fourteen years old.

“The True Qi from this girl is very strange!” Chen Xiang frowned and whispered.

Su Meiyao replied “This girl has a Fire-Ice Vein, what rank it is, I can’t tell. The True Qi that she practices must be fire and ice True Qi. When these two opposing types of True Qi fuse, they become like this, strange and unpredictable. If you face her flames, it is very possible that they would be able to freeze you. In short, this little girl is marvellous and extraordinary. It would probably be for the best if you became friends with her.”

Chen Xiang’s pupils contracted. Watching that mature and charming figure on the stage, he was secretly shocked in his heart. Someone who could obtain Su Meiyao’s acknowledgments would definitely not be ordinary.


As the sound faded away, Leng Youlan suddenly turned into a black shadow which rushed around the stage. Seemingly dragging something that looked like a long black ghost, her speed was so fast that the audience clicked their tongues in amazement. They weren’t alone as the four men on stage were also stunned.

Chen Xiang’s brow wrinkled, even he could barely make out Leng Youlan’s beautiful but serious face. But this act made his eyes extremely strained, her fast speed surprised even him!

“BANG!” A sound suddenly came as one of the participants on stage suddenly flew off. Although most people did not see how the man was beaten down, everyone realized it must have been the quick Leng Youlan. In fact, only her shadow was visible to most of the audience at this point.

However Chen Xiang saw clearly that Leng Youlan sent out a powerful kick on the youth. It was actually strong enough that the individual in question flew out after one strike.

Leng Youlan quickly struck each of her opponents in such a way that only her silhouette was visible, yet all it took was one kick as each of her competitors flew out. As the other participants flew out one by one, everyone cheered.

“Leng Youlan has successfully entered the quarter finals! Next is the final group!” The Yao Family Elder shouted.

Finally it was Chen Xiang’s turn. Everyone knew that Chen Xiang was going to face four other 6th level Mortal Martial Realm experts, each of them had remained in that realm for many years. They were naturally much stronger than others at the same level, making it even more disadvantageous for Chen Xiang.


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